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Found 84 results

  1. It is interesting that I came across a "brass scabbard copper handle NCO" as mentioned in Fuller and Gregory. It is actually brass or "gilt plated" not solid brass as the extract from their excellent book infers. Anyway, thought it worth sharing.
  2. Hello Mil Swords Section, With many thanks to Neil (IJASWORDS) I am excited to share with the group my first gunto mount . I mainly own and have studied Shinto and earlier blades, but the mil historian in me wanted to have a gunto in the collection, and finding one with with an older blade helped meet both interests. Neil's recent slew of sale items and having recently moved to Thailand, being around some of the vestiges of the Pacific Theater, pushed me to get one for study. Neil was great to purchase from, connecting me with a perfect set for my interests and it arrived well packaged. I've read up on some of the history, but welcome any additional comments. A complete Type 98 set, nice fittings marked "54", with leather saya cover, and company grade tassel (my favorite grade since afterwards lies the misery of staff assignments...) Guess I'll need to spend more time on this sub-forum! And maybe make room for more Cheers, Chris
  3. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone can shed some light this tassel. Came as part of a job lot but despite my best efforts and references, I have not been able to work out if its real or fake or what type of sword it may attach to. It came from a legitimate (passed) gunto collector and no reason to believe it is fake or even that it may have come from a country other than Japan. Seems to have previously been attached to a sarute judging by the discoloration, stiffness and shape at the end of the tassel. Any information or ideas would be welcome. Thanks Rob
  4. Hi everyone .....its on its way .....found it i9n a junk auction ...more pics to come ...floor bidder was keen !
  5. I bought this Type 32 Ko sword as a novice and I've taken more time more to research what the details are. It seems like this is a very strange version if not a fake. Here's what I noticed: 1. A strange serial number, the font is different, it's small, and the numbers are too close. 2. The clasp is a rounded point, not is a wedge shape. 3. There are no additional markings, not on the scabbard or on the guard. 4. No leather washer. 5. The throat has the bolt protruding. 6. The handle is shaped differently, it's more of a tube shape. 7. The fuller starts and ends far away from each end of the blade. 8. The blade doesn't have a clear edge, very dull and round. Is this authentic? It has so many things that I question now, but overall it looks like it could be real, although I have no idea.
  6. Hello all, looking for Generals Grade shin gunto, ideally with Tassel. Background and provenance even better. Best regards John
  7. So I believe this is an early type 98 gunto, but please correct me if I am wrong. the fuchi seems slightly taller than on any of the comparable swords I can find, and I can't seem to find anything with this type of engraving, all others seem to have the same alternating leaf design. the style of tsuba is what leads me to beleive it is an early example type 98. the tang has only that single stamp which leads me to believe it was probably a mass produced blade. it seems also that this is not the original handle wrap(ito) as the material, wrapping style, and workmanship don't seem to match up. if anyone can tell me anything more about this sword I would really appreciate it!
  8. Hey guys, I was browsing eBay the other day and saw this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pilots-WWII-Japanese-Army-Officers-Samurai-SWORD-Antique-blade-WW2-Gunto-94/223969488735?hash=item34259f2f5f:g:~ckAAOSw6Qxei3DF This is definitely something out of the norm. Its out of my price range, but is something like this legitimate? Its definitely very eye-catching. ~Chris
  9. St. Croix Blades currently has 12 Swords listed on eBay. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=stcroixblades&item=362949686568&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xjapanese+sword.TRS0&_nkw=Japanese+sword&_sacat=0 You don't have to purchase on eBay. If you see something you like, let me know and we'll arrange a direct purchase. Thank you. --Matthew Brice
  10. ChrisW

    Unknown Gunto

    Hey guys! Been a while since I posted any new finds of mine, I have quite a few that are sitting on my back-catalogue of things to post! I will get to them all eventually... Anyways, today's item that I am putting out there for opinions and discussion is my most recent acquisition. I picked it up from a certain auction site from a seller who was selling a memento of his father's time in the service. His father was in the USAAF (airforce) and was a crew member aboard a B25 and he picked this thing up sometime during the war. Upon return, he did not talk about his time in the service nor did he specifically mention where/when he obtained this blade. It is in fairly solid shape and besides the mekugi-pin and one of the tassels on the portopee is entirely intact. What drew me to this blade is its rather interesting hamon style which is reminiscent of older swords and the pierced tsuba (indicative of earlier war models). This blade however appears to be very much WWII due to the lack of oxidation on the nakago. Its measurements are: Overall length 36 3/4". Nagasa is 27". My asks are as follows: What smith made this blade? Is this a gendaito or showato? I couldn't find any seki or other stamping upon it, just the two kanji. The nagako is also SUPER bright in the seller's photos, I will try to get a true-color picture of it in daylight. What style is this blade's hamon trying to imitate? I picked this up for $600. I wonder how well I did? Thanks guys! P.S. The photos in blue are the sellers, the crappy ones are mine.
  11. Can anyone please tell me what this means please . Thanks Geoff
  12. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. I have a sword in my possession which I was considering to buy but need more info on it to determine if I'm paying a fair price (Asking price is ZAR 30,000 or US$2000) (Don't think this is worth close to that). Any help would be appreciated. I don't have much info other than the images I took yesterday on inspection. I can see the tip is damaged. My intention with this purchase is to buy something worth investing in as art / an heirloom to pass on to my son one day. (I doubt that this piece meets those standards but would like confirmations from someone knowledgeable in this field) Thanks in advance for feedback and apologies if this is posted in the incorrect area. The Saya is Dark blue lacquered but very badly scratched.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm new here and am interested in this WW2 sword I found. I just wanted to know if this is fake or not? Thanks!
  14. I listed a few gendai & NCOs for sale on eBay this weekend. 1. Nagamitsu (Ichihara) $2,195 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/254373014234 2. Kanetoshi $1,595 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264480785851 3. Early low 5 digit SN Tokyo FIrst NCO w/ thick brass guard & matching numbers $1,195 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264481628450 4. Very nice Nagoya NCO w/ brass guard & matching numbers $1,595 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/254373806083 5. Bare blade nihonto w/ suguha hamon & 2 piece silver & gold foil habaki $595 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/254373951252 Please PM me here or on FB if you have any questions or would like additional pictures. I will offer free WW shipping if purchased directly off NMB and 5% donation to the NMB.
  15. I am taking a bit of a leap and am auctioning off 3 swords. Each ends on eBay on Sunday night. Please take a look at them. You can contact me here in the message board, through eBay, or direct info@stcroixblades.com. Here are the links: 1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362762540154 2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362762540156 3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113898616059 --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  16. My father recently bought this sword thinking it was a gunto but its vastly different from our other swords. Would like to know anything we can about it i can provide more pictures if needed but due to poor storage its fairly hard to get pictures with detail. Thank you Doug K
  17. FOR SALE: I have a sword available that has the highest class Army mounts. Everything on this sword is of the highest quality. Not the least of which is the red sharkskin-covered saya. It has the over-sized tsuba, contrasting color seppa, premium sarute, family mon, etc. The blade is a nihonto--it is signed Kaneyoshi. This sword is available for $7995 obo. This sword has the highest quality Army mounts to be found. --Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  18. This is a blade I haven't shown before, its also my first proper gunto/katana. I've had it sitting a while in a glass case with some other important blades of mine and I only get them out to inspect/change their oils. (Much like a garaged classic car) I do not know who signed it or from what arsenal its from. It does have a hamon, though its difficult to see. Geometry is intact, but it has several nail catchers along the length of the blade. Nothing that wouldn't come out with a fresh polish and thankfully there are not any hagire that I can detect. The tsukamaki is definitely silk and it has rather nice quality ray underneath. There is a number inside the tsuka (2 for those that care to know) and there is what appears to be an '8' stamped on the obverse side of the nakago. On the mei side, there is also what appears to be a tiny plus ( + ) at the very end of the nakago. I have been unable to find any other numbers/markings on the blade or parts. It does have the remnants of a leather washer of some kind. I am unsure if the saya is original though it definitely has consistent age with the rest of it. The portopee is definitely not original, its just one I found to display with it. The meguki is not original either, but a nice piece of dark wood that fits nicely (could be horn?) One last quirk to note is that I am unable to remove the habaki, it seems firmly stuck on and I'd rather not risk damage just to remove it. Anyways, I just wanted to show this one. I started my collection of katana with it and its my second nihonto (my first is a scraggly wak that is likely beyond saving). I'd love to know who made it and from where it originates, and if it belongs to a possible school/manufactory. *Bonus picture of my blades in the fancy wall-case I have included. Pardon my mess with the stuff in the bottom!
  19. Hello everybody i am Geoffry from Holland. Can anybody help me with the translation of this gunto mei? Thanks to everybody who is helping me out.
  20. Hi everyone I was wondering about a gunto recently posted in one of the local boards, seemingly an 1875 kyu gunto, or type 19 dress sword i just have zero knowledge in this field and, and would appreciate any help determining if this is real or fake. Pictures attached Any comment is welcome, thank you.
  21. Hello I am new to this forum and have been an abide World War 2 collector for many years. I am interested in getting my hands on any sort of Shin Gunto World War 2 sword. I have been doing my research on what makes a sword authentic with serial numbers and stamps however I do not want to buy a fake sword. I do not want to spend more that around $750 and know that a lot of fake stuff is on ebay. If anyone has any auctions they see on ebay that are legit or know a good place to get authentic swords it would be a great help. These are some ebay swords I found that caught my eye but im not sure if they are real or not. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ww2-Japanese-sword/264303290511(has stamps and serial number but kinda fishy) https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-era-type-98-KYU-GUNTO-With-Leather-Sheath/173846683675 (definitely not a kyu gunto but not sure what it is. the flag on the habiki looks fake) Thanks for the help and I hope I can be a good member of the community
  22. Rei Sinn


    I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section. I was wondering what this is and particularly what the age of the sword is. There are two distinct types of temper lines on the blade, which seem unusual to me. The nagasa measures 26 inches and the length 34 inches. Thanks guys!
  23. Hey guys, I want your maximum scrutiny on this blade here. It is alleged Kyu Gunto, but the length of the blade and the apparent looseness of the nakago in the grip throw me off. It is firmly of wakizashi length at a mere 21.5 inches for the nagasa and with a sori of .25 inches. It is signed "Nobuyoshi" but that is the word of the seller. I believe the grip and blade itself are Japanese but with its slight looseness (which may be due to a poorly sized mekugi), there might be a possibility its a put together. It does have both rear and forward seppa. The scabbard does fit it well, but it is about four inches longer than the blade itself (though internally, it appears to fit tightly). I suppose I am asking a few things: Were Kyu Gunto of non-katana sizes (even at 21.5 inches)? Do you think this is a put together? What is the smith's name? Whats the possible age range for this blade? Thanks gents! ~Chris
  24. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I wanted to share with you a Mumei I just picked up here at the gun show. Funny when I found it at the show the blade was lathered in cosmoline. No one knew quite to make of it, such as making it out to be a NCO type 95 or something unauthentic. I'm curious if anyone here has any particular thoughts on its origin, swordsmith, etc. I believe it's a Showa era Gendai with a beautiful Kesho Yasuri patterned Nakago. The back of the mune has a couple stamps, but otherwise no Seki, no Showa or Star stamps that I could find. The Nagasa measures 26 1/2 inches and the whole blade measures around 34 inches. The hamon appears to be Suguha with some form of ashi. There is very fine hada, probably itame I would guess. The "type 95 blood groove" was in my opinion hand carved Bohi in Ryo-Chiri.
  25. Hi all. I was tasked with finding the owner of this sword by a distant relative. If this sword is a genuine one (which I think it is, but I need to take a look at the actual thing before making the conclusion), then I think it's a Type 95. The current owner claims its the sword of Hisao Tani, which, if it is indeed a Type 95, then this claim is a false one. Now, the serial number stamped on the scabbard is still very visible. Is it likely that I can deduce the owner of this sword, by going through Japanese historical records and find the original owner of this sword? Link of the picture: https://imgur.com/a/hSsLINr
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