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  1. So sad to hear, I to believe Mittens had the best possible human to be with.
  2. As JP said, I hope Mittens recovers. All the best to you and Mittens.
  3. You are one lucky Gendai collector Brandon, if you ever come across a Sukehiro again let me know 😊
  4. Minty koshirae, which smiths Brandon?
  5. Nice pictures everyone. I still am in the process of decorating my study/ workplace at home. Lots of cool ideas here 🙏
  6. Jup that is a beauty indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Dear forum members, I was wondering if someone could help me with some extra information on the showa smith Mizuno Masanori. I have the following info myself: real name Mizuno Teizaburoh, born the 35th year of Meiji (1902), a pupil of Sakurai Msayuki and Morita Masamichi (Seidoh), living in Daido, Sakura-no-machi, Sakai City. just wondering if there is more on him. Much obliged, cheers Leen Leen
  8. Leen

    Moritsugu Norisada

    In the evening I was struggling with the fading daylight and the camera and etc. Moritisugu Norisada, a lucky day in march 1942 I believe. The blade has some staining here and there, but also one of the nicer hamon I've ever seen live on a gendaito. Allthough that doesn't say very much, because the Netherlands is not the best country to see lots of gendaito in hand. I thought I'd share it with you guys.
  9. I do have other swords with original tassels (the blue brown type). I was and still am thinking it’s a reproduction. At first sight but also having compared it to the other three original ones I have. Further research didn’t change my mind, allthough it was fun to do.
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