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  1. Dick, Wow..! That Kiseru is gorgeous... High quality and definitely a keeper. Well done. Barrie.
  2. Markus, I (genuinely) am not concerned with the delay. I love the books and would like to see them in my library as a complete set, in whatever form that takes.. I must say that I am not a fan of having a PDF copy though. I fully understand and appreciate your efforts, in order to assist non Japanese readers in this field. Please do not stop. I too would be willing to pay any 'bridging' cost for better quality printing, if that was where you thought this project needs to go, to see it to completion. Although I paid up front already, it was pittance for what we received (in all fairness), so I feel this additional cost to help, would be worthwhile. I hope others feel the same way as well. Barrie.
  3. Hi Markus, I was doing a search in the NMB for Volume three (to see if it had been released yet) and came upon this very old thread from 2018, so please forgive me if this is dead and buried. Looking through my (Vol 2) book, I notice that I have the same/ similar issues with my book in Australia; however, as Guido stated, I am more concerned with the 'English' text, than the high res pictures. Barrie.
  4. Barrie B

    Kogai crests

    Ian, Does that book have an english translation? I would love to get a copy of that..! Barrie.
  5. Barrie B

    Kogai crests

    Hi Mark, Someone with better knowledge may chime in and provide better insight, but my understanding is that when there are two Kamon placed together, it could be a commissioned gift to acknowledge or celebrate a marriage - as you say, - or maybe a gift to strengthen an alliance between Daimyo, or I have also heard that Samurai families had a 'main' Mon and a 'secondary' Mon.. So the main or dominant Mon would be displayed more prominently on the Omote and the secondary Mon on the Ura. This rule also applies if it was for a union or marriage.. The stronger family's Mon would be more prevalent or conspicuous on the Omote when worn. You often see this with Menuki.. The Omote will have two Mon on the outside and a single Mon in the centre, and that is reversed on the Ura Menuki.. So making the number of Mons 'equal' but at the same time, not displayed that way.. This can also be done by using Gold and Shakudo when displaying Mon. Gold being more visible. I have read somewhere that the free use of Mons got out of hand (unfortunately) by the end of the Edo Period, so trying to chase genealogy or provenance through the use of Mons can sometimes be a waste of time. Barrie.
  6. It's probably the reason why we see a lot of Kamon Fuchi without Kashira. The Kashira was not lost; the Fuchi were intended to be fitted with a horn Kashira. Its also why they do not have metal Kojiri as well (on the Katana).. Barrie.
  7. Banzashi Daisho (and other swords worn in within Edo Castle) had to have horn Kashira, IAW the Tokugawa edict. This is totally in keeping with this Koshirae; no problems there.. Barrie.
  8. Hi Robert, Not I, but a nice pick-up in my opinion.. Not sure why the Fuchi is on the wrong side of the Tsuba, but hey.. Thats what we are here for - to put these things right. Certainly a nice project to complete.. Finding the right Menuki will be the trick. Should be (two) mons for the Wakizashi, but probably any Shakudo/ Gold Menuki would be okay under the ito, or even plain Shakudo to be more subtle. I wonder if it was part of a Banzashi Daisho at one time..? I don't think I I have seen that 'moon' Mon previously either - if it is a moon..? Congrats to whoever won it, Barrie.
  9. Hi Hannes, That is a really nice Saya.. Is it yours? Have you tried commissioning a piece, to get as close to a perfect match, as possible? https://lorenzoamati.tumblr.com/page/2 I am not sure if Lorenzo is still working, but it gives you an idea of what may be possible from some of the really talented folk out there.. Good luck with your project.. Barrie.
  10. Barrie B


    Hi Dan, Have you tried Fred Lohman? You might see something you like. https://www.Japanese-swords.com/pages/seppa.htm The other option is to try and make some yourself. You could use Brass sheet (or Copper plate perhaps) from a Hobby dealer/shop and a set of needle files.. You then decide the thickness of the Seppa and this way, you would get the Seppa to 'fit' the Fuchi and Koiguchi as they are designed to.. File out the Nakago ana first to achieve a good fit (no rattles) and then finish the final size of the Seppa. Use a smooth finish on the mimi of the Seppa, if you can't achieve any other types. Ford Halam had an excellent tutorial on You Tube for making Seppa. Fiddly, but rewarding. Attached is a photo of a koshirae of mine. These are gold foil and original (late Edo period) to the koshirae, but give you an idea of how Seppa should fit/ look on a koshirae.. Good luck with your project. Barrie.
  11. Steve, Thank you; much appreciated. Sincerely, Barrie.
  12. Hi Guido, Thank you for your explanation. I am most grateful and very appreciative. I like koshirae anyway, but this saya was different.. As Tom stated, it must have been a devil to apply - but I am guessing - once applied (and cured), the final product could then be 'worked' back to obtain the final even surface and shape.. It looks like Kusune to me (in the triangle hollows), but is probably black ishimeji, as you say. Thanks again.. Barrie.
  13. Hi Peter, I can't access that site.. It says 403 Forbidden. Access to this resource on the server is denied! Barrie.
  14. Hi all, I do think it is nice; in fact I like it a lot. Even the Shitodome is nice..! Some more picks of the Koshirae, but I am really interested in learning more about the saya.. Barrie.
  15. Hi all, I have an unusual saya and would like to know if anyone knows what it is called please. I am guessing it is pine needles (?) that were all cut to the same length and then painstakingly arranged/glued in the pattern we see, before lacquer was applied and finally rubbed back..? The look and texture of the saya is amazing. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Barrie.
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