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  1. Looks like successful bidder actually paid 550,000 Yen.....around US $5K.....blows me away. Might hold ontk the 95's until Japan relaxes it's import laws a little 😉 Rob
  2. Must have missed something....what did it sell for? Rob
  3. Geoff, I am also under the impression that, unless exceptional, they shouldn't sell for more than $900 - $1200 (at very best) ......but I'm talking AUD. Rob
  4. And a couple more minor variations in castings.
  5. Chris is correct Greg, you will struggle at that price unless you want to search, wait and then get really lucky. Be carefull buying something around that price (or for less), lots of good fakes, replicas and "fantasy" swords out there for not much money. If you happen to come across something that meets your current criteria then you could just run it past NMB members before hand (if you can) because I am sure you will get honest opinions (still only opinions though). Rob
  6. I agree with Bruce appears to be a nice honest example from the photos. Interesting 'W O' scratched into the habaki, you have to wonder if that is period (i.e. adding interest/story?) or post war scratching made by a previous owner (?) Rob
  7. I dont see a problem with members providing their own personal opinion on what they think a value (range or specific) could be. For most, pricing is a big part of collecting and I cant believe one members opinion could be construed as being the 'collective opinion of the Board'. This type of information is particularly helpful for new collectors and members. Having said that, the NMB should not be a general pricing sounding board for commercial gain ...like everything these days (unfortunately), the provision of this 'information or opinion' just needs to be balanced and provided in the good faith by the member on a case by case basis, if they choose to do so. Just my view. Rob
  8. Hi Volker, For me, this is a very nice complete package and der hamon sehr schon. 👍
  9. PS....the blade is measured from the tip to the mune-machi which is the small notch in the back of the blade (not the cutting edge) down nearer the tsuka (handle)
  10. Hi Glen, Yep, what John said above. You pics are all very good in terms of subject matter but in order to get some honest opinions from those more knowledgeable, they will definately need to be clearer and maybe larger. Especially, the mei (kanji) on the nakago. Are you sure the blade itself is 85 cms (33.5 inches)? Nice hamon. Rob
  11. Hello Bruce.... found it, now all I have to do is find the owner
  12. Ouch.. just sold for US $1450 with no returns accepted....somebody will be dissapointed 😯
  13. Hi John, I think Gethin Evans (Menpo) might have one the same as yours. At least, it is very close. He put a number of them up a couple of posts ago on this thread (fantastic collection Gethin). Reproduced shot of Gethin's attached.
  14. Thanks John and Jean, this cements my view. I like many others look at Ebay in addition to many other sites and I would just encourage people who strongly believe something to be an obvious fake particularly where it is 'supported' by eaually rediculous and untrue statements, to report it to the business that operates the site. If we all do that then maybe...just maybe ...one day they will listen and do something about it. Rob
  15. Thanks Tom and Paul. Dave, leaving others bits out at the moment, in regard to the blade do you think there's anything incorrect with the ... 1. (lack of) lining up of the Ha-machi and Mune-Machi, 2. the exceptionally pointed nakago-jiri 3. the rough file marks on the nakago 4. The strange shape of the Ha- machi 5 and the very 'almost vut not quite 'aged nakago Rob
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