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  1. Yurie, I would like to thank you as well. I know that there are many other silent followers such as myself that find your information very helpful in learning such as myself which I frequently find myself referencing your helpful info. I also think how great it must have been with such a great father growing up with such a great man with such knowledge and history and seeing such masterworks and experiencing that with him. I definitely would cherish those memories forever. Sincerely, George
  2. Thank you for that Jacques. You guys have an amazing amount of reference material that one cannot easily find online along with much knowledge to interpret what you are looking at. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this blade but none the less worth studying and has some interesting characteristics. The part that seems odd is the placement of where the date is signed is odd which was discussed
  3. Yes its a tough one. At least there is some of the hamon left to look at and study more
  4. Ok.. so any Wild guesses. Mino? Or possibly Muromachi era? I know it’s a tough one.
  5. Thank you Paul for the information. Yes I now understand that is a complex and variable subject and more specific to the smith and particular characteristics of their different working styles than the broad generalization of the school as a whole. Respectfully, George
  6. Just wanted to know Generally if utsuri was found in Soshu works. I understand that the forging temperatures have a determining effect with heavy nie formation with Soshu and Soden Bizen being able to achieve a light utsuri effect. I guess what I am asking with my limited knowledge is can you use utsuri to to generally distinguish or Rule out one school from the other.
  7. I still have yet to have it looked at. I am sure whom ever had the blade before me there was a reason they stopped after only polishing one side and did not pursue any more restoration. I’m sure this avenue was pursued many times throughout the years. Only if by a small chance it’s a late Heian Tomonari or something along those lines would I pursue an expensive restoration venture such as umegane/polish if it’s even possible. I got this blade for close to nothing so for me might be worth it after an expert looks at it in hand. I do believe the age of the blade to be late Heian to early Kamakura for what it’s worth. It’s amazing to me that these blades as old as they are still exist and didn’t completely decompose back into the earth that they were forged from.
  8. Sadly I’ve been hanging out on the study piece side 😞
  9. Yes I keep going back and forth about that. One thing to note is the other side of this blade is bad condition. Somebody in the past before I acquired this blade looked like they just restored one side. I posted this sword on the forum a few years ago about it. Not so good pics tho. Here is a pic of what we’re looking at on the other side…. I see it one of two ways Jimmy Hayashi to work a miracle or study piece. What do y’all think. It’s been a few years and still can’t decide
  10. You may be right. I could not find utsuri on this blade. Good point
  11. It has an ichimonji sort of influence almost
  12. Here is an interesting comparison is kissaki size also boshi
  13. Definitely interesting but sori looks really exaggerated curved. I am not sure if it was intended to be that way or fire damaged. I think it is a very early blade in spite of that
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