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  1. Here is one of mine
  2. Hi Piers does that mean the shinza team were having a bad day lol
  3. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could give me a literal translation of this paper for my curiosty, i have a rough idea what it says. many thanks in advance.
  4. hobnails

    New addition

    I like it Chris.
  5. HI a new acquisition, a type 98 with a shinto blade and a partial two body saiden mei
  6. Thanks Piers and Malcolm mystery solved
  7. Hi guys found this in a car boot fair years ago was wondering if anyonecan tell me who it is many thanks in advance. Chris H
  8. Hi Wayne i am interested in the iron kyo sukashi i have sent you a pm Regards Chris
  9. Hi Steve thanks for the information i will have to get a copy of Shokan, i wonder if it was his sword. cheers Chris H
  10. Hi Steve when i was researching Shigetsugu on nmb i came across this threadhttps://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/10576-exhibited-shigetsugu-Japanese-sword-katana-sale-ebay/?do=findComment&comment=108373 Cheers Chris
  11. Hi John, i posted some pictures on show us your high class gunto's last year i'm not sure how to show the link so i have posted them again. made by shigetsugu 1938 on the 8 month at the estate of Toyama Mitsuru, as its his grass script mei its a daisaku work would love to no which one of his students forged it as i love the hamon. cheers Chris
  12. Thanks for the replies the seppa are all there and unmessed with so i think i can assume that its Shimatsu's sword. Cheers Chris
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