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  1. well look at that, a reputable seller just commented in your thread @ZoomZ
  2. I would respectfully disagree. After you have sold enough blades, then you know what flaws are, how to photograph and explain them, and you know shite polish. Agree not as much of a scammer as Samurai Monkey, but he is disingenuous. Maybe thats a better term than "scammer"
  3. wow. i was just getting ready to PM you - GEEZ
  4. It sold. Extended by 30' due to bidding. I dont like that about Jauce.
  5. thats a pretty great deal! I got a migraine from bidding, does that count? it was free
  6. sorry! i havent seen a bargain on jauce in months, to be fair
  7. agree with your assessment. the style, material and color point to late edo
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