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  1. can we get some clear photos of the blade please. just to check the shinogi and yokote arent to badly rounded over ?
  2. thats the problem, never say never but when peaple start making good fakes, they devalue the market. but i would say that maybe they purposefully faked the mei on a seki showato, maybe as a small hint. because im sure the peaple doing this new that 99% of all matetsu are suguha
  3. yea that looks like its been deliberatly obsurred. common during wartime. you can just seen the faint bounced of the double stamping to the upper right. best of luch and keep hunting
  4. i love them too, what area? i like military themes
  5. please post pics, or price . never seen a okimasa i didnt enjoy
  6. Theres a que chen, and your behind me hahahaha. But whos in front of me
  7. a mantetsu in sanbon sugi???? not seen that ???
  8. i was more me finding a title to catch peaples eye. i to like the piece, but know nothing of later goto, or any goto. but i would suspect its made to decieve as it dosnt feel like the same quality ov seen from later goto.
  9. show us photos above the mekugi and around the ha-machi area. stamps were required by regulations prior to 1939-40 of the top of my head, but it could be hidden under the habaki "kojima kanemichi was know for this. or its been reomved during war time to pass as a gendai. the smith is only recorded as a showa-to maker but you never know you might have a genadi. to quote david flynn. judge the blade not the mei
  10. ◆ ◇ [Aoi] Former collection of a wealthy merchant, special feature 20 Yokozuna of metalwork at the end of the Edo period! !! "Goto Hobashi Ichijo (Hanaoshi)" Gourd-shaped Oboro Gin-maki Joint Yukihana Bunzu Uchigaeshi Ryogaku Kotsuba (jauce.com)
  11. good spotting john, i retract my comments, clearly on this point im found lacking in education
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