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  1. I'd like to present this Type 98 Near Mint Gunto Koshirae for sale. I am asking 1800 CAD SHIPPED which is less than what I paid for it, however, I am flexible on price. All parts are matching #10, and it includes an imitation general tassel. This item is near mint with a few paint marks on the lower end of the Saya. The Saya length is about 74.5cm , and the Tsuka measures about 24.5cm, total length is 101.8cm. The silver Mon belongs to the Mori Family. All productive comments and offers are welcome.
  2. I have finally decided to part with my light weight/ dress shingunto as seen in Dawson's book Pg. 158. These are very rare and don't come up too often. This one is missing one suspension ring, a small screw on the throat of the scabbard, and the ito wrap is fraying. Other than that it is in good condition and has a kamon on the back of the tsuka. Included is a leather fowl weather tsuka cover I bought separately for this sword. The cover has a rip in the leather. Dimensions: 39.5 inches in scabbard 38.5 inches out of scabbard 31.5 inches blade length 7.0 inches Tsuba+Tsuka length 0.9 inches blade width I am asking $1700 plus shipping and paypal fees or best reasonable offer. I plan on putting it on ebay soon if I get no traction here. If sold here, I will make a small donation to the NMB account. Item is located in LA county California. Any questions welcomed. Thanks -Jonathan
  3. I have some books I am looking to sell so I can fund another project. All Pages are in good condition, without issues. Pictures are available. All prices include UK Postage. Books available are; Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £45 (Dedication written on inside page) Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £140 Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopedia Edition- Jim Dawson- £140 Japanese Sword Surrender Tags- R Fuller- £80 The Yasukuni Swords, Rare Weapons of Japan 1933-1945- Tom Kishida-£45 The Japanese Sword, A Comprehensive Guide- Kanzan Sato- £30 (Some fading to the spine) Modern Japanese Swords and Swordsmiths 1868 to Present- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £30 (some fading to spine) Lethal Elegance, The art of Samurai Sword Fittings- Joe Earle £15 Facts and Fundamentals Of Japanese Swords, A Collectors Guide- Nobuo Nakahara- £30 The Craft Of The Japanese Sword- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £25 The Connoisseurs Book Of Japanese Swords- Kokan Nagayama- £30 Samurai, A Military History and Samurai, The World of the Warrior- S.R Turnbull- £25 (Selling as a pair) Thank you.
  4. Hello all! I just purchased my 1st Type 3 "Late War" Officers Shin Gunto for my personal collection. This is a pretty nice piece. It was claimed to be "unmolested" and "as found", after receiving it I believe it. It had the original mekugi in it that I'm 99.9% confident had never been removed since the swords assembly. So after removing them and inspecting the tang I was greeted by a nice surprise of kangi (both sides) and arsenal stamps. So I've been trying to decipher the markings and I could use some help. I think I might be close on the date but the "math" doesn't add up, so I'm not understanding something correctly. On the other side of the tang I have not been able to translate the markings. It has two Gifu-in-sakura stamps and a painted serial number ( 396...if I translated correctly). I believe the date to say Showa 20th year, 5th month...but the 20th year of showa would be 1946 and that's after the war so I'm guessing I'm missing something. Thank you!
  5. Hello! I've done my best to translate the writing on the tang of my recently purchased Shin Gunto type 98. For a double check, since this is my 1st time trying to decipher kanji any confirmation would be welcome. It appears there is a SEKI stamp at the top, a kokuin saying Ozawa Kanehisa and I believe the signature to read, Ozawa Kanehisa Saku...but I'm not 100% sure I got everything on that translation. Does anyone have any information on Ozawa Kanehisa? I know this blade is non-traditional but has anyone heard of his style of blade maxing....I assume western steel and oil quenched. If anyone has any insights I would love to hear them. This is for my personal collection and I do not plan on reselling it. Thank you!
  6. Story: My great grandfather served in WW2 in Okinawa and took home this gunto, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance! http://imgur.com/gallery/x64aWTW
  7. Hi , i just got this sword from a friend just needed help if you could let me knw is it real or fake . the hilt is missing . And it is rusty .
  8. Please help me identify my sword that I believe is a Gunto that my Father brought home at the end of WWII from the Phillipines.
  9. Hello all, looking for Generals Grade shin gunto, ideally with Tassel. Background and provenance even better. Best regards John
  10. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Has 10 stamped on habaki.
