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  1. DHL Express, EMS, nobody is responsible. Standards only, I should wait for an assessment from the appraiser. Really? Jean- Pierre, I will do that. I hope all members do too.
  2. Chris, you are (unfortunately) right. DHL is a disaster. I am always concerned about whether the package I sent will arrive. I think some of the members know this feeling. (a long time ago) postman was a respected trustworthy person.
  3. The customs office says the post is responsible. On Monday I will hand in all the documents to customs and then go to the police.
  4. if the tanto is found, I will donate $ 150 for nmb.
  5. I need help . If someone is offered a tanto with the signature Hideaki, Mikasa battleship, please think of me. Today I was at the German customs to pick up my package with the Tanto. The package was opened at customs and was empty. It was opened on the way and the tanto stolen. The seller is serious, I've known him for a few years. I have some pictures. Please keep your eyes open. Maybe it will be offered somewhere. Thanks for the support. Michael
  6. Robert, I won't do it anymore. Here photos of the Nakago.
  7. Hello, I would be very happy if someone is so friendly and translates Sayagaki. Thanks again and again for the support. Michael
  8. Bruce, thank you, without your question, I would not have seen the tiny number on the Nakago mune. Here are more pictures. I am grateful for more information.
  9. Thank you Steve, it's great that you are always helping. Tom, the scabbard is wood. Michael
  10. Hello members, can someone please help me with the translation. October 1944? Thanks Michael
  11. my Hayama Enshin from 1915. The tsuba is a monster
  12. I'll take better pictures tomorrow.
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