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  1. Dear fellow sword enthousiast, i am looking into a type 95 nco. I personally think this one is legit. What do you guys think?
  2. Classic zoheito indeed, I have one to. I don’t know the percentages of steel. I suspect it’s completely made from “modern” steel.
  3. I knew I could count on you Bruce, thanks a lot. I puzzled out this is a Shoda masafusa. Cheers
  4. Dear sword enthusiasts, can anyone help me with this hot stamp. Since I am on Holliday and don’t have my books and notes with me. thanks in advance. cheers, Leen
  5. You knew we where going to watch……awfull sight
  6. Fantastisches schwert Volker, in fabelhafter condition…. I am trying to get good Gendaito in the Netherlands, but you are certainly doing a good job in Germany. Keep it on and keep the pictures coming
  7. Leen

    Moritsugu Norisada

    Nice one George!
  8. Leen

    Moritsugu Norisada

    Hi Bruce, no star stamp on this one. cheers, Leen
  9. Those are replica’s, tell tale signs are that the missing of a habaki, and the kanji on the blade which real nco’s didn’t have
  10. Schade to late for this tsuba. Good it found a new home
  11. Marktplaats is a Dutch eBay like site. People are still bidding and it is indeed around €2000 right now 😉 By the way what does flummoxed mean 😉
  12. Well it seems a nice mystery. PNSSHOGUN s hypotheses sounds very probable (of that is correct English 😃)
  13. Still the nan in Bruce’s post are markedly different. My Koa isshin also has no nan, and....is dated
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