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  1. I am not sure about the characters in red. 備後府中住竹中國虎- Bingo Fuchu ju Takenaka Kunitora 天保十三年▢月應▢▢守▢▢需 - Tenpo 13th year, ? month, responding to the order from "▢▢守▢▢" 作於江府本郷本藩丸山邸百........ - made at Maruyama-residence of this clan (Fukuyama-han) in Hongo of Edo
  2. 備中國水田住大与五国重 - Bicchu no kuni Mizuta ju Oyogo Kunishige
  3. I do not think that GYO is a proper reading in this context. 1. He was not the Emperor but only one of the Imperial family. 2. "Gyoken'etsu" sounds unpleasant.
  4. A little addition 1st row: 梨本総裁宮殿下 = Nashimoto sōsai no miya denka (Ref. Prince Nashimoto Morimasa - Wikipedia ) 2nd row: 御檢閲記念 = Goken'etsu kinen (military review's memento)
  5. 昭和十八年 - Showa 18th year (1943) 昭和十八年秋 - Showa 18th year, autumn 武久 - Takehisa
  6. I know it is only a typo, but the correct mei is 相模國住人廣光.
  7. FYI, there is a similar katana on sale for 2,480,000 JPY, which was made one month earlier by Kurihara Hikosaburo and tempered by Prime minister Saito Makoto. The katana has Tokubetsu Hozon of NBTHK. Ref. 内閣総理大臣斎藤実所持刀超豪壮『下野住人彦三郎昭秀造之』特別保存刀剣保存会鑑定書 (kusanaginosya.com)
  8. I guess the first one is 歌 as George read in the first post.
  9. 幸楽窯 - Koraku kama/you
  10. 松井貞壽造 - Matsui Sadatoshi made 嘉永ニ 六月日 - Kaei 2nd (1849), 6th month
  11. I cannot directly answer you question. But I think that the signatures are questionable. The signature on the painting side means that Fujimoto Tesseki painted it for Master Kumoi Tatsuo. However, Kumoi Tatsuo was 28 years younger than Fujimoto Tesseki. And even when Fujimoto Tesseki died in 1863, Kumoi Tatsuo was only 19 years old. The signature on the other side means that Sakuma Shozan wrote the writing (originally made by Zhu Zhiyu in 1670) for Mr. Kumoi Tatsuo. However, Kumoi Tatsuo was 33 years younger than Sakuma Shozan. And when Sakuma Shozan died in 1864, Kumoi Tatsuo was 20 years old. Kumoi Tatsuo’s real name was Kojima Moriyoshi, and he used the name Kumoi Tatsuo after around 1968, when Fujimoto Tesseki and Sakuma Shozan were both dead.
  12. In this case, "Kiri" means a pattern of yasurime.
  13. The reading is just a little wrong. 心ダニ誠ノ道ニ叶ヒナバ祈ラズトテモ神ヤ守ラン Kokoro dani makoto no michi ni kanainaba inorazutotemo kami ya mamoran
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