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  1. Bohi starts way too far away from the habaki....I suspect fake (tsuka is bloody horrible) Good move posting it for comment here Andrew. Rob
  2. WhOoooah....My gut might have been correct ....Missed the above two responses while I was composing my first post.
  3. Probably what Brian and John said David .....I just need to go back to the beginning of sword school
  4. Thanks Steve, that is good info. Now that you mention it, I do recall something about the very latest versions not having saya # . The 'inverted ticks' also confused me but ...enlightened once again. Thanks Rob
  5. @Misconstrued Hi Jace, out of interest it would be good to know if the saya throat is numbered? If so, would you be able to post a clear picture of it? Pictures of mine attached FYI. Rob
  6. Hi Chris...bit scarry as the tsuka and screws look just like my 'genuine' late 95......although my blade has much more geometry and is cleaner all round. Even retaing a mirror finish in one side of the kissaki. (Happy to post a couple of pics for comparison if wanted). In regard to the numbering on Jace's sword, I fully realise that the stamping of serial numbers on blades of wooden tsuka late war 95's is totally inconsistent and quite variable compared with earlier variations but I just dont like what I see here. I agree with you that the blade does look a little sloppy. It looks like its lived a much harder life than the tsuka and mounts but on balance, I also think its genuine (just dont like numbers/inspection stamp (?) like that) Rob
  7. Thanks Piers, that pretty well sums it up very nicely I think. All the best. Rob
  8. These markings are actually on an ivory puzzle ball and I understand that should be of Chinese origin. However the seller believes 'could be' Japanese. Sorry about the orientation but I'm not sure which way is up. Thank you in advance. Rob
  9. Tks John and John....yes two kanji (dahh )...and I'm going for Kotani YASUNORI....good match. Tks Rob
  10. Hello all, this just looks strange to me. One kanji and in my limited experience a unusual location on the nakago to put it. Thank you. Rob
  11. Thanks Thomas....my lack of attention to detail....no probs with blade/numbering. Sorry I cant provide any Ebay link as it finished day before yesterday I think and I only had it on Watch List out of interest. I am not aware if u you can search Ebay forr closed items....dont think so. From memory, pics were the same as originally posted by John B but may be not be complete 'set'. Rob
  12. For interest ..... it sold on Ebay for US$660 plus an inflated postage cost of US $72 (AUD $1020) Unusually, only one bidder. I agree with Chris' comment above. Sword and saya look ok to me but what I dont like is the fuchi (all of it) and re-numbered stamp on the saya throat. Why didn't the seller include the blade inspection stamp WITH the blade number (last pic)? Original or not (?) I just wouldn't be happy with it. Rob
  13. @Brian would you be able to change title to 95 ? Tks Rob
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