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  1. The whole sword is incredible. If you compare the price with Yasukuni-to where all the sword looks a little boring for me, you see here a real fantastic work of a very talented and famous smith (not that seki works...). Btw i like the shira saya - it looks very fine made and elegance.
  2. Fuchi is wakizashi size. The Tsuka ist destroyed. No worth any more. Tsuba is wakizashi size. I think the nakago was polished to fit for the tsuba. Then it was to small for the tsuka and someone had tried to fix it with a wakizashi size fuchi. That sword was never functional.
  3. vajo

    8 Tsuba

    Nice deal with Bruno. Fast sending and delivery and a beautifull piece. Perfect!
  4. It's a mixed sword. Blade is not Japanese and very ugly. The shape is crude and the nakago a catastrophe. Tsuka is from Shin Gunto (Tachi styled shape). I'm not sure about the saya. Looks like asian made. Habaki is old. All together this non Japanese sword looks like assambled from different parts. The tsuka is treated to fit a non fitting kashira. Not one piece here fits together. All said, for me it is crap.
  5. I looked deeper in paintshop into the coloring pictures and think it is original paint. It is rough paint yes, but you find so many colors of this sword from white, brown, red, greenish, black. Ony the blade is out of polish. But overall a nice one. As you now, i like the style of the late stage type95 very much.
  6. Nick take your time for learning how to handle an preserve your sword Bare hands on the blade is a no go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=1tVnI8-Ml_Y&feature=emb_logo
  7. I would like to fill the topic here with bidding orgies on the eGun Plattform. These sword pub up often and get a lot of bids. I start with this. https://www.egun.de/market/item.php?id=11591779 Aktueller Preis 338,00 EUR Restzeit 4 Tage, 19:29:08 (akt. Zeit: 13.09.2020 17:32:33) Ende 18.09.2020 13:01:41 MEZ Gebote 35 ( Gebotsübersicht )
  8. Fittings and of course the blade looks lovely.
  9. wow, thats a nice sword!
  10. vajo

    Tachi Bringback

    Much better pictures Georg. Yes, the hamon is there.
  11. vajo

    Tachi Bringback

    I see no hamon, sorry. Only a rough mokume hada. Hamon line could be etched. Take a good light if you find a white line between the hada and that hamon. I think the hardned edge is outpolished.
  12. That canvas protection is seen often on old ww2 soldier photos when the tsuka is shining white. Its very rare to have it. Neil has an outstanding collection.
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