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  1. Here is my Mantetsu sword in its green sayer
  2. Here is a image of Yushu Hojo Ju Hiromasa Saku The sword-smith who forged this blade …
  3. Having spoken to an elderly friend of mine he reads it as “Honourable polisher” and the name of polisher “Ko-Kan” Many thanks Gareth
  4. Don’t want to be ignorant but what does the above posting mean ? Many thanks Gareth
  5. Having looked on the net I did find a sword polisher Ko-Kan Nagayama ? Thanks Gareth
  6. Thank you Steve for your help … A friend also contacted me to say the kanji looks like “Honourable Prefix Polisher Ko Kan “ Gareth
  7. Have found out some more on the smith rated as Kihin -No-Retsu (made precious works )in one book. He won 1st Seat (National Swordsmith) Judgement at the 1941 sword making Exhibition . Gareth
  8. Thanks John the blade is well forged and other than a few bits of arsenal grease is in great condition and polish …a great untouched example . Hope someone can help me with the polishers marks ? Gareth
  9. Yet again thanks Bruce … So the marks are from the polisher is this a often occurrence ? Gareth
  10. Thanks Bruce is the smith a well known one ? As the blade is really well forged .. Thanks Gareth
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