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  1. NICE! Was watching these on JAUCE. Great laquer work
  2. @Spartancrest is a NMB National Treasure
  3. thank you for the education on the tachi mei @Gakusee!
  4. Thanks @Gakusee - was looking for a conversation indeed! Appreciate the questions new people should focus on! Mei/nakago age sure looks awful clean and tidy for a 700 year old item! The mei certainly have differences as well......
  5. Interested in the boards take on this one. Seller weaves quite a story.... Green papers, oshigata seems a little off from the nakago. But im not an expert https://www.jauce.com/auction/r1052374088
  6. i will not be able to comment until we see pictures of your Copper 95
  7. Agree would look great mounted @Curran - roosteryears tends to have some good stuff
  8. Auction hasnt ended yet, but seems steep to me? But im not an expert by any means https://www.jauce.com/auction/n1047538334
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