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  2. hi, i needed a stand for my tantos and found one at Ikea. Do you like my solution? Do you also have some Ikea products in use for your nihonto? regards Oli
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  4. Wow! Congratulations to Ford et al. Spotted several people I know on that list. Must remember to say well done!
  5. Boy oh boy they could write so well : Japanese sword guards. Raphaël Collin Collection: [sale on May 12 and 13, 1922] PREFACE "It is not without some melancholy that we will witness, today, the sale of this admirable collection of Japanese saber guards, brought together by Raphaël Collin. Thus, one after the other, these precious treasures that the first admirers of Japan were able to bring together in Europe are scattered, like the Goncourt's, like Burty, Garié, Gillot, Rouart, Dr Mène, and still others, Raphaël Collin did not want the wonders he had loved to go to sleep in the cold necropolis of some museum. He wanted them to remain living symbols of beauty, which gain a power of feeling by passing from hand to hand, witnesses at the same time of the most glorious hours of a noble race among all and confidants of our pious and refined curiosity. It is this scrupulousness which will enable us to share with these relics to which remains attached the memory of the great honest man and the beautiful artist who caressed them..." François Poncetton.
  6. We see so many army blades that are unmarked and instamped because there are so many more of them. Current theory is that unmarked blades were sold to private shops, going around the military, because the smith made more money that way. Maybe these navy blades fall into that category. Maybe they were sold directly to a civilian sword shop, bypassing the Navy Arsenal, and making more money for the sword smith.
  7. If anyone in Toronto or from around the GTA is interested, the Toronto Token Kai will have a table and display at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. This is part of Doors Open Toronto. I will be manning the information table with other members of the Token Kai. 6 Sakura Way Toronto ON M3C 1Z5 Canada
  8. Phil, I have run into these unmarked Type 97s before. Not too common, but they do surface from time to time. I have not recorded them as they have no markings.
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  10. Is https://atelier-miya...36f44e80821905713539 a reputable seller? It seems good to me except they don't sell less than 10m at a time and I think I only need 2m or so.
  11. Thank you, Uwe. I'm surprised to see you recommend them, as their lacing is much cheaper than others and is mentioned as not being silk. Perhaps that would make it last longer, though. I don't think their darkest blue will match the almost-black of the lacing used on my armor, and I worry I would have to use black or try to darken their dark blue. I think not matching the color would be a dealbreaker for me, so i cant use them. If I could match the color then I can see some advantages to more durable lacing...if cotton is more durable. Regarding the sleeve fabric, it definitely has darkening lines like it was soaked or sweated in. I don't know for sure that it's got much dirt but it seems much darker than it should be in many places, consistent with it being dirty. The whole armor is considerably dusty and will need a damp cloth and toothbrush cleaning if nothing else.
  12. Steves87

    Tsuba stands

    Basically the same design, nice thinking Jean! You achieved a very effective design naturally, in only 4 cuts!
  13. Sato is an excellent resource - to be honest you're probably gonna have better luck just buying the book instead of looking for PDFs... -t
  14. It's a shame there's not a club up here, I was surprised too. There's a few of us collectors scattered about. I've thought about trying to start a club, but I'm just too busy. Maybe someday. (But crossing my fingers someone else starts a PNW club before then ). A great alternative is the Northern California Japanese Sword Club. They do zoom meetings and offer a bunch of other great resources. I have yet to join their meetings, but I just recently renewed my membership, thanks to a advice from @Toryu2020 http://www.ncjsc.org/ All the best, -Sam
  15. Thanks Geraint. A great piece of knowledge to add to my toolbox.
  16. Thank you Sam. I was surprised that there didn't seem to be any Nihonto clubs or groups here in the PNW that I could find. I would have thought with the heavy population of retired military specifically near Ft. Lewis that some kind of group would formed. Nearly all of the swords I have were acquired by my father from military personnel in the late 1960's and early 70's, and most of them obtained them from immediate post war Japan.
  17. Giordy, Thanks so much for the additional specifics regarding the Sori and its relationship to the Nagasa. I really couldn't find anything that spoke to the issue in all of the reference material I reviewed. Also, your further explanation regarding the Hamon is very helpful. Other swords to follow as I can generate pictures and data.
  18. hi John, no tang is not painted, assumed it was stainless steel.
  19. $2500 USD would be ideal. $3500 would be the top end I’m comfortable paying.
  20. Hi! I'm doing a literature search for my dissertation right now, I've found one book, but I can't find it in PDF format to download. The book is called "The Japanese Sword" by Kanzan Satō. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me a PDF of the book, or pictures of the pages of "The Development of the Japanese Sword". Thanks in advance!
  21. Phil: In the pics, it looks as if the nakago has been painted. Has it? If so, it could be obscuring a mark. Another possibility is that the blade is a family blade and not made by the military. Does it look like it is rust-free steel? John C.
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