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  2. Should the typo read 2020 or 2010?
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  4. Up front, this whole rig very well may be a post-war, G.I. or Bubba, piece-together. But your question raises an interesting, and maybe unrelated, topic. We know that many Japanese hid hundreds, thousands, of swords in attics, basements, and other places. Additionally, we also know there was a bit of business making tourist tantos with the ends of blades that had been cut in half (ok, "know" is maybe too strong. We have seen tanto we believe were made this way). It is possible this rig was made from a longer piece of blade that had been cut up, explaining the rough, make-shift nakago. As to "risk", the Japanese are not immune to making/selling shady products, or breaking laws. Plus, the war devastated many people's businesses. People had to put food on the table somehow. People will take risks to eat. Way out in speculation-land, but an interesting discussion all the same.
  5. There's no doubt the sword was assembled by force. I'm still somewhat curious of the time frame and place the sword was acquired. There had to have been literally mounds of sword fittings available post war. I would assume swords scheduled for the furnace were not tossed in fully assembled and the miss matched "put together swords" that show up occasionally are in part a result of these loose fittings. I can't imagine however, how a post warJapanese civilian would risk having possession of any type of blade to assemble fittings for souvenirs. But who knows, still a part Japanese wwll history in my opinion also... Just a thought, Dave M.
  6. You and me too Klaus. Knowing Matt im sure one would have some wiggle room. Gendai are only going to increase in vaule as time goes on.
  7. If your buying via buyee just click DHL for shipping. My last two wins got to me as fast as EMS with better tracking!
  8. I think the kinko tsuba very different although the theme is similar yours does not have the bird of prey so any assumption that he had it in hand is just that. The tetsu link to another is very much closer and bearing in mind designs were often copied I think it similar. However values are always based on condition and yours needs some very real preservation Krys. I do like it a lot though. I hope the active rust has not left a depression although I feel it probably has. Let me know when you sell it
  9. I honestly don't find external images very useful. I cannot zoom into them on my phone as I can images submitted directly to the forum and in years to come as a reference point for study your images will not exist which is very frustrating. Can you perhaps add them directly to your post Bjorn? It looks like gunome midare to me. Hitatsura is open to interpretation but generally it will have tempering in the shinogi ji as well and on the jihada. This blade is hitatsura and has tempering martensite in the hi groove and onto the mune. Appreciate they are poor images but they should still serve to explain.
  10. Added some pictures of the Hafa on Tumblr. https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598984357527552/bizen-blade The right side is more varied, and left side muted. Lots of variations... Tadpole hamon? https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598717233774592/blade https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598641659772928/bizen-blade
  11. It looks to me like it's got many years worth of uchiko powder stuck in the open hada.
  12. Finally I managed to sign up! I just had to uncheck the automatic renewal...
  13. Offering a large group of JSS/US newsletters. This lot covers from 1980-2010. *NOTE, typo at the bottom of list should read 2020. There are a few issues missing, please see the following list for complete details. Japanese Sword Society of the United States Newsletters: Box size = 17” x 10” x 12” Weight 42 lbs. This group of books weighs 42 lbs., therefore I will restrict this lot to CONUS only as shipping outside CONUS would be cost prohibitive. Within CONUS shipping via "media mail" will cost approximately $30. $150 plus S/H *** No pm's please. If interested please contact me at: Yakiba.com@gmail.com Like Comment Share
  14. Thank you Kelly, I think I'm just going to wait.
  15. Last one here has sold. This thread is also cleared. Thank you.
  16. but changing shape is not taking a picture, makes me thing of the horrible computing to make a wide angle lens picture look square, this is not good. I took a look at 100% on the aoi Japan,one pixel is four pixel, making the real size half the actual file size. Easy to see when displayed at 100% you can see large pixels, and once you make a 50% display, you get full resolution. Btw the informations on your link are very interesting. I made new attempts to shoot complete blades, not yet what I want: the picture is 4200 px in size, taken from about 5 meters high, black silk velvet as background, this is the darkest background I found for now. Sadly it tends to take the dust, and everything very easy, from thousands of pictures, only a very few got a pure black background without post treatment. I used the 180 macro lens, on a old 6D camera, hand held, 400 iso 1/320 F 9, hand held no stab used, automatic focus, but using the wall as support to get less blurr. No way to get the black shinogi ji, i would need a specific built, but can be done, same for better quality, upgrade the camera, and use a fixed display, to reduce iso and remove blurr, also could be possible to make the hand focus, best would be wired to computer or ipad, because ipad screen is far better than camera screen, remote works very well, because you can manage the focus much better, and you can have live view, zooming and know the exact result in live. This 180 lens is very good, the camera is a bit old now, a new one would get much better results.
  17. Yes I wouldn't say it was Hitatsura really it's not any hitatsura I've seen anyway. For me hitatsura covers a lot of the blade and the shinogi ji. It's all over the place ,ergo Hitatsura. Nice hamon though
  18. I found the post: here. The 7000 px are apparently made possible by the use of a very high resolution camera (Hasselblad). Is this really a problem ? Lightroom knows the distortion for most of the lenses and can fix it in post-production. Your photo setup looks amazing BTW
  19. ..https://www.agsa.sa.gov.au/whats-on/exhibitions/samurai/ Best
  20. Babu

    Strange menuki theme.

    It's a collaborative effort really . He collected designs as much as made his own. Some will be other people's ideas some his, all put into the books for a client to select. Sadly due to this you cannot definitely say that a piece referenced in the books is by him unless signed in Soshu script. Especially as in your example where it's not his mei in the book but another's. However your tsuba example could be missing that mei in the drawing because it's really close workmanship. Get that mei translated and your a step closer. These books were also passed on to other artisans for decades . Things were added at later stages.
  21. Looks like it's loosely modelled on a bosun's whistle albeit very elaborate .
  22. Andrey, Possibly your Paypal account doesn't allow for this kind of subscription payment. If you go into STORE --> DONATIONS and do a single payment of the $30 for 6 months or $60 for a year, I'll manually upgrade your membership. Or you can use the link in my signature and do the same. Applies to anyone too. Best to add a note that it is for Gold Membership if you can. Thanks very much!
  23. I have one of these. I'll have to check the thickness
  24. Update is coming, the blade is in the hands of a polisher now. First reaction, was that the hamon does not reflect Morimitsu but otherwise a high quality blade that deserves a polish. When I get it back I will post update pictures and ask of advice how to proceed to shinsa.
  25. Dear Dan. This is one of those recurring designs that crop up from time to time, keep looking and you will see another. Of particular note is the rather good photograph of the mouth of the kozuka which shows the thinness of the metal very well. This is one of the indicators for a pressed item rather than a traditionally made one. Dale, (aka Spartancrest), has done some great work focussing on tsuba reproductions, perhaps we can do the same for pressed kozuka? All the best.
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