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  1. Thanks Piers and Malcolm mystery solved
  2. Hi guys found this in a car boot fair years ago was wondering if anyonecan tell me who it is many thanks in advance. Chris H
  3. Hi Wayne i am interested in the iron kyo sukashi i have sent you a pm Regards Chris
  4. Hi Steve thanks for the information i will have to get a copy of Shokan, i wonder if it was his sword. cheers Chris H
  5. Hi Steve when i was researching Shigetsugu on nmb i came across this threadhttps://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/10576-exhibited-shigetsugu-Japanese-sword-katana-sale-ebay/?do=findComment&comment=108373 Cheers Chris
  6. Hi John, i posted some pictures on show us your high class gunto's last year i'm not sure how to show the link so i have posted them again. made by shigetsugu 1938 on the 8 month at the estate of Toyama Mitsuru, as its his grass script mei its a daisaku work would love to no which one of his students forged it as i love the hamon. cheers Chris
  7. Thanks for the replies the seppa are all there and unmessed with so i think i can assume that its Shimatsu's sword. Cheers Chris
  8. Hi i have an officers sword With one of the seppa signed, Would it be the person who owned the sword? How common is this. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Carmen it certainly looks like its been well abused, here is a couple of pic's of one i own
  10. Hi not sure if this tsuba qualifies as wabi sabi but it exhibits a patina of age and wear. Chris H
  11. Hi guys thanks you for your help Cheers Chris
  12. Hi guys any help in translating this kozuka mei would be much appreciated many thanks in advance Chris h
  13. Hi guys i posted a tsunagi in the translate section a couple of days ago which Guido kindly translated as Iga (no) Kami Kinmichi + length (2 shaku 3 (?) sun 6 bu), the other side read Yamanouch-ke denrai (heirloom of the Yamanouch family) ,Bazza asked for some pictures of the blade and koshirae so here they are enjoy Chris H
  14. Hi Barry will post some photos when i get home from work tomorrow. Chris H
  15. Thanks, Guido much appreciated Chris H
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