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  1. Got to love those Mantetsu’s
  2. Leen

    Moritsugu Norisada

    In the evening I was struggling with the fading daylight and the camera and etc. Moritisugu Norisada, a lucky day in march 1942 I believe. The blade has some staining here and there, but also one of the nicer hamon I've ever seen live on a gendaito. Allthough that doesn't say very much, because the Netherlands is not the best country to see lots of gendaito in hand. I thought I'd share it with you guys.
  3. I do have other swords with original tassels (the blue brown type). I was and still am thinking it’s a reproduction. At first sight but also having compared it to the other three original ones I have. Further research didn’t change my mind, allthough it was fun to do.
  4. I made some other pictures of mine which I’ll post there to Bruce
  5. Thanks Gerard, appreciatie it! Hi Ray, the maroon and red tassel is exactly the same as mine. The tassel that came with my sword, is with the sword for as long as anyone can remember (over thirty years). Allthough I lean towards repro t am certainly not sure of that. It would be interesting to dive in it a little further!
  6. Thanks Steve! @John, the tassel is unlike any ww2 tassel I know. Therefore I very much lean towards it beiing a “modern” repro. Allthough the tassel supposedly is with the sword for a long time now.
  7. Thanks Bruce, I have not (had it) translated yet. The tassel is a peculiar red and probably a modern reproduction.
  8. Recently I aquired a waki in shin gunto mounting. Suriage blade with a nagasa of 54 cm. Tsuba, sepa, tsuka etc. all numbered 1. Allthough my camera is very decent, my photography skills are not...anyway here goes nothing, enjoy.
  9. Indeed, and the whole point is...which are “must haves” that do not break the bank
  10. I don't know which ones to substract, but for me Mizuno Masanori and Torio Hiromasa would have place in the list.
  11. I saw a fake (somewhat better than those shown here) on a dutch e-bay like site. the sword is presented as a real sword in a higher price range. I could’nt help myself and asked for the mei on this fantastic sword. Guess what, still no answer
  12. Dear Dennis, terrible Nakago, sloppy work, steel looks like cheap pattern welded steel. So I believe this to be Chinese made fake.
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