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  1. Thanks Volker, it's my favorite sword.
  2. Michael  67

    Dragon Tsuba

    what do you think about this tsuba? How old can the tsuba be?
  3. Seikōsai Ichimonji kore o tsukuru (晴光斎一文字造之) - Yasuki-hagane sanmai-kitae (安来鋼三枚鍛)
  4. Akinobu Today I would like to show a new addition to my modest collection. Gunsui-hagane wo motte Akinobu kore wo tsukuru, 皇紀二千六百三年六月吉日 A lucky day in June, 1943. (Written using the Imperial Calendar system, so the year in the inscription is 2603.) ( SteveM you are the best, Thank for translation) Aluminum saya, full silver habaki, silver seppa, all parts number 1.
  5. Kurihara Akihide with dragon horimono by Akitada. Tanto Kurihara Akihide saku Keitei Iwakami Kinsaburō kun Shōwa Jyūninen ichigatsu futsuka
  6. Jo John, Yasuhiro is Showa 9, June Yasunori is Showa 9 March
  7. At the moment I have a lot of time because of Corona. Since I have no symptoms and I am fine. I would like to introduce to the members today more swords from my modest collection, left side Miyaguchi Yasuhiro (68,cm) in 94 Shin Gunto with pinned kabutogane. Next to it Kajiyama Yasunori in 94 Shin Gunto pinned kabutogane, Kotani Yasunori (69.9cm) in 98 Shin Gunto, Abe Yasushige in 98 Shin Gunto with aluminum saya. Sorry for the bad pictures.
  8. Hi friends I would like to show my Moriwaka Masataka to the members. Nagasa is 70.2 cm. It has a 2 colored wood saya.
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