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  1. does any one have this book? and if so, whats it like for tassel and knot information. regards H
  2. could the low price reflect the lack of demand of post showa swords, especally modern sword??
  3. as a buyer and sell over many years, i have done mostly full payments , but once with a very kind seller let me do split payments and another seller let me do a payment plan, the conditions were if i backed out i loose all moneys, if i was unreasonably late i loose moneys. it went very very well. never had a bad deal on the NMB, ony one or 2 time wasters but hey thats life
  4. I was a sucker for military sake cups some years back. had close to 300 at one point but moved them all on. but the bug has bitten again with jsut a few. my weakness is russo war, and hiroshima
  5. i rather like it, for it maniacal look hahaha
  6. till hell freezes over, they like moving there non-desired items into western direction while making good money. just because they dont think highly of there things, dosnt make them ignorant of the western values of them
  7. i was talking as a whole, sorry should have been more accuate
  8. im of the opinion there prices are a reflection of there high realestate prices ?? as a cost of buisness;s it must be past on???hmmm?
  9. this is Japanese based auction, so being a machine made blade there rare for them, compared to the west. hence the silly price. PS everyone knows my op on these, just though i would share
  10. Type 95 Gunto Early Type | Jauce Shopping Service | Yahoo Japan Auctions. EBay Japan
  11. the whole idea of the post was gunto as a whole mounted. not really just gendai in shirasaya
  12. well after picking our brains for help, i would think they would sell well here on the nmb??
  13. how regretable, only value is the nakago now hahhaha
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