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  2. Hey everyone, I am selling this nice set of Edo period momonari kabuto and hanpo. It only leaves me because the lady does not like it... Kabuto hachi bowl is lightweight leather - but looks like real 4 plate iron (mabisashi visor, koshimaki brim and shikoro neck guard are iron). Menpo face is similarly light leather, tare neck guard is iron. Maedate is newer. Very low price for fast sale: 850 Euro! Great decoration piece for every room (if your wife is ok with it haha) Ask me for details. Marco
  3. They are nice. Looks perfect for me. I would say higher quality.
  4. Could anyone help reading the two mei of these kogatana?
  5. The woman I spoke with said that as of this moment it has not been dismantled to check for signature and that she was an unconfident in her abilities to do so. She did say that if anyone comes to view it that is confidently able to take a picture she will send me that as well
  6. Today
  7. I already spoke with the auction house and in theory have some pictures coming. Will share them with you when I get them but looks like we might be in a bidding war!
  8. Yup, clearly my error in switching back and forth between pages, rather than looking at the images side by side. My apologies for the red herring post. But at least we have a few takeaway messages: 1- it’s a very common theme and there are lots of them. 2- some at least can be attributed to the Nara school, but who knows who was producing these once they were at the height of their popularity. 3- i’m clearly too overworked and tired at the moment to have noticed the differences in these two sets. Thanks to everyone who responded and cleared that up.
  9. Please move to archive first payment received in case emergency I'll bring it back but don't believe its going to happen
  10. Any members near the auction house, in Marlborough Massachusetts
  11. It looks alot like the Murata sword from Meiji but those were signed Kunimasa or Tsunatoshi. This does not seem to be legit. @Bruce Pennington
  12. 藤 = Fugi 原 = Wara 吉 = Yoshi 國 = Kuni 作 = Saku
  13. For comparison, some pictures of my kai-gunto's seppa:
  14. Dear All. This design, in these materials is so common it is not at all surprising that there are multiples around. Quality does vary between them. No need for it to be a split daisho or anything remarkable. They have always been suggested as Nara, it's nice to see a papered set to confirm this. All the best.
  15. I would like some opinions on this pair of apparently matched Type 97 seppas. Are they of the higher quality type? How have they aged? Do they resemble their original color/patina, or has much of this worn away?
  16. Hi George, cheers for that extra information. All the surviving swords that were not dumped, I presume Japanese were not allowed keep them after the war? Could the stamp have been removed for that reason?
  17. Thanks Bruce. I get that possibility, but it does indeed look like very local pitting, whereas the rest of the tang does not have it, and the rest of the sword is pristine. It is certainly curious. As Brian indicated, it does have a slightly different patina in this specific area. I am just wondering how it came to be removed. If its a bring back, I would assume the stamp remains as a vet would have no motive to deface it. Nor a dealer to make it appear as an older blade, as the signature is a Showa smith. It is unusual to say the least.
  18. Hi Darrel, I cant find the article- post. Please be so kind and post the direct link to the article. Thank you and best regards Sebastian
  19. Our Sekigahara presentation being given by historian Chris Glenn is fast-approaching on Sunday, September 26th. Chris has hinted that he will even be discussing certain well-known armours used at Japan's greatest battle! There are still many spots available and if you're at all interested in The Battle of Sekigahara, Japanese history or the Japanese Armor Society, please register for the webinar. All are welcome, members and non-members alike! Hoping to see many more new faces on the 26th!
  20. Just a reminder for anyone interested in attending our Sekigahara presentation being given by historian Chris Glenn on Sunday, September 26th, there are still spots available so please register - members and non-members alike!
  21. The part of being appalled was what i was pointing out. Thought it a bit harsh, agreed with the point hes making but found the word a bit humorous. So i thought id make a funny, didn't even hit the outer ring just fell ten from the target. Sad ol man left to his most dangerous tool, what he calls a mind.
  22. They say 江府住 Kofu ju (also read Efu ju), i.e. "from Edo".
  23. I tagged this on Peters Dagger post. Think its worth a look, price has doubled in a day. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/111856888_wakizashi-short-sword
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