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  1. That paper wrap under tsuka ito looks newish which made me also doubt. I’ve never seen that exposed paper look so newish and bright
  2. Thank you John. You are my go to man with the Guntos… You know your stuff!! I was surprised they are real 😳
  3. The gunto scabbard the blade fits in nicely like it was made for the blade and was told it was originally with the blade. The rest of the fittings were not original to the blade and were thrown in the deal. Some of the fittings look to me like they were artificial aged and the wrap on the tsuka feel different than the silk wrap on my other guntos so probably cotton. The other fittings are questionable. I am not an expert on Gunto fittings. I was just interested in the blade purchase. Here are pics for those of you into Gunto fittings.
  4. Well, I figure I’m new and would give it a shot and I’m always as student learning. I don’t think I will ever achieve beyond that..
  5. Nagasa 71cm. Nakago 21.5cm. Sori 1.6cm. Motohaba 3.26cm. Sakihaba 1.98cm. Motokasane 0.68cm sakikasane 0.45cm kissaki 3.2cm the appearance of the blade in hand doesn’t have the dull dry lifeless look to the metal and doesn’t look like it has sustained fire damage or evidence of retemper but the chip is almost close to going completely thru hamon line. The hamon appears suguha and present throughout the entire blade. Here are a few pics.
  6. Michael, thank you for your time and knowledge. You may very well be correct in your assessment. Once I receive the blade I will have a better guess than pictures.
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