  11. For sale a type 98 in very good condition. Signed and dated Masayuki (Miwa), Nov. 1943. Priced at 950$ shipped CONUS, for outside the U.S. I'll pay half depending on where it's going. A very nice example of a signed and dated type 98. Machine assisted blade, proper with only two small black marks which don't ruin the appearance of the blade. No nicks and no chips with a straight line hamon. I also included a picture of a small dent on the saya which does not impede the blade from being sheathed. Tsuka is in excellent condition with some nice larger nodules on the lower portion. Overall a very nice piece that has two seppas per side and a chuso, that all lock up very nice and tight with no play when moved. For additional info or additional photos please PM.
  12. I hope someone can help me. I read Sadaroku. On the nakago is a star stamp and a number. The nakago looks very clean. I din't find out if Sadaroku was a swordsmith of yasukuni shrine, so is this blade traditionell made? What does the signature mean. Pictures are a little big. The blade looks lovely for me. The koshirae is not very eye catching.
  13. Came upon a WWII gunto, moderate condition, turned out to be a steal. Decided I’d rather sell it to someone who appreciates the historical value enough to keep it in the state that it’s in. If it nobody rescues it, it’ll probably become my restoration project. It’s missing almost all of the saya accoutrements, handle was re-wrapped shabbily. For some reason, it has no mekugi pin, no mekugi pin holes in the handle either. My guess; the reason for this is because it was never fully finished before Japan’s unconditional surrender. Hiromitsu, sho stamp. Dated May of the 20th year of the Showa 1945. $1,100 If you want to send me an offer, send it to: gabrielcturner@gmail.com
  14. Gentls, need yours help with identifying a gunto mei I would be very grateful for your assistance Regards, Kyryl
  15. Hi, I am a new member to this forum but have been on other sites/forums, under my same user name, for many years. I am not an avid or very experienced Japanese Sword enthusiast but have always been interested in WW2 era items for collecting. I am listing my WW2 Shin Gunto Japanese Officers Sword here in hopes of selling it to fund some other projects of interest. I purchased this sword many years ago from a fellow WW2 collector and know little about its history or origin other that it was obtained by a returning WW2 soldier in the Pacific. I have several pics to show condition here and will send others if requested. The only issues I see are the obvious 2 dings to the scabbard and one nick to the sword blade. Otherwise it seems pretty decent overall. Please contact me through text or calls at - 309-242-1537 if interested in it. Selling for $1550.00 shipped in the US. Thanks again!
  16. I'm just looking to give a couple of my Shin Gunto-mounted swords a more 'finished' look with some inexpensive reproduction officer tassels, preferably blue Junior Officer tassels. I'm looking for good repros at a low cost, preferably under $100.
  17. Hi everyone! I hope I’m posting this in the right section. I wasn’t able to find the difference between the first printing(red) and the second printing(blue) of “Modern Japanese Swordsmiths, 1868-1945: An Oshigata Book” on Google. In fact I was hoping you guys could help point out the differences between all 3 versions. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  18. hi everyone, I'm a new member from Italy! I bought a beautiful shin gunto at an auction, but the signature makes me confused.. I don't know the Japanese language but this one looks different from all the ones I've seen around in internet! can you help me?
  19. looking for a translation, thanks in advance.
  20. Hello! Going through my small war collectibles stash during break and started looking deeper into this one. What im reading is potentially a Type 95 Shin Gunto with copper Tsuba. I welcome the boards thoughts on if I am off or not. Just starting my journey with this piece, even though it has been in storage for 20 years. Thanks!
  21. Hey friends Ive recently acquired a new sword and was concerned about this weird stamp its a Diamond with a N in the middle as seen in the pictures, however after alot of searching through forums some naval dirks and other kyus have had this strange stamp on them any info on it would be great please! Thanks again!
  22. It is interesting that I came across a "brass scabbard copper handle NCO" as mentioned in Fuller and Gregory. It is actually brass or "gilt plated" not solid brass as the extract from their excellent book infers. Anyway, thought it worth sharing.
  23. It's a small blade just under 24 inches. Appears to be monosteel, basic gunome hamon (likely oil heat treated), can't find a stamp except a small black dot at the bottom of the nakago, which might not mean anything. Can't find any numbers on the fittings either, if that matters. Has two hangers and a stingray skin saya. There is some kind of writing on the nakago. I want to learn more about it. I'm looking to hear what others have to say.
  24. I can't tell if this nakago has been altered or not. Blade seems typical of gendai swords, but I can't tell if it is a genuine nihonto or showato. I have had to remove a lot of active red rust from the nakago using horn. It almost looks like a signature and stamp were removed, but that could just be the way the tang has aged. Some more background on the sword, the blade came with matching type 98 mounts, except the tsuka is wrong (which would explain the state of the nakago). Fuchi, seppa, tsuba, saya all seem to match the blade. The habaki was hard for me to remove because of rust. Blade has obvious fold patterns in some spots, but the blade is covered in scratches. The blade is on the shorter side, about 65cm nagasa.
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