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  1. Looks like every of these sword where threat with sandpaper. Sad.
  2. M.Neumann was a supplier and producer of all kind of military stuff. (Honor saber from the Kaiser for the Sultan. Design by Prof. Emil Doepler the younger) It says: "Königlicher Hoflieferant (King supplier) M. Neumann founded 1848, Berlin W(est) french street. 24. First class goods from own fabrication. Uniforms, Militaria and ridding equipment." (website: www.seitengewehr.de)
  3. Sorry i found nothing about M. Neumann Berlin "Hoflieferant". I found a lot of pictures of high quality prussia sabers with that mark. But no information about that company. Btw. the title "Hoflieferant" was not exclusive as it sounds. You could get that title on different ways. Mostley you pay for it.
  4. I never saw a picture of a navy nco with a sword. Anyone knows one?
  5. Trystan is this plate 78? "Indian or native made wartime copy sold to allied troops"
  6. looks like an old sword. Later than muromachi? nice tsuba btw. Aoi leaves i think. (edit: what shall we do with the dr...)
  7. I read it on wikipedia (the german edition). Knott’s Berry Farm – Wikipedia Zwei Jahre später, im Jahr 1973, veranstaltete Knott’s Berry Farm das weltweit erste Halloween Fest. Two years later in the year 1973 Knott's Berry Farm organize the worlds first Halloween party.(3) They took it from Knott's Berry Farm Media Center Haha maybe its a promotion hoax
  8. I think its a showato. If you filtre the picture so see a dark shadowline above the hamon and nothing else. The binding speaks for showato too. But interesting i never heard from Knott's Berry Farm and Google it. He was the first worldwide who introduced Halloween as a party in 1973. I would like to notice that many belive that Halloween parties are an very old tradition. A lot of people here in germany are annoyed when "modern" families celebrate it because it has no tradition here. Now i know who is responsible for that! Its Mr. Knott
  9. Need help! Takayama to tang translation (warrelics.eu) I'm not sure with these in my eyes low quality swords. It reminds me a little bit an that PX trophy swords.
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