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  1. I would like one more Kai Gunto but not found "the one" yet and a copper nco with tassel to finish off my gunto collection (if it's ever finished tbh i always end up picking one up here and there) actually one thing i don't have is a gunto with a mon surprisingly so i guess one of those too.
  2. yes for 400 that's a good buy in my opinion, as said before; the mon on there could indicate something nice beneath the surface. Steven's method of removing the handle is a good one, also what i do is hold the handle tightly in my hand and with my other hand i hit my wrist just above where I'm gripping, i do the reverse when putting it back together and gravity does the work. i find it very gentle on the sword and effective. remember to try not to touch the blade with your hands as the oils in your skin will damage it. wipe it clean with isopropyl alcohol as people have said. don't try and remove any rust or anything. especially from the tang under the handle. post up some pictures of both sides when it's removed.
  3. as a follow up, in the UK at least if you need parts https://www.japanesewarriors.co.uk/ I bought two Seppa a while back and a tassel and the service and price was good. he's in the links section at the top of the page
  4. I found tassels fairly easy to get but the leather nco tassels have been much harder to get hold of. a few times i've bought swords that had tassels that weren't even displayed on auction photos and just came with it in the end. luckily I only have 1 sword without a sarute and that's an nco type 95. i'm not really interested in finding a replacement for it. one of my gunto came with the leather all weather hood. That wasn't listed in the original listing too which was nice. If the sword came with the tassel i leave it with its owner. all separate tassels I've got stored away out of the light so they don't degrade.
  5. The type 19 warrant officers sword is distinctive from the type19 for not having decoration on the backstrap and is a unique pattern
  6. the type 8 doesn't have the raised metal ridge along the side ears type 19 warrant officer pattern
  7. It's an 1883 officers sword ensign - captain
  8. https://www.bygoneblades.com/buy-Japanese-muromachi-period-wakizashi-sword-bizen-kunisumi-osafune-katsumitsu while not confirmed, here is a wakizashi with a signature purporting to be from him
  9. Had access to my DSLR this weekend and also with a help from some well placed lighting. Got a nice video of some of the hada I'll stop filling the forum with photos of this sword now haha
  10. Ok so update. In the daylight I can see the boshi clearly and managed to get a photo of it
  11. Well when I first started collecting a few years ago my primary interest was gunto and I knew nothing about nihonto and didn't feel like I knew enough to be a caretaker for them. I liked the beat up old swords and I liked to give them a home. I also don't mind buying unseen a little as theres far less competition and also a bit of a thrill finding something good inside. (Case in point). If it's not then I still have a little piece of history that deserves to be looked after. As my collection has grown I joined the forum and have slowly been sharing a few pieces I have here and there instead of lurking. This has made me want to expand into true nihonto. My goal was to have my gunto collection and a few older blades and find one that would be the centrepiece of my collection. I told myself I'd sell my lowest gunto and use the funds to buy nihonto but in the end I haven't ever tried to sell one of them. Feels to me like I've skipped a few steps and found something. So in all likelihood It will be polished I don't know who and where yet and I'm not really interested in making a profit from it in any way. I paid more for a couple of my gunto than this. Since posting this on the forum I spent every day reading up on all the little bits people have spoken about in the replies so feel free. negatives and positives I want to hear them all I'm not worried in any way. Cheers guys
  12. Here is the kissaki. It measures 1.5cm from the point shown in the photo. @Rivkin I can't see the hamon around this area at all Total length of of the whole sword is 120cm in the koshirae.
  13. Every time I take this out and look at it. I see a new beautiful section in a different light.
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