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  1. I tried to get the story from the owner and it only makes me more sceptical about showa... The youngest of nine siblings, his uncle "Johnny" brought this blade home from the war. He claimed he had shot three officers, taken the blade from and "finished off" one officer who was cursing him as he bled out. Johnny was a "quiet" man and not known to ever tell a lie, according to the owner. Years ago, this blade had white/pearl colored mounting and was properly kept. A friend(s) of an older brother stole the sword and through luck was recovered. Now missing all accessories and cleaned up, my friend stored it away. A few years ago, he took the blade to a local gun store, which translated the mei and date but gave no details about the Smith. Recently, my friend, now in his 50s, has had some health issues followed by financial issues of course. Not knowing the difficulty, I agreed to help establish a value and sell before he's gone. He needs to know his "heirloom" is preserved and that he hasn't disgraced his family by getting "robbed" again. (But mentioned trading for an ar-15 if that was ever an option) Thanks to this forum and help from you amazing people, I was able to tell him more about it than anyone previously and he was very surprised. I appologize for just jumping into your conversations without following the rules. I became impatient and was ecstatic to find the swordsmith in an older thread, not fully understanding what this site was. Sorry! I now understand. Without disposable income to invest, I find myself right back where I started... unsure of value and looking for trusted, qualified persons that can point me in the right direction. It appears that Fred may be my best option, if I get permission to send. My brother moved to Des Moines last summer and I would like to visit him for the holidays. I could meet with Stephen(if willing) to verify, ECT. If that would help. Questions: how much should I expect to pay to have a window opened? Who would you recommend? Wade P.S. if the story was inappropriate, I appologize. Don't wish to offend anyone.
  2. what does "seki ma" mean? The definition of ma is interesting. When put together, is the definition different? In the thread "Niji Kunitoshi" a member (Ben) mentioned having owned a hand made blade by this smith. IMHO it definitely had a star (maybe three stars, is this possible?) and I am not convinced it's Showa-to. Though I understand all signs point to machine made, why would it be "hand signed" (chiseled)? Can anyone share more info about this smith with me? I am now completely intrigued by nihonto and hope..scratch that... and WHEN I win the lotto would like to collect seriously. For now, just need info on one swordsmith. Thank you all for the help. This feels like a college level course and I really appreciate it! wade
  3. Historically, is there any reason someone would remove the star stamp? While taking better pics I realized someone filed and tried to make it look like they hadn't... You can see a what appears to be a star when viewed at the right angle and light. The mysterious chisel marks on the mune are located very close. Could they be related somehow?
  4. this blade is driving me nuts... i know its in rough shape and needs polished and mounted, but i cant tell if there is star or not. can you guys tell me what you think? gendaito or showato? any gunto collectors that may have more info, please contact me. i would like this to go to a collector that will appreciate and restore... thanks wade
  5. Thank you very much.! You guys are awesome.
  6. Blade is in decent condition. Don't see any star, but has very small print on the mune.
  7. Measures approx. 85.5cms (33.5") and had white handle/scabord years ago.
  8. Hi Ben, I'm looking for a general opinion from knowledgeable people about a genuine katana. If you know of someone who has the time, please let me know. I'm in the U.S. THANKS
  9. Hello everyone. A family friend has asked me to help him with an heirloom, as he hates the interwebs. This forum seems like the best place to communicate with knowledgeable, "sane" people. I have found enough info to know what the blade is but need some help moving forward. Any help would be appreciated. I posted in an older thread (niji kunitoshi) also. Thank you for allowing me to join. Wade
  10. Hello all, I also have a Mori Kunitoshi (kunimatsu) and currently looking for more info... Kirst, did you find the value or any info about Mori katana sold at auction? Bazza, can you recommend an expert in the western US, or colorado more specifically? and Joe, Miller High Life. Champagne of beers... lol
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