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  1. When I sold stuff on here, i used some of the proceeds to buy a gold tier membership. And will do so again, should I sell anything else. That was my way of supporting and visually showing my support.
  2. The three kingdoms story is enthralling - love this piece!
  3. Want to hear more of this story. Found with a metal detector where? In the ground? In a box in a wall?
  4. The NFT itself only has a perceived value. Without a marketplace (supply and demand) for nihonto-related art, the NFT would have little value outside of the physical item attached to it. Many NFT "collections" have been minted and shilled, only to go to zero after sale because there is no buyer for the NFT after the original mint sale (likely because there is no perceived value due to no utility of the NFT (not staked to a coin or physical asset for example, also poor governance from the associated DAO)) - an example of this would be https://opensea.io/collection/covidpunksnft Selling for $30 when transaction fees at mint were crazy high like $6400
  5. Hi David One of the utilities in other industries is that the item never leaves its storage place and is thusly protected until someone actually decides to take ownership of it. Think of that for high end bourbon and whiskey for example. Hard to counterfeit it if its never left the distillery! In this case I would say that the value is in the community and sharing the assets digitally amongst other collectors and being able to track who has owned it on the blockchain. Imagine knowing the provenance of your pieces - placing the NFT of the NBTHK hozon on the chain as well. People do this for pedigree horses now to track them and its pretty valuable. Hope this helps a little bit! Jesse
  6. Sending good vibes and thoughts JP. The universe will never forget your kindness to those that cant thank you themselves.
  7. I like that you are trying something new Ray. In my experience the NFT community currently buys for resale purchases and for the community, not due to actually liking the art. It is for status and profit. Take BAYC and Punks for example. If you can create a community with your NFT sales, then you may have something May I suggest a partnership with a well known influencer in the martial arts/samurai space, combined with this message board, you may have the secret sauce...(also have to use twitter IMO) Your other NFT are nice art - I like your collection idea.
  8. Interesting. the crypto community has much more disposable funds than the traditional community in my experience. Will be interesting to watch this!
  9. I agree with your guesstimation Dale!
  10. All insect themed tosogu for me! Thanks to friends on the board for the great discussions and sharing of some of these
  11. Your picture taking skills are phenomenal!
  12. Another beautiful one from you Kyle!!
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