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  1. Pietro - Yes another clone, the signature is clearer than most. The nakago-ana has all the common features. The asking price is exorbitant!
  2. Spartancrest

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Florian I have a guard of a similar design and one not mine. Image of one almost identical to your picture and a display board I made in the same shape. Still looking for a temple with the design like the original post - could be what is represented?
  3. Spartancrest

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Adam you may have something there with the temple eaves being part of the top and bottom designs - this picture is not exactly the same design but I have noticed most temples have a unique ornament at the corner of the roof and carved eaves. It may even be possible to find a match on a temple from the area of the tsuba's manufacture, if that is in fact what it represents?
  4. Spartancrest

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Adam - Like having bats in the Belfry - I think it has a different meaning in the Western world! There is another design on the guard that has already been described as crossed 'hammers' they reminded me of guard I have, that I call a teapot but is in fact a Taiko drum with an attached drumstick - could they be crossed drumsticks? The hitsu-ana being used to represent drums at the same time? It would be a clever use of the hitsu as a design element. Maybe I am just 'banging on'
  5. Spartancrest

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Back to the original image - It is a bird, but if you go out at night it could be a bat - who could tell the difference in the dark! What seems to be the problem is which end is the head and what the tail? Vague!
  6. Hi Dick I am inclined to agree with Grey. Are they weighty? Bit unclear but are they pins or loops underneath? If they had flat bottoms they could be calligraphy paperweights 文鎮 (bunchin - pronounced "boon-chin"). These are often beautifully crafted with whimsical decorations for holding the parchment steady while the calligrapher wields the brush. The pins/loops may have been added to repurpose them - big fancy buttons? See topic -
  7. Spartancrest

    Museum help

    Hi Grev I found this reference on Noh masks. The local macque monkey as you probably know are called 'Saru' "A collective name for Noh and kyōgen used until the start of the Meiji era. Sarugaku derives from sangaku, which came to Japan from the Tang Dynasty during the Nara era and was combined with ancient Japanese comedies. Sarugaku flourished during the Heian and Kamakura eras, and was at the time strongly comedic and broad based, including skits, acrobatics and magic. In the middle of the Kamakura era Sarugaku split into Noh, with a more serious dramatic nature, and kyōgen, with more comedic dialogue, and the two began to be collectively known as Sarugaku. After that, until the end of the Meiji era both Noh and kyōgen actors were called Sarugaku, but during the Meiji era when Noh began to receive the support of the nobility, the term saru (or “monkey”) fell out of favor, and the two began to be called nohgaku." It may be a tongue in cheek poke at taking life too serious, or may show what the owner prefered as far as entertainment - just a theory.
  8. Hi Yas, yes I saw the glued one last week on Jauce, no bids at all! I have seen prices of $800 US. for one, that is taking someone to the cleaners! Yahoo and Jauce must be linked as items appear on both sites and finish at the same time. Getting back to Roger, there were over 41 bids on that first auction before it was cancelled, if they were by the auctioneer or owner why so many small increments? Jauce already has the ability to let the owner put in a reserve or starting price. I have 'won' auctions a few times, then been told the bids were closed at the last second [ in reality up to a day later by the seller] Am I naive to believe there should be some ethics in auctions? Getting back to the gist, Yas has shown that there are a lot of these souvenirs out there so just be aware and if you do happen to like them, try getting them for the cheapest price.
  9. Yas I see the dealer pulled the auction at 25,000 yen - not enough money for him? I also see it is relisted today with starting bid of 1,000 yen - the dealer is persistent! [he should have taken the money offered]
  10. I have been following these cast guards for literally years now and am often surprised at what people are prepared to pay for scrap metal. Is it the false advertising of "Edo period" is it the shape - perhaps the poorly cast mei that is more often than not illegible ? It can't be the rarity, they turn up week after week. I do hope the members of NMB are not active in this auction, the starting price of 1,000 yen was already above it's value and that only because of the storage box included. [It is missing the cardboard box it came out of the factory with.] (current bid at twelve hours from finish is just over 16,000 yen) https://www.jauce.com/auction/u389417633
  11. Spartancrest

    Tanto tsuba

    I like the first, top left love the shape and the centre bottom with the ten-zogan - far right bottom is as you say cast, even so there are some good casts and very poor casts yours looks all right. I usually come across three or four of these cast dragons every week in various metals though more usual in cast iron - today I can find only this one. [is that good or bad?] https://www.jauce.com/auction/t568921943
  12. I agree with Chris Sch - a bad artist. Or at least a confusing one. Sure has got a lot of speculation going - never a bad thing.
  13. Anyone got a tail docker? What is this fifth leg business? Anyone can see it has two long legs on one side and two short ones on the other - obviously lives on the side of a steep mountain and can't therefore walk anti clockwise or it would fall down the mountain. PS you will note the long tails of the Sidehill Gouger and Dahu http://mythologicalbeastiesandco.blogspot.com/2010/09/sidehill-gouger.html
  14. Adam I came across this today in a sold book of metalwork designs: The Ruyi looks closer to the menuki set with the long cords. The image is blown up from a very small photo so the resolution is poor: The link is to the sold book with some page images. http://www.morra-japaneseart.com/books/archive-of-books/1788-various-artists-tsuba-designs.html And just to prove Ruyi do appear on tsuba, there is an image from an old ebay sale.
  15. I think it is a goat, the horns are short not like an Ox, this guard has a similar layout : The resolution is not great but it is an old file. There is also a native Japanese goat/antelope the Serow. Both sexes have short, backward-curving horns.
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