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  1. Spartancrest

    Strange face

    Can anyone hazard a guess as to who or what this strange man could be? And what the object on the ura might be as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am going to cry - everyone has a better example than me! Seriously nice gear guys! Curran those eyes are scary, I hope I don't see you on 'Paranormal Caught on Camera'! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9863048/
  3. Peter you have given me a heart attack - I compiled a two volume book on the public domain tsuba in the Metropolitan Museum in 2019, now I see the museum is adding little pieces of information that were not available then [in this case the provenance] so looks like I have to go through about 800 items and update - oh joy! I do agree with you that four alloy surfaces is very rare, there are quite a few with different colour plates each side, the Met has several, but not four on the one guard.
  4. That auction says "rare item" - not rare enough, someone paid very much over the value of that cast fake. Check the nakago-ana with the ones in my picture - identical. My pictures are at least five years ago, and I have seen plenty more since. Yas I would say the tattoo is even worse than the fakes.
  5. Sorry I hope that post is fixed now. No I must admit there are no really good frog patterns - they make a lot of fakes though!
  6. Yas you are the king of spotting fakes. I have to confess I do have a terracotta plant pot I am fond of. I have to show this - taking a hobby far too seriously - and why choose this design? [the tsuba is genuine I think, not one of the countless cast fakes] The tattoo, really bad fake! Are they 'Man Boobs' on the tattoo frog? And a belly button? - very anatomically WRONG!
  7. I will just throw my one and only Okina mask tanto tsuba in, it is not that different to Tom's example except the mask and fan are on the one side with a flute on the ura - mine is not signed so impossible to attribute. I think we are all learning a great deal from this thread, great insight from George. Baz, by trying to find something about your pieces we have all gained, thanks very much.
  8. I am trying to find the origin of what I take to be zodiac or calendar characters on a namban guard. They are arranged around the rim and don't look like Japanese or Chinese figures. Thanks for any help.
  9. I have had a look around and whereas there are plenty of tsuba with noh masks, other fittings are in short supply - makes it difficult to gauge age when there is so little to judge by. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/8005-jp-samurai-sword-noh-mask-takasago-menuki https://www.catawiki.com/l/43615829-Japanese-sign-higonokami-fujiwarateruhiro-saku-kogatana-hand-fan-hanya-mask-motif-iron-copper-Japan-edo-period-1600-1868 https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Kozuka-Japan-Samurai-Hannya-mask-inlay-shakudo-sword-fitting-katana-tsuba-w-box-/183876758513 none of these are very close to your piece but you might get some clues?
  10. Not me! Otafuka お多福 (woman's 'moon' face) based as you say on a Nōh mask. [Maybe her sister was the looker?]
  11. I am very thankful for the translations that have been done. I am looking into 421 and 448 in a list of kao I have [there are so many that are very similar it may come down to a guess] I was never convinced 277 was genuine - may be a cast fake. In any case I have incorporated some ruled pages at the back of the book for devotees to insert their own opinions.
  12. Thank you both very much, It is great to add some lost information that will help future generations [I hope] Probably a few weeks away from finishing the book (so far about 330 pages) if only I had some influence on production costs, or a big firm was interested in doing a big print run to bring costs down. Print on demand has its advantages but cost is not one of them.
  13. How about this little picture I made up of "Rolling Rain Dragons" -
  14. Yes sorry I panicked! I did find other guards like the one in the museum - he seems to have liked to try his hand at several types. [I suppose like everyone you could get bored doing the same, same.] Thanks again.
  15. That is OK john, if you change your mind let me know. I will just put up a credit [ information aided by members of Nihonto Message Board ] how would that be? That's two translations for 343 ? The guard style I am researching does not match with the style in the link you sent.
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