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  1. This thread WAS hard to find.... thought i'd add to it and bring it back to the top. Not the best pictures, but a really nice blade to hold in hand and look at. Ujifusa circa 1770
  2. Vajo, The first two serial numbers are i think, owned by Shigezo from the Wehrmacht awards forum. Also, i don't see your list here.
  3. Scabbard colours come in many shades, the standard is the OD, but there are Dk and Lt Browns, jungle greens which are darker than the OD, winter camo in a white which is usually found as an off white/cream after 70 yrs and of course the controversial black amongst a few others such as almost a Salmon red/brown. Some are period paint overs, others appear to be arsenal done, however, i don't think every colour was sprayed on from what i've seen. The trend seems to be that Tokyo 1st favoured a semi-matt in the black, while nearly all gloss blacks have been from Nagoya.
  4. Here's one i came across just recently on a Navy dirk. Adding it here as i don't remember seeing it in this thread before. Toyokawa Naval Arsenal Stamp
  5. There's also a whitish colour in the same area Neil, i had one a while back. Let's not forget that Commissioned Officers could choose the fittings and schemes that they liked, personally tailored, so to speak. If the officer liked the 'look', then why couldn't he get black? as long as the overall finished product meets the basic Army requirements. Remember that fittings come in all sorts, from shiny brass, painted and even darkened/silvered styles, we don't get too excited and immediately say that its been tampered with post war, (unless it's blatantly obvious) like we seem to do with black. It's your call on what to do Dave, but i've always been of the 'leave it as found' thought when i come across these things. If i wanted the general 'text' book example, then i'd get one. Interesting Same by the way, i haven't seen one quite like that before.
  6. Which picture are you looking at?? i can't see any fresh paint at all?
  7. Hmmm, it's a bit out of polish, i think a good polisher could fix that!
  8. Closest i've seen is this type19, still not the same specs as you show.
  9. Shamsy is spot on with the pictures, they are very poor. Can you get better pics to show us? From the pics you have shown, i'm with Trystan on this one, It looks to be genuine handle on Chinese blade and scabbard. Check the drag for serial numbers, if it's chinese, they should be there.
  10. +1 There's one on fleabay at the moment, it's been there for a couple months and he is asking 5.2k. for serial # 3436 here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Genuine-WW2-Japanese-Army-Military-Officer-NCO-Sword-Copper-Handle-Gunto/223987415334?hash=item3426b0b926:g:bLYAAOSw0ytemPI9 A few factors that govern prices on these, 1-Condition, 2-matching numbers and 3-the lowness of numbers...(4/3/2-digits etc) If you or your husband isn't keeping it but intends to sell, i recommend taking some higher resolution and SHARPER photos. In the meantime, i'm with the other members here and suggest a wiping over of the blade and scabbard (saya) with a good quality machine oil as least. Very nice find!
  11. Second one is the Suya Shoten Logo. You can find more info here: http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/Japanese-militaria/he-untold-story-suya-shoten-711132/
  12. I have one with a 3 centre punch marks towards the end of the nakago, not on the nakago mune. Yours is now the 2nd one i have seen, looks like Dave's would be a third example. Without knowing otherwise, i would tend to agree with Dave that it is something done during the manufacturing process
  13. I don't think these examples are the Rinji Spec swords. Last Ditch yes. The ones shown, and they come in black and brown, with plain tsuba, i would consider to be Army use. The cross hatching can be found on both black and brown handles. Some are signed and some not. The only 'Navy' one i have seen is pictured in the 2nd post and has the Rayed seppa in copper and brass tsuba.
  14. Oh, also added the NCR (Nth China Railway) tassel.
  15. Great find O_A, but that is not a General's tassel, it's actually the Emperor's tassel ! When i saw it, i knew i needed to update, so i spoke to Nick Komiya over at Warrelics forum and he helped out with a colour photo of it ! He's updated his thread on the Emperor's clothes with this uniform change from 1934 and it also includes details of the Emperor's Type 94 as released in the Government Gazette of the time. I've updated the picture reference with the Emperor tassel and the Civilian tassel introduced in 1940 (also provided by Nick). The civilian one is mistakenly assumed by most collectors to be the 'Late War' replacement for Army officers, being all brown. I know... as once upon a time i too believed the same, but this is now another Myth, similar to the Type 3/NLF/44 pattern Gunto, that has been exposed and buried by him via the archives. It is similar to the Navy issue, only a lighter brown as per the Army brown. