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  1. Just out of export jail and transferred safely to my care, a katana signed by Hizen Kuni Masatsugu, real name Taguchi Kiichi. He was an accepted army swordsmith and was rated a “one million yen smith” at Toko Taikan. NBTHK Hozon papers issued 2021. Based on mei location, overall length and the period it was produced, I believe this sword to be a former gunto. It is around 64cm nagasa with 1.5cm sori. Hamon is a well done, regularly thick suguha and jigane is well packed. It is well polished. What really grabbed my eye though is the koshirae, a meticulously made false hiking stick. Shikomizue were often made with wakizashi, yari, sharpened farming implements or chains as the concealed weapon and were mostly made when it was necessary to conceal one’s weapon. It’s interesting to see a gendaito with such koshirae. I wonder if it was made to scratch a particular itch in the previous owner’s collection, or perhaps for some other reason.
  2. New sword listings from St. Croix Blades: https://stcroixblade...hop/Japanese-swords/
  3. St. Croix Blades currently has 50 Japanese swords, tosogu, etc. in its eBay Store listed. You don't have to have an eBay account to purchase. I will pull any item that you wish to buy. Prices are often negotiable. Trades can even be an option (I'll be converting your trade items into cash by reselling them, so the value of your trade items needs to be higher than the negotiated purchase price--I need to take time to photograph and list any trade items, wait for their sale, then ship, etc.). Contact me here to let me know what you would like to negotiate on. https://www.ebay.com...&LH_SpecificSeller=1 Thank you! --Matthew Brice St. Croix Blades
  4. I have listed for sale 5 rare Military Dirks in St. Croix Blades' eBay Store...you don't have to be an eBay member, or even like the eBay format (if there are those of you that don't). If you have interest, just reach out to me here. I can negotiate and pull any dirk you have interest in. I think most will agree that I am not overstating the difficulty in locating examples like these when I describe them as rare. Also, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! https://www.ebay.com...des&_oac=1&_nkw=dirk --Matthew Brice St. Croix Blades
  5. Quite nice ORIGINAL Type 94 Shin Gunto Koshirae, this is the early style with separate Sarute barrel and unusual leather Sarute. All fittings numbered "5", untouched 2nd Ashi on gloss Saya. Included is a correct early style company grade tassel. This is a very large Koshirae measuring in at approx. 42.5 inches (see comparison picture). Overall length: ~42.5" Tsunagi: ~28" Price: 1300USD or best offer
  6. Planning to buy a Gunto and found this, apparently had Seki Kanetsugu as the name. Sorry if I can't show more, file limit.
  7. I offer a very beautiful yasukuni to made by the famous tosho Kotani Yasunori in March 1943. This especially long katana comes in shirasaya and the original matching numbers shingunto koshirae. This yasukunito has a good wartime polish, so every activity is clearly visible. Anyway I recommend a new quality polish to reveal the supreme beauty of the Yasunori entirely. The shingunto koshirae is in excellent to near mint condition. The locking mechanism works well. Here are the measurements of the katana: Nagasa: 69,85cm Overall: 91,44cm Motohaba: 3,175cm Sakihaba: 2,1cm Kasane: 0,63cm Sori: 1,9cm This katana was purchased from Ed Marshall. With his permission I post here the link to the former listing. There are detailed pictures and further information about this special smith. The asking price is 6250€ or best offer. The sword is currently in Germany and can be shipped worldwide with DHL premium international. As payment method I prefer paypal friends and family or bank transaction. https://yakiba.com/yasunori-kotani/
  8. I had to use a image hosting site these are the links https://ibb.co/Z8htmRd -mount https://ibb.co/S0FFjRz -Blade https://ibb.co/S0FFjRz -blade https://ibb.co/60PSnDh -blade https://ibb.co/0mrLvp0 -signature https://ibb.co/12dKK2L -blade https://ibb.co/9vVFfBc - blade https://ibb.co/4NnXvMF -blade https://ibb.co/4NnXvMF -blade https://ibb.co/ydwd0Ny - mount https://ibb.co/h2nmr9y -I don't know what its called https://ibb.co/NmYMymk - sheath https://ibb.co/4jGwsdW -sheath https://ibb.co/6rM2tm8 -decorative ring
  9. Hello everybody , i m in France and looking for informations on this Mon on my Kai GUNTO WW2 TSUKA . Which Samourai family is it ?… Thank s for all informations . kind regards Herve
  10. Hello all, looking for Generals Grade shin gunto, ideally with Tassel. Background and provenance even better. Best regards John
  11. Hi everyone I was wondering about a gunto recently posted in one of the local boards, seemingly an 1875 kyu gunto, or type 19 dress sword i just have zero knowledge in this field and, and would appreciate any help determining if this is real or fake. Pictures attached Any comment is welcome, thank you.
  12. Here’s a book sword from the Plimpton collection—a hard to find Police shin-gunto. Here’s the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-police-shin-gunto-sword-from-the-plimpton-collection-premium-condi/ $2900 plus PayPal/credit card fee (Intl customers—message for a shipping quote) —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  13. Hey all, I will be bidding on this very nice gunto this week and I’m expecting some heavy competition and high prices. This may be my first big purchase. You all have been doing this much longer than I, where should I stop myself? I foresee this going well over 1200 USD and maybe even into 2,000 USD. This appears to be immaculate but I don’t want to over pay. Going off the tang, I’m seeing old and new rust so I’m assuming it has been cleaned at some point.
