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  1. Thanks to Markus Sesko for the translation. Made as a gift for the Imperial Armed Forces of the Sino-Japanese War. Akiyama Chozaburo ( Recipient / bearer of the sword) Sword for the protection of the fatherland, carefully made by Yoshimasa, resident in karakuyanoseki in chikuzen. On a happy day in October of the twelfth year Showa (1937)
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Japanese-samurai-sword-katana-nihonto-koa-isshin-mantetsu/203264183751?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  3. 1919 , Shigetsugu Tachi made for Tanaka Giichi, Baron, Minister of War, Prime Minister, Tanto by Shigetsugu.
  4. Hi guys, life isn't always fair. In the summer I wrote that I would sell my two Tanto, Kajiyama Yasunori and my Toshihiro, both with Kanteisho. I still show pictures of Kajiyama Yasunori. What do the members think is my Toshihiro worth?
  5. Nobody has an idea or a link?
  6. Hello members, I am looking for a Kurihara Akihide tanto at a reasonable price. I hope for offers. Regards Michael
  7. After a long wait, I called ems again. First ems claim that no mail with photos has arrived, then ems told me that it is not possible to get money from ems, only the seller can get the loss reimbursed. I bought a lot from the seller, unfortunately he has now disappointed me very much. The seller does not reply to my mail. Money is gone, Tanto is gone. Please keep an open eye. Thanks
  8. Thanks Brian for the nmb. In the time before nmb I looked at Ebay in the morning. Since I've been a member of nmb, it's the first thing I follow every morning with excitement and interest, and of course a large cup of coffee. There are some here who are really great supporters, example translation. I got to know nice people all over the world. Learned a lot here. Even if it has been very difficult for me privately for 5 months, I don't want to miss my daily visit here. I think it doesn't hurt anyone to donate some $ to this great platform (no, I don't get%)
  9. DHL Express, EMS, nobody is responsible. Standards only, I should wait for an assessment from the appraiser. Really? Jean- Pierre, I will do that. I hope all members do too.
  10. Chris, you are (unfortunately) right. DHL is a disaster. I am always concerned about whether the package I sent will arrive. I think some of the members know this feeling. (a long time ago) postman was a respected trustworthy person.
  11. The customs office says the post is responsible. On Monday I will hand in all the documents to customs and then go to the police.
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