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  1. On that logic, yes i will come to the party. A non Japanese gunto wasn't what i was debating over
  2. the second you can find real photographic proof that these were infact issued to Japanese troop i will change my tune. there were approx 100,000 chinese solders under the control of the IJA, not to mention other smaller countrys. if IT WAS made by another nation whom was under that banner. it still dosnt make it a IJA issied sword. until then i think your all grasping at straws. and FYI, a fellow collecter of mine has one. i studied it in hand "have you dont this " ?, there junk. to call them late was in rough to the poorly made late war swords.
  3. i mis typed, sorry guys ITS NOT Japanese
  4. its not a gunto, and its not ground breaking, and its Japanese.
  5. didnt read much so i might be stated. biiiig fake. the listed examples of mei are both kotani yasunori and kajiyama yasunori. ones a founder with differant nakago shape, the other is a student of his. approx 2 years between them
  6. as described, is the seller c.hodd4 a member here "QLD based"? if so im publicly shaming you for the not very polite message you sent my wife.
  7. these are far from passable, they are just too ugly and gourdy. could any sensable buyer be fooled, "theres this thing called the internet, to you now, too cross reference stuff" if your new or unsure i see nothing here educational, it stands out like a sore thumb, just another non Japanese topic cluttering up the NMB
  8. why is this perosn buying chinese repros?? and then posting them HERE?. its junk you cant study junk. but odly enough better quality then the island sword junk peaple have been wasting NMB space over
  9. With out photos, if its all correct i would consider increasing your budget. I sold mine, in good condition for $400 aussie over 5 years ago. Hard part is really checking the photos as there prone to damage atvthe buckle and the end of the lanyard where it passing through thr surate
  10. just found this post, and the only posts i read was with out smerking was Currans. tempo, not satome imho, fairly standard mid edo tempo, glossy dark iron. basic stamps and a fairly subdued mimi, ko sukashi. nothing as classy as ko satome to my eyes. if you put more time into study, then polishing your sales tatics you would have saved yourself some time and money. or maybe just be lazy and have a read of Mr haynes webpage tsuba gallery (shibuiswords.com) half way down Mac.e.cox also did a great compendium of tempo too. i will be blunt, your a dealer. a good dealer knows there product before advertising
  11. it was a most likely wasa unlicensecd blade in Japan, found and the owners most likely count be bothered with the process of getting it registered. looking at it, most probably a kizu-uchi and not worth the polishing cost. heaps of this stuff coming out of Japan. go to the international forum markets in tokyo and there are always nakago for sale. $30
  12. i have always dislike the attentionthe type 95 has got, there price imho is over rated and over priced. there just a glorified type 32. BUT HAVING SAID THAT, the example you have shown, grab it, i havnt seen a type 95 that clean ever i think, everything is crip, make the one form guntoart look s**t. the tassel is incorrect for that model, you need the buckle tassel. there rare. but with a type 95 that clean i would be very very happy. the crisp stamps are so nice. well done. Price who cares becasue thats a keeper
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