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  1. 鐶形土手耳 - Kan(drawer handle)-gata dote mimi
  2. If I take a shot in the dark, 越中國松倉住義武 - Ecchu no kuni Matsukura ju Yoshitake???
  3. Simply I assume that the asymmetry might be caused by an inaccuracy of groundwork in polishing.
  4. NBTHK shows the rules for rewriting papers due to typographical errors. Ref. 証書関連(台帳紹介、書き替え、名義変更) | 日本美術刀剣保存協会 (touken.or.jp)
  5. On the left, following the date; 日露戦役三十年記念 – Japanese-Russo War 30th Anniversary
  6. 播磨守橘貴道 - Harima no kami Tachibana Takamichi
  7. On the right; 小林河内守國助 - Kobayashi Kawachi no kami Kunisuke
  8. 尾州浅井住兼光 – Bishu (Owari) Azai ju Kanemitsu 皇紀二千六百三年大東亜戦必勝祈願刀 – 2603 Imperial year (1943), a prayer sword for victory in the Greater East Asian War
  9. The Torokusho (registration paper) describes that the katana is Mumei (unsigned). However, the katana has an inscribed name Shimizu Tadatsugu. So, (1) the Torokusho is not for the katana, or (2) the Mei on the tang was added by someone after its registration.
  10. 贈 タフト氏 - Present to Mr. Taft 一九二四年 - 1924 石井順一 - Ishii Jun’ichi
  11. 應藤原▢邦求作之 – Responding to the order from Fujiwara something-kuni, made this. 萬延元年八月日 道俊 – Man’en 1st year (1860), 8th month, Michitoshi (<ー smith name)
  12. He went into the reserve in 1931. Ref. The page 31.(ヒト-海機10期) (coocan.jp)
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