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  1. Thanks guys for the replies it confirms my thoughts, it doesn't owe me anything and i shall continue to enjoy it as Geraint surgested. Cheers Chris H
  2. Thank you Moriyama san my reading abilities are not the best.
  3. Hi Steve life been pretty normal very lucky with the whole covid thing, you guys in Hawaii?. Im leaning to gimei as well, i can not find a matching mei in my reference books but nice to have other opinions as im no expert.
  4. Hi guys i wouild like to get your opinion on this tanto, i Know the tsuka has been reconstructed i belive it says chounsai tsunatoshi, Bunkyu gannen san gatsu (1861) if I'm reading it right. many thanks in advance Chris H
  5. hobnails

    Tsuba Kantei Fun

    Although i am a total novice i will go with Akasaka, i have seen a very similar one recently on a Japanese site With NBTHK papers as well. The hitsu-anna was also the same shape.
  6. Hi guys thank you for the information cheers Chris H
  7. Hi Bruce if you could post it on Warrelics that would be great. ChrisH
  8. Hi guys just doing some research on a gunto that a mate picked up recently, it has an old blade and is in pretty in rough condition all round. I was looking at the tsuba and noticed that it has four stamps on it, i was wondering if anyone could tell me the meaning of them. many thanks Chris H
  9. hobnails

    Boys swords

    Hi guys here is some pictures of a boys sword i have.
  10. Hi John the blade is elegant, the dimensions are as follows. Nagasa 562mm Sori 13mm Kissaki 25mm Motohaba 25mm Sakihaba 17mm Kasane 5mm Sakikasane 4mm Nakago 185mm Cheers Chris H
  11. Hi guys here is another wakizashi for you in shirasaya Godai [ 5th gen ] Kaminari Yoke Iga No Kami Fujiwara No Kinmich
  12. Many thanks Pier will have to sit down and do some reading i'm half way through making boudin noir so a job for later😀
  13. Thanks piers my Japanese is bad is the smith masaoki?
  14. Hi guys a mate recently aquired this katana i was wondering if anyone could help with the translation. Thanks Chris H
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