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  1. They are nice. Looks perfect for me. I would say higher quality.
  2. Could anyone help reading the two mei of these kogatana?
  3. Hard to say for all but this 4 are obvious fake ones.
  4. Amazing JT. Just can said anything more (with my open mouth)
  5. Wow. On the first picture you show i have bet that the gold is rubbed of because you see the copper. But on your last pictures there is the gold. I'm confused totaly. Good job Krystian. That hobby is total crazy. You think you have seen a lot and then came another around the corner and destroys your knowledge totaly. Krystian if you think that i would offend you than take my pardon. I'm not the person who offend intentionally.
  6. No Gold, only mechanical cleaning? Never ever The question is did he has it electro plated or firegilding with mercury. Btw such green cooper had allway lost of patina and needs repatination. But how ever he done it its a nice work. Congratulation Krystian.
  7. Thats fine sword Ron. And it is sad that no one in your family will hold your collection further. But i think thats the destiny of the most collectors including me.
  8. I have a lot of stuff but dont want to sell something. Now i dont want to buy new because i had a lot of stuff. Dilemma.
  9. Since the first of July Germany had changed the rules for book sendings from outside Europe. I recieved a book today from Australia and musst paid 19% vAT + Posting 6 EUR. The vAT includes the book price + sending costs. I phoned with the custom office on Frankfurt Aiport and they explained me that the german government had changed the rules for importing books from outside europe because the german book publisher had make an complaint on the finance minister paying vAT on their books. All gets more and more expensive
  10. Good luck with the sword George. Did you have the sword in hand?
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