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Well hey there strangers!


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Hey there all! It’s been a wild couple years that now find me swordless… but, some journeys include a step or 18 backwards. 

I am looking to recast a collection and was first hoping to say hi to some virtual friends and get some feedback and some tips on who to take a look at. 

First, I would like to stay post war. Second, from the Ikkansai group, my favorite aspects were their soden bizen work and enjoyed their horimono. So my ideal smiths would be excellent horimono carvers and many excellent examples of soshu den. 

A couple example smiths I’ve enjoyed are Tanigawa Moriyoshi, Sakai Ikkansai Shigemasa, the Enomoto Gassans, and a few others. 

Any recommendations in addition to looking into different schools of smiths?


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Been wondering lately how you were Joe. Glad to hear from you and hope things are going well.
You telling us you parted with all your swords? Man...you had some stunners! I'm sure we will be happy to get you up and rolling again. Good to have you back.

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Thanks for the well wishing gents! Yes, I am swordless, but looking to dig into some new smiths… at least some not from the Ikkansai group. Still love them, but I would like to focus outside of them. Nice tip on the Miyairi group. I had a wakizashi by Fujiyasu  Masahiro and absolutely loved it!


He was a part of an interesting group of smiths called the Genmon no Kai that I only brief researched there prior to my hiatus. Should be interesting at least. 

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Welcome back Joe!  


I do recall when you were putting all of your swords up for sale here on NMB - I was sad that we may not hear from you again.  But here you are, like a phoenix rising up!  


Have you considered shifting to samurai era swords?  Shinshinto, shinto, even koto?  There are some collectors that stick with gendaito all of their career, but it is a common evolution.  


I'm just saying.....now that you have a clean sheet, maybe you could at least build a collection containing great examples from all of the eras.

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Welcome back Joe! I'll keep an eye out since we have overlap in what we collect. And you can always just track down your blades and buy them back...  I know where several of them ended up including your long Shigemasa blade that changed hands this year--that one was a beast.

Here's a few at Tsuruginoya, though I suspect you've probably seen them already:





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