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  1. 於江都藤原清人造之 – At Koto (Edo), Fujiwara Kiyondo made this 慶應二年二月十一日 於千住大(太)々土壇拂 後藤平作 – Keio 2nd year 2nd month 11th day (Feb. 11, 1866), at Senju, cut taitai through to the ground (by) Goto Heisaku
  2. That is an honorable certificate from Army Infantry Major Tahara San’nosuke to an infantry Noma Shimakichi for his excellent result in basic shooting.
  3. Yesterday, I met my old friend and his wife. His wife is a calligrapher, so I asked her if she could read the characters on the habaki, especially the 5th character which I was still unsure. Though she was not 100 % sure, her guess was 励 (rei/hagemashi). In that case the reading might be 義理公之励賜 – Yoshisato/Yoshitada ko no hagemashi o tamawaru.
  4. First two kanji 柳川 (Yanagawa) is a city name. Ref. Yanagawa, Fukuoka - Wikipedia
  5. This is an old (about 30 years ago) and rather long video. You can see the carving procedures and the blade conditions.
  6. I do not know. But I believe that it was carved long before I was born.
  7. Matsukawa-hada is also a characteristic of Kiyomitsu of Sue-Bizen.
  8. Maybe, 𣆶翠軒 - Bansuiken 𣆶(晩)翠 means evergreen in winter.
  9. The first line is "第六八一号 (681st)". The last character on the paper is an informal variant of 号 (go), which is a counter word in this case.
  10. 昭和癸未秋 - Showa Mizunoto-Hitsuji aki (Autumn in 1943)
  11. If I take a shot in the dark, the second one might be 備中國住直次 - Bitchu (no) kuni ju Naotsugu.
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