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  1. Any idea about the boshi damage? Is this a rust blister? Forging flaw, bad treatment, welding signs or something else.
  2. Edit i found it. Thanks. The only thing what refers me from purchasing it is the boshi. I cant figure out what that is. looks like a cracked windscreen.
  3. Its a nice shinsakuto.
  4. The condition of the sword is very good. Nice leather sheet and mountings. Blade looks good for me. The only problem with showa22 is that all of his swords get that terrible polish which look like brighten with acid.
  5. David born in 1929 and died in 1989 is not meant the life of the smith. It s the period they work. In this case the Showa Period.
  6. real show us the whole sword.
  7. Can we move the pictures to the Type 95 fake thread?
  8. Thanks a lot all for helping.
  9. I tried to see the stamps better. Could it be a very good fake? The seller seems to be a collector of western sabers and the Type95 is very cheap.
  10. I got these Type95 offered. The stamps looks like ok but the blade no. looks very low and clean? What you think? Is this a good one I'm not really sure.
  11. Mick, measurements, nakago, age, school, koshirae with tsuba, condition?
  12. I see something that looks like fresh rust? Be carefull Georg. Btw it is absolut beautifull.
  13. Mine is blade no. 4177 with no screw. Saya no. 1530 -------- In the case of that FB sword. I had the guess that sword had no screw first and was later added? It is made very professional and you see no differences in the patination with niage of the copper.
  14. I have these for. Geraint yes these are haikan.
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