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  1. brass tsuka is a clear giveaway . its a modern repo
  2. i would say your pretty safe with it being shoshin,. had a few sue kiyomitsu's. the the mei and nakago all are representanive of sue bizen work. and like sukesada, there not exactly a hi market item to fake. whats the blade look like?
  3. this has nothing in common with anthing Japanese imho. just junk
  4. its correct title is "akasaka chic", its soley based on akasaka school tsuba. and theres translations for it
  5. thankyou very much John and Koichi. its much apprectated
  6. Hi guys, doing a favour for a friend and im getting stuck on this on. could i please ask for help??
  7. selling the above book, in very good condition. Price $100 USD plust postage regards H
  8. a type 32 turned into a knuckle knife.???
  9. that was a nice neat example of a late tompo, sorry for you it didnt sell. i bet the iron rang like a bell
  10. it will be a long time before we will see goodies like these again. two happy parties i think hahhaa
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