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  1. A bit more info to help out. Sounds like a film rather than doco ....but will check it out tks Adam
  2. Just a small thing David but correct orientation of nakago makes it easier for those translating 🙂
  3. Sri guys (no willpower) ... For all the fantastic Brians in the world
  4. I'm really feeling a Monty Python moment ..... but I'm going to leave it alone. Instead, welcome Crusader Nope ...trying ..... but it's taking a lot of strength to leave this alone ...........
  5. sorry mate .... forgot to leave the link.
  6. But take my word for it Brandon. I have been wrong before even when it appears 'so obvious to me' .... hang in there, hers will confirm or otherwise. I don't recognize the stamp or the position its used in ...but if you have a quick look at the attached download, you may see something.... its a great reference tool anyway by NMB sword guy Bruce Pennington
  7. Good reason for that Brandon.... Chinese I reckon not Japanese.
  8. Agree with Brian but crikey Bruce I just spent 15 minutes reading ALL of the auctions terms and conditions including the fine print and it all looked perfectly normal to me. I can't get that time back. Wish I had looked at the sword first ok....it's late.
  9. Now THAT is a very nice copper Gareth! To be honest, I can't make out the saya throat number but I presume it's matching? Rob
  10. Couldn't agree more Hamish. Not to much mystery here, if it's a real 94, 97, 98,Type 3 then what you see is what it is....mostly period war years or just before. Pristine wraps are usually post war but there will always be that exception. Personally I much prefer original, (almost) regardless of condition .... because it was there. But each to their own. R
  11. Hello Jonathan, Welcome .....'buy first ask questions later' can be a little dangerous but it happens to many of us. Go to the NMB Home Page and then click on the following ........ Nihonto Info Links Info 2 Military Swords of Japan - Ohmura San Then just look at Type 98 swords, that will be a good start. Importantly, by clicking through the vast amount of information that the NMB home page has available, it will hopefully open up some avenues for you for future reference. Stainless (or rust resistant) blades are often associated with Kai Gunto (Navy equivalent of the Type 98) but they are everywhere.... so again, use NMB search function with key words ' Type 98 stainless ' and you will find a lot. As Matt suggested, you need way more pictures particularly of blade, kissaki, tang for a start. Otherwise its more speculation than fact. From that one pic it looks ok to me though. Have a read, wait for it to arrive, take many good pics and post them and I am sure you will receive informative feedback. Rob
  12. Bit late Colin, sounds like its resolved but for interest..... many moons ago I worked with a postal chap by the name of Peter Crook and he was a Pom (£10 'der). Tall, lanky with hair as white as the driven snow. Just a random memory 🙂
  13. Hello Joseph, Looks like it (was) a nice piece......in any event, never too late for me, get some oil on it quickly.....this link might help. https://japaneseswordindex.com/care.htm
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