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  2. He bought it for $ 118 in dollar terms, but it's bearish to start at $ 45.5. I don't know anyone, but I want to say this. Be self-assured!
  3. Itomagoi

    Iron Habaki

    Hi Geraint, the habaki is mounted on a wakizashi with very high quality koshirae. :-)
  4. Civil Stamps Stamp 1935 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 No Date Showa 1 1 3 13 9 1 1 106 Seki 1 1 6 2 58 Gifu Total 1 G/s 7 5 G/s 15 2 G/s 3 G/s – Gifu and small Seki stamps Arsenal Stamps To & Ko 6 on Kyu and Zoheito Seki, small 5 3 Na 2 23 3 1 Saka 1 5 8 Nan 1 Toyokawa Anchor 1 16
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  6. SIGNED Wave KATANA TSUBA Japan Original Edo Sword Antique | eBay Looks like the last link of Yas's post (#131) is being re-sold by a reputable (imo) dealer. everyone is being fooled these days!
  7. Same story. 友光 Tomomitsu
  8. Yeah I had someone suggest that I should put this in the translation section. So I did
  9. Very personal opinion: Such sugata typically goes to shinshinto or more likely Momoyama to Kanei period. Yasurime's state here and nakago condition is more consistent with the earlier date. The work etc. consistent with period's Mino examples. Its probably either the first Aizu Kanesada (Kanei period) or immedeately preceding Mino Kanesada generation. Its does appear authentic in all aspects.
  10. My friend came across this and we were wondering if people could help with the translation and any info. Thanks in advance.
  11. These can also be found at online auctions. Since it is a wide variety of goods, there are likely to be many things that have passed. https://www.seidoshop.jp/products/iaito-minosaka-higo-zogan-ms103 https://www.jauce.com/auction/q436443831 https://www.jauce.com/auction/b541163588
  12. Here is an image of the whole gun
  13. So, I celebrated getting my vaccination by doing a bit of scouting yesterday. No Sendai shinto, but I came home with a teppo that I decided might be a worthy project for me or somebody else. It is a plane-jane gun that is in fair condition - save for the fact that it is missing a couple of key parts. It needs Hibasami, - Ama-ooi, and a hibuta. My recollection is that all of these parts used to be available from Dixie Gun Works. I have not pulled the barrel. Nor have a dropped the lock plate. I think both of those activities will be achieved tomorrow. Please wish me luck.
  14. I think that is an arranged design based on Yukiwa(雪輪 - snowflake)-mon. The kanji are 壽 - kotobuki (long life) in two different styles.
  15. I think the one way to find out is stick a piece of paper in, deepest point total length. I'm not entirely sure if they're simply squared out or rounded. Pretty sure they are not shaped to specific kogatana although who knows perhaps that happened at some time or another, not standard.
  16. Market value will not increase here with papers once you account for the cost of the process. Better off to keep it as is or move it on.
  17. My comment is based just on photos, so I may be wrong. But as far as I can see, the polish is not good. Even if it was meant to be KESHO, it does not really follow the HAMON closely. In general, I share the opinions expressed above - it is a decent and authentic WAKIZASHI, but the market value does not justify a SHINSA.
  18. Hi Antonis These sites sell very similar Iaito (居合刀) modern metal practice swords, without a cutting edge, used primarily for practicing Iaido. https://www.seidoshop.com/products/tsuba-umebachi-sukashi-t063?_pos=64&_sid=cfd38143b&_ss=r https://www.seidoshop.com/products/iaito-jisei-mizutori-koshirae-js103?_pos=110&_sid=cfd38143b&_ss=r The guard on your example is like that found here. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/8092474309071042/ [Sorry for the picture quality].
  19. Yesterday
  20. Can you measure the height of the 関 Seki stamp in the picture above in millimeters? In the picture it is rotated sideways and I need the height and not the width. 関
  21. For sale are a few tsuba from my collection. I am more than happy to post any of these tsuba abroad, payment by PayPal or bank transfer, whichever is easiest for you First signed: Tamekuni Saku Age: edo period circa 1800 £375 Second: lovely maru gata kinko tsuba wrapped in genuine silver foil. Price: £200 Third: what I believe to be an akasaka openwork iron tsuba, story depicting birds and plants. Price: £250 Fourth: tsuba of kanmuri hat with yasurime, very nicely cut and perfectly straight lines, mumei and with a gold gilt mimi which is mostly intact. Beautiful piece in hand I haven't really seen a piece like this so it is hard for me to judge price.. Price: £280 Fifth tsuba: iron mokko shape with basket, plants, cutting tool and musical instrument on the back. Price: £130 And lastly one of the first tsuba I ever bought, I have no idea on the age of it, I believe it's a cheap piece. £70 I have tried to price these to what I think they are worth but if you feel they aren't priced right please drop me a pm and let me know as I'm still fairly new to the hobby. Thanks Charles.
  22. I forgot to add the attachments
  23. Hi Gordon I agree with Geraint - such a pain when they only give the maker (who you already know) but nothing else except what you can already see Ask the board members what they need to know and if any other images required I'm sure this will give you a better answer
  24. Thank you Geraint. The Boshi extends out and appears to follow the hamon on one side, the other side not as visible as polisher tried to keep the geometry of the blade. You can see details of the temper process in the tip under specific light conditions.
  25. Dear Gordon. What can you tell us about the boshi? I think I can see higaki yasurime which would accord with Mino den. Does what you see confirm that this is a Mino den wakizashi? The mei does not look very well done and for all the work of putting this through shinsa you might only end up with, at best a certificate that confirms it as signed by Kanesada. What will that tell you? I am sure others will make suggestions but in this case I don't think I would trouble. All the best.
  26. Geraint

    Iron Habaki

    Dear Peter. Yes this is cool! Something about the style of decoration and the cross hatched ground preparation for the nunome suggests to me that this is not entirely Japanese. Is this an isolated piece or does it form part of koshirae? All the best.
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