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  1. That sword was nice before it was polished
  2. Btw celluloid same is not a sign of bad quality! I like swords with celluloid same. The, are much more robust than rayskin. Nagamitsu gendai-to uses celluloid and burlap. Are these cheap ones?
  3. My personel opinion is that the sword is resampled. The blade did not really fit to the fittings. The seppa didn't fit to the rest. The Tsuka is badly rewraped. The Tsuba is a high quality one. The Fuchi/Kashira is very nice. Overall good parts combined with a cheap blade.
  4. The tsuba is a nice work but an idiot make it gimei. This is such total noobish made that a rookie like me can see it. Without that signature it would be a good tsuba.
  5. For me it looks like a koto sword. Late Muromachi period.
  6. I think it is an o-suriage, machi-okuri koto blade. A little tired but not bad at all.
  7. Muromasa in Japan with no shinsa - 100% gimei.
  8. Take a look in the Yasukuni book from Kishida. These swords are so rare and when you compare this pictures with the book you see that it could not be true. Btw the swords look not very appreciating and not like yasukuni-to. It looks someone has cleaned the blade with acid.
  9. I need 5 of these screws - cheap!
  10. Dont do to much oil on your blade. Oil it and wipe it of. Thats enough.
  11. Late Edo Wakizashi Tsuka. Nice mountings. The other Menuki is a moon.
  12. You have free hands in all directions. Look at ohmura study for more infos.
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