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    I have been collecting nihonto since I was about 15 years old . In the days before the internet I was able to purchase a lot of swords from soldiers who bought them home from the war. Of course most of these were of pretty low quality but the occasional gem did pop out .I like quality blades in quality mounts but these are pretty hard to come by

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  1. Hi Ron, I hope the attached piece will give you cause for optimism . It is described as Shodai and is from Aito Volume 293 . Regards Ian Brooks
  2. No need to post any more photos . It is signed Inoue Shinkai and is dated on the other side . This will almost certainly be gimei . Ian Brooks
  3. David that is really unusual ( and nice ). Could you tell us what the blade is like ? Ian Brooks
  4. Hi Steve , I thought that the writing looked very 'amateurish' and wondered if a non Japanese hand was at work . Any thoughts on this ? Ian Brooks
  5. I think Doug at Gunto Art swords would be horrified to be associated with rubbish like this . The vendor of the other two swords seems to be a dodgy English dealer . Does it not strike anyone as really odd that the same non specialist dealer has turned up two of these monstrosities ! Ian Brooks
  6. Keep persisting Hamish , I agree with all that Jussi has said. It is easy to transact although the postage for books is expensive ( it is expensive from the US too ). I use what they call surface mail which is cheaper but takes about 40 to 60 days to get to Australia. The stuff is always well packed . Ian Brooks
  7. This is great thanks Jussi. It has answered a couple of questions that I had . I have a book Kokuho 8 that was published in 1984 ( my copy is I think a 1990 reprint) . This also lists 122 Kokuho swords . Does this mean that no new Kokuho have been designated since 1990 ? Ian Brooks
  8. Having a piece mounted as you describe Steve ( nanako with mons etc ) I too would love to know when that regulation came into effect . I have the auction catalogue from 1928 when the Shimazu daimyo sold a lot of their swords . Virtually all of the Katana have a kogai . Only one side of the sword is shown so you cannot see if there is a kodzuka as well . I wonder if having a kogai in a katana was a status thing . Ian Brooks
  9. Does anyone have any idea what the bottom right hand mon is ? Clouds passing in front of the sun or the moon ? Ian Brooks
  10. That it a nice looking sword Neil . I have difficulty seeing Kanetsuna there and if I had to guess might say Kaneyoshi . Why don't you put it up on the translation page and see what others think . Ian Brooks
  11. Hi Jussi , i have those magazines and will drop you a PM . A great project . Regards Ian Brooks
  12. It screams wartime blade to me Ian Brooks
  13. I don't think that this has got a hope in hell of being genuine . Years ago I saw a similar piece with a crude horimono , engraved cutting test and Kotetsu mei . I am certain that that piece was a showa fake . I would take yours to someone who knows what they are talking about for an opinion before wasting money on shinsa. Ian Brooks
  14. Hi Leon , I like that your sword comes with the old paperwork . B W Robinson wrote some reminiscences for the JSSUS Newsletter years ago . He told a story about Capt. Reid-Collins going to an American ordinance depot during the occupation . There was a pile of about 1000 swords there , asking if he could have one he was told take fifty if you like . He drove to Tokyo and bought Inami Hakusui ( the author of The Japanese Sword ) back with him . Inami selected the fifty best ones . Reid -Collins bought them back to England and later sold them to Craig and Festing for ten pounds each . Robinson recalls that they included a superb slim Nagamitsu labelled meito by Inami , a splendid Rai Kunitoshi , an early Gassan , a fine Kotetsu, and many others .I wonder if your sword is one of the Reid -Collins pieces? Ian Brooks
  15. The handle ,or parts of it , have almost certainly been added Barry .Perhaps the original tsuka is lurking underneath the crap binding and " kashira " I think someone referred to these as bubba jobs . Ian Brooks
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