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  1. Thanks Bruce for your comments .. Here are some more pics .. A big thank you to forum members for your comments
  2. Many thanks for the comments ... When Bruce was referring to the shop owner would this have been when the sword was originally sold in the 30s? Gareth
  3. A dealer friend contacted me to say he had picked up a sword in a deal ... He is mainly a medal dealer so today I went to see him. The sword is in excellent condition and the steel Saya as a brown leather combat cover . The fittings are totally untouched the tsuba is the cut out example and stamped the number 8 the fittings are also stamped the same . There is no identification marks of any kind on the tang only file marks. The blade is in great polish and looks possibly to be a early oil quenched blade . Many thanks Gareth
  4. Thank you for all your kind comments .. Regarding the blade I was informed on anothe forum the blade looks like it was oil quenched ? Being new to collecting swords any information will be gladly appreciated . I really like this sword plus the bonus of the certificate makes it for me . Many thanks Gareth
  5. No Geraint can’t see any signature the tang is heavily corroded with dark rust . The sword and the bits came locally from Bridgend.. What I like is the condition of the sword a true been there veteran if it could only talk !!!!!
  6. This sword is totally untouched and as never been cleaned the tsuba is the early cut out version ..
  7. A similar certificate in the Fuller and Gregory book
  8. The bag which was tied to the sword
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