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  1. Came across this one online a few years ago. Kind of rare to find another one quite like it. If anybody comes across something similar please post.
  2. Gorgeous blade Brandon and Nice hada!! Definitely looks like a promising candidate for shinsa!!
  3. Just curious how many collectors out there got stuck with a blade that had hagire not seen in photos nor disclosed and spent thousands on it. It happened to me….
  4. Hello Geraint, maybe auction houses have their own set of policies. It is more or less confidence or reputation of the auction house or seller which builds confidence on those bidding. I figured a lot of dealers out there would have their perspective from a sellers point of view. I recently sold a Gunto that was obviously in relic condition which the buyer had second thoughts due to deep pitting which I already showed him. He had the blade in hand as I drove to meet him sale on OfferUp. He then changed his mind and contacted me which I refunded his money 4 days after the sale. He prob got advice that it wasn’t salvageable by polish. If sales are done over there without recourse or absolutely no protection for the buyer then I’m sure there are a lot of swords we can ship ya. I know there is a lot of focus on this part of the post due to a lot of sellers on this board that do not want a precedence for this. I don’t know if you are a dealer or not but I think it is up to the seller of what their return policies are. Some sellers on eBay state no return which a buyer might be reluctant to buy attracting less buyers and interest in an item. I know a lot of feathers will be ruffled after this post
  5. Also to add. I don’t know if it was common but brass rivets were holding on some of the hardware instead of screws like the rest of Gunto I have.
  6. If you look closely at the samegawa you can see red paint like an attempt to clean it off with residual red paint remaining.
  7. I think you are right bazza but more specifically the metal fittings over the saya and metal fittings or furniture over tsuka and a few seppa underneath
  8. Yes, the saya also had a fairly recent paint odor as well as some of the painted fittings.
  9. I still have a Shinto blade dressed in WW2 Gunto that I bought from a member on the board here that I paid way over what it was worth especially that I noticed the fittings were not original and some replaced and the wooden saya painted fairly recently in a brick red sloppily done even the seppa and splatter areas of paint on samegawa skin underneath. The wrapping was also not original and loosely wrapped and habaki not original the blade not even close. The blade was advertised as koto but definitely after. I didn’t make a big deal about it since I examined the blade from pics and once I got the blade in hand I knew immediately what is was and what it was not. I chalked that one up to experience and took a hit on that one. We all I know had that happen at one time or another. It is best to communicate to seller or know return policy
  10. Yes, the reason for return is blade advertised on eBay as Koto blade. The blade is not koto. As you prob already read in this post the seller stated and communicated to me that I could return if not satisfied and was very honest stating it may not be koto as he is more familiar with Gendai blades which he mentioned in this post as you prob already read. The seller also messaged me stating no hassle return if I didn’t want to restore or for whatever reason. Brandon is one of the rare honest eBay sellers out there and was more than willing to answer questions and communicate in a friendly manner. Highly recommend especially for WW2 swords which he is most knowledgeable
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