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  1. Welcome Luke. Type 95 ii Stage. Do nothing with the sword. Only Oil the iron parts! Threat the blade like other Japanese blades. Cleaning with 99% alcohol and oil it with choji. Good find! And btw good pictures.
  2. I bought now 3 times from him after the thread was startet. He is fast in answering and sending. All ok and fine from my side.
  3. I think it is not a problem if the piece is correct tempering after hardening.
  4. No i don't think so Dave. There is big difference. But Fake is Fake.
  5. And here is a new one. How much will this gone? I bet 650 EUR! https://www.egun.de/market/item.php?id=12801946
  6. I thought i bought a Type 98 Koshirae. But it is a nice Type 94 Koshirae with removable Ashi. Unfortunatly none of my Gendai Swords without Koshirae fits. Its for a more slender and shorter sword. I think for a ~62 cm blade.
  7. vajo


    The Mei shown is not that Masayoshi. Looks gimei to me. Btw the mei is on the wrong side
  8. vajo

    What have I got ?

    I think it is a nice blade and worth a polish. Fittings are good. Its not a bad package.
  9. Hmm, i think we have no clue what is meant by full traditional. If seki stamped showa-to shows all signs of a gendai-to what is the point that they are not gendai-to. I would really like to learn this. I can see if a sword is oil quenched. I can notice if a sword is made from mill steel. But if you see martensit and perlit structures and folded steel layers, the hada and all the nice things we know from nihonto. Why they are Gun-to stamped. I have no clue. Mostly we see it on a sword that it is not gendaito. Stamped or not. But i didnt see a showa-to that looks like a gendaito.
  10. vajo

    Dome-shaped tsuba

    Anyone see a wan-gata mounted?
  11. I would be happy about short messages to know whats going on. All good - package arrived
  12. After the last deal with Bruno ( Kurikata) who is very smart and friendly and of course the fastest seller i ever met (two days from France to Germany) i can fully recommend to deal with him. I want to tell another experience. Same constellation same country another member. Payed via Paypal on the 15th of November direct after the deal. Asking for the package on 27.11. - 12 days later. Get the response that the package was given to post 3 days ago. The seller wait 9 days after recieving the money to go to the post? Sellers, after you recieving the money dont forget the buyer and inform him.
  13. Hui Christian, thanks a lot. Was my fault.
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