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  1. 濃州関住人兼氏謹作 – A resident in Seki of Noshu (Mino province), Kaneuji respectfully made. 皇紀二千六百年 – Koki 2600th year (=1940)
  2. 金華山麓 – The base of Kinkazan (Mt. Kinka) 於濃州長良川邊 – at the riverside of Noshu Nagaragawa 藤原清長 – Fujiwara Kiyonaga
  3. 長﨑國住人 - A resident in Ngasaki 弘雲子彫之 - Kounshi (art name) carved this.
  4. Ref. Bonhams : A rare iron sukashi tsuba By Noda Mitsuhiro, late 18th century
  5. 小林昌荣依好鍛之 - Depending on Kobayashi Masahide's taste, forged this. 黒▢光孝 - Kuro+something Mitsutaka +kao I am unsure about the characters in blue.
  6. Maybe, 耕銕 (Kotetsu) is his name.
  7. 深水画意 - Shinsui's motif 雪洲刻 - Sesshu carved.
  8. I can only guess. The first one - 熊 ?????
  9. The translation was almost perfect. There is no name who wrote the sayagaki in your posted image.
  10. 文化十三年二月 應渡邊好禮需造之 - Responding to the order from Watanabe Yoshinori (reading?), made this.
  11. That Abe Nobuyuki did not have the title of Count. I found that Marquis Asano Nagakoto's younger brother was adapted into Abe family and became Count Abe Masatake. Ref. 阿部正桓 - Wikipedia
  12. 第百五航空基地隊 – No. 105 Air Station Unit Division ドベラ分遣隊 – Tobera Detachment (海?)軍中尉 宇都次男 – Lieutenant Uto Tsuguo
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