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  1. Thank you Piers! Finally getting better at reading and learning!
  2. I got the second - mitsu Whats the take on the first? Mune?
  3. Ive never seen the Bohi go all the way through the nakago before. Waiting more educated responses with #popcorn
  4. Anyone have a spare to sell for a reasonable price?
  5. Just posting for everyone @Shamsy. I already have a copper, so resisting the urge here LOL
  6. Thanks @Geraint! Agree on the texture, need to check the thickness. Learning curve is steep for this plebe!
  7. Thanks Brian! I was digging around and found this, the cricket is the same and the sukashi also similar. https://varshavskycollection.com/collection/tsu-0283/
  8. Replied! Sorry about the confusion 2 left if all inquiries close
  9. Thanks @Geraint! So I may still be correct in my musings or incorrect (as I often am)! Any other thoughts from the collective?
  10. You are correct Stephen. I thought it was a leather saya at first, the golden color at the end threw me off.
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