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  1. Im preatty sure i mentioned this model too you in the past
  2. what do you mean ?? o flippent sensai
  3. it horrific, kitsch is being to nice
  4. this is totally real, its just a island version of a emura
  5. you would think the chinese would have some sort of allergic reaction to gunto consider the past aplications
  6. you get lucky sometimes, i snached a neat example for 600 for a mate. but retail, most dealers know what some peaple will pay. if anyone has read what ive posted over the years i have always stated type 95nco were over priced but after collecting for more then 20 years this model has attracted a solid following for some reason. but hey thats the beast. early imperial is my interest
  7. i think your off, ten years ago nco 95s were still 1000 aud, and at the dti pre covid they were still scratching these silly prices
  8. s**t no, if that was in Japan, i think it would have been closer to 4000 usd
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