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  1. Mumei seki-to But i would say it looks water quenched. Any hada??
  2. very cool, apost war export type 32. heaps of writting about them and finally the photos. 100%real and a gem to boot
  3. no paperwork imho is a issue. oral histoies are affected just like the game chinese whispers
  4. althought it shows clear hada, small sunagushi.... its still a showato "oilie" the dark peaks give it away regardless of the skill of the togi.. A well polished, well made showato but imho not worth the 350k yen
  5. is that a thing? hahaha next question, HADORI or sashikomi hahahahahahahaha
  6. Postage it a REAL ISSUE, i had a rare sake cup in Japan. The cost to ship/post was so high i literally walked away and left the money to the seller. The world has gone made
  7. tassel and knots are not pricey compared to the sword you buy. company grade stuff is normally under 150 for neat stuff. just ask for some and members here will happily point you in right dirrection
  8. and if you read the book, correctly it says some types were modifies type 8s the checkering at the base is a trait of type type 19s so which come first ?
  9. that is just 1 example "shape" you looking at. remember theres multipule maunfacturs. type 8's as a whole have no decoration on the backstrap and a solid "underorated Dgourd" type 19s have both decorated backstraps and decorated D gourds
  10. to the buyer, all your messages have vanished please get in contact if you wish to pay
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