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  1. Hello George, thank you very much for the oshigata. I have currently a Tsukamoto Kazuyuki katana for sale. David Flynn asked me to get the shown page from the book „100 years of gendaito“ translated, because I show this particular page as a proof that Kazuyuki was a former mei of Tsukamoto Okimasa. I am always thankful to learn more about one of my favorite smiths. All the best Stefan
  2. David, SteveM did a great translation of the shown page from the book „100 years of gendaito“ in the translation section. All the best
  3. Hello Steve, thank you very much for the translation. The question about Okimasa‘s former mei was discussed in the past in other threads, so the given information will give some more light in Okimasa’s biography. All the best Stefan
  4. Dear members, as requested in the for sale section, I would be pleased to get a translation of the particular page of the book „100 years of gendaito“ which states that Kazuyuki is a former mei of Tsukamoto Okimasa. All the best Stefan
  5. Hello David, unfortunately I don‘t have a translation of this page, which was also presented in the „show us your high class gunto“ thread. The particular content was stated by members of the nmb with a very high reputation. I would recommend you to ask members here, who speak Japanese fluently, to give you a complete translation of this page. All the best Stefan
  6. Here is the page from „100 years of gendaito“, which states that Kazuyuki is a former mei of Tsukamoto Okimasa.
  7. Gents, I am offering a fantastic gendaito katana made by Tsukamoto Kazuyuki, a former mei of Okimasa. The sword was made in Showa 13, August on the grounds of Toyama Mitsuru. The mei reads: Oshu Iwashiro - junin Tsukamoto Kazuyuki saku and Toyama Mitsuru o no teinai ni oite. This gendai was shown previously on the high class gunto thread. Here are the measurements: Nagasa: 63cm Motohaba: 3,2cm Sakihaba: 2,1cm Kasane: 6mm The Kazuyuki was professionally polished in Japan by Eto Koichi in 2016. It comes with a new made shirasaya and the original shingunto koshirae, which has an pierced tsuba. Besides the fittings have matching numbers. The saya is the rare wooden type with a silk like lacquer surface. A near mint company grade officer tassel is included. In Addition the sword has a NTHK certificate. I can ship the gendaito worldwide with DHL Premium International. I live in Germany. I accept paypal and bankwire transaction. Pay Pal fees have to be paid by the buyer. My asking price is: 9400€ plus fees and shipping costs.
  8. Sutraken


    I think this katana was made by shodai Hizen Masahiro.
  9. In my opinion, this sword was originally made as a regular size nanbokucho tachi, which was later shortened to its actual length as a wakizashi. Perhaps there were some battle damages making a shortage to this length below katana standards necessary.
  10. Well, after seeing this nakago I have to change my guess to the nanbokucho sa school. This grade of patina makes shinshinto very unlikely.
  11. Although the sugata appears to be typical for a nanbokucho period sword, I would guess the wakizashi was made by the shinshinto master Sa Yukihide.
  12. There is a great misunderstanding about art being usually regarded as useless objects. Utility does not define the opposite of beauty, especially considering the known phrase: beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Art is not necessarily a way to make objects more decorative. Sometimes it only means to give a functional object more individual traits without reducing its initial utility.
  13. Hello Oli, thank you for the kind words. I am pleased you like the Yoshimune. All the best Stefan
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