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  2. A beautiful Kantana Kake for 3 swords from the late edo period. Panels front and back have old -age crackle otherwise In excellent condition. Price €950
  3. Dawson page 301, Tokyo Police Lieutenant.
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  5. Hi Mark, Can I reassure you that you’ve done pretty well with your first purchase: you’ve bought a sword that’s in polish, probably not shortened significantly from its original length (the paper suggests 73.3cm if the online converter works) and with papers to a well respected smith. The trick here is to “decode” the papers - there are a number of examples of unsigned blades on line with papers simply saying “Daido” attributed to the first generation by respected sellers. So this, and the length of the blade (a little longer than standard for the Edo period) are good signs that it’s muromachi guy rather than later. If it helps, Also, if you bought from a reputable dealer there’s a better than average chance that their judgement, made with the blade in hand, is good. The loss of reputation wouldn’t be worth misrepresenting the blade. Once more, we’ll done on your first buy.
  6. Welcome, two wheels down avoid pot holes called ebay. Have fun enjoy the adventure.
  7. I'm all the way down in Charleston, SC. but would be willing to make the drive, if possible.
  8. Thank you! Appreciated!
  9. LeonKr

    WTS Wakizashi

    SOLD. Please remove
  10. You have to show the blades sugata. A picture from a 90degree angle of the Blade without tsuka and the habaki. Even then you can’t be sure... For a „good“ amateur appraisal you better show everything. with that pic only I would say early edo
  11. LOVING the pics on your FaceBook sight! Would love to discuss possibilities! I sent you an e-mail with my phone number:-) Mark
  12. I reply faster on Katsujinken Nihonto (Facebook) or email davidarmy@yahoo.com
  13. Interesting sword, Wayne. Thanks for sharing. Swords exactly like this should make up at least half of a Sendai Shinto collection - at least they form about HALF of my collection: nicely mounted. very well-made masame, unsigned short swords. There seems to have been a very serious market for these swords - which I assume means that they were what Sendai Samurai wore when they were out and around. It also means that smiths in Sendai worked very routinely and with good discipline. These were guys who did NOT wish to stand out. They were NOT showy. They knew their role and they gave a good product - thank you! As I said, I have a couple of these and I love them, but they also raise some questions in my (collector's) mind. 1. Who made them? There were 13 (or 14) generations in the KK line and they all had apprentices so assigning them to the "School" is as far as the "experts" will go. 2. Why are they unsigned? This is a good question. Maybe guys in Sendai just sort of figured...isn't it obvious who made this... 3. Why are unsigned wakizashis common? Maybe lots were made that way - BUT I also have to suspect that unsigned katanas were liable to having had a GIMEI signature added to them. Tut-tut All this to say, THANK YOU WAYNE. Peter
  14. $850 Yamazaki kozuka originally sold by Ginza.choshuya
  15. All sword have NBTHK or NTHK
  16. I would stick with this being a name, although unusual, Ishitoku Shigeyuki makes sense - "adjusted this" does not. mho -t
  17. I'd like some info and Pix of the Masaoki please. Jim
  18. David - do you have a website or something where I could view these? The prices are all within my range. Do any have NBTHK shinsa? If it's easier to communicate via e-mail - shoot me a message and let's work! kingofbattle919@gmail.com Mark
  19. Swords for sale Nidai Yasutsugu wakizashi - $5250 Nagamichi wakizashi $3900 Kanemoto (koshirae) SOLD Yokoyama Suketada $8000 Mihara Masaoki $5500 Mihara Wakizashi $2000 Shimada Sukemune- $6250 Hizen Masahiro (shinshinto) SOLD Monju Katana- $6000 Uda Kunihisa $5500 Echizen Shigetaka (Tokuho ) $7250 Echizen Kunitsuna (Tokuho ) SOLD Bungo Sadamori (koshirae) $6950 if interested I can forward information
  20. A Question about Daido I bought an unsigned Daido katana that the seller asserted was from the late Muromachi Period. In researching the sword maker, I came across “The Index of Japanese Swordsmiths A-M” by Markus Sesco. Sesco lists a total of 8 different swordsmiths named Daido (using the same characters that are on the NBTHK Hozon) who produced swords between 1573 – 1989. So, quite the range! I have read some items about the changing blade curvature over different periods. Does anyone here have the ability to ballpark a period based on the cutting edge length / Full sword length? Some sort of formula? Conversely, can anyone take a stab at it based on a photo of the blade? Am I missing something, or is there a better way? Much appreciation!
  21. Barry - thank you Sir! Good ride so far:-)
  22. Neil, Does this blade have any stamps? The reason I ask, is that in one of Ohmura's discussions, he mentions "tosho mei with saka or na stamps" (these along with star-stamped blades are always gendaito, he says).
  23. Brian - thank you Sir! I am a bit of a novice here:-)
  24. Neil, Does this blade have any stamps? The reason I ask, is that in one of Ohmura's discussions, he mentions "tosho mei with saka or na stamps" (these along with star-stamped blades are always gendaito, he says).
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