  14. You guys will enjoy this one, found a very rare type 25 on eBay. Very high bid out of the gate, I’ll attach pics.
  15. I found an incredibly poorly titled ebay post with what you see here. Description reads, “Sword Bought (a long time ago) at Mont Saint-Michel in France (Un-sharpened).” I asked seller for more pics but no word. I have compared this to the field grade gunto in Dawsons book and this one lacks a mekugi and appears to have a naval scabbard but an army backstrap, and company grade shin gunto tassel? Further insight would help, seller is asking 500 USD. Is it possible to determine the authenticity with these two pictures?
  16. I have checked through the "Japanese sword index" already and I am wondering if there is any other things that might tell me if it is real or fake i.e. markings, serial numbers, and other things that might signify if it is fake or not. Reason for needing this is that I am planning on buying one for historic value.
  17. I recently bought this nice kyu gunto with what seems to be an old handmade blade in it. When I did my reserche on kyu gunto's, I never saw this kind of scabard. It's painted black and look like it's missing a piece at the end. Anyone know what it is? Maybe a late version, a shin gunto scabard or is it custom made? Any help on the subject would help. I will probably buy another scabard and handle because they have a lot of wear and I prefer how the normal scarbard look.(If somone as a extra one DM me)
  18. Dear members, Matt Jarrell is currently auctioning my Tsukamoto Kazuyuki katana for me on ebay. If there are still gendaito collectors interested in owning a premium special order Okimasa katana with a very rare alternative mei, I would recommend to visit the auction and bid for it. All the best Stefan https://www.ebay.com/itm/225149565850
  19. I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on this sword. What I know is it came home from New Guinea with my grandfather after he was wounded in battle at Gona around end of 1942 - start of 1943. Not sure if he got it from the battle field or later after recovering in Port Moresby. The force they encountered were IJA 55th Division & IJA 17th Army,South Seas Force. It sat on top his wardrobe until it was passed onto me 20 years ago. The handle appears to have been replaced at some point as hole in tang has been redrilled. No defining markings under the handle.
  20. I think these are nco swords, type 95, but I have no idea about their authenticity or if they really are the swords I think they are! Starting in this world of Japanese swords just now!
  21. Signed Tenzoshan Naval Forge sword, dated January 1943. Sharkskin saya. EXCEPTIONAL condition. $3500 Postage & Paypal fee charged. Ship anywhere in the world. Thank you! —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  22. I have recently acquired (and am eagerly awaiting) a showa-to signed by Nagata Sukenori (氷田祐則), a (low-ranking) Seki swordsmith. The problem with this gunto is that, according to the seller, it bears no stamp at all, not even the usual Seki stamp. Its koshirae does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary, and, on the contrary, is far from being luxurious. I have spotted at least another stampless Sukenori gunto elsewhere, so I am wondering why these did not receive the Seki stamp, as they do not look like gendai-to at first sight. Another important element is that Nagata Sukenori became a licensed swordsmith on 12 November 1941, that is long after stamps were made compulsory for non traditionally made swords in Japan.
  23. If you missed out on the swords from the John Plimpton collection when they were for sale a while back, here's a chance to buy one. In fact, St. Croix Blades bought almost 50 of the Plimpton swords--we've just stowed them away to be listed here every so often. THE Japanese Police shingunto sword photographed for John Plimpton's book Swords of the Emperor - A Guide to the Identification of Imperial Japanese Swords, 1873 – 1945. This sword would make an important addition to any Premium collection as it is most likely the, or one of the, best condition examples of the Japanese Police Shin-gunto Sword known. Note the Police badge on the fuchi (handle fitting). The Japanese Police gunto is very hard to find. The cutting edge/nagasa measures 25 5/16". CONDITION: This Plimpton Collection sword is nearly mint. (For perspective, we have only owned two other Police shin-gunto swords--and have seen another one--these swords are almost always is rough condition from heavy carry wear). $2900 shipped (If paying via credit card or PayPal, 4% credit card fee/PayPal fee added to the purchase price). Here is the link to the other photos: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-police-shin-gunto-sword-from-the-plimpton-collection-premium-condi/ --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  24. Not sure if this is even genuine, but I'd like to find out. When I first encountered it I thought it had to be a Spanish reproduction from the 70s, but now I'm not as sure. It has floral decoration along the handle (possibly electrotype?), but none on the guard. Handle appears wooden or horn with wire wrapping. Peened tang, no mekugi. Two identical stamps side by side (that essentially look like "peace symbols" appear in the guard behind the blade. No other markings, from what I can tell. My only guess was South Manchurian Rail, but I'm not even sure if they made any other swords besides shin gunto. I wasn't that interested at first because I thought I had it pegged but the more I dig into it the more I doubt myself and now I'm too invested not to find out where it came from. -H
  25. I am selling my gunto. It's in great shape. The blade is immaculate and the saya is in amazing condition. I had the maker's etching under the tsuba identified and translated (and will include pics so you can identify yourself.) The button that operates the release to open the saya works perfectly. It was made by Yoshimichi in August 1943. My wife is really sick and is getting worse. I have a ton of bills that I have to attend to. Even though I love the katana andI've had it since I was 18 (I'm 45,) I really have to to be able to care for her. I'm trying to get $1700 US. I know people have told me It could go for as high as $2000 but I really need the money.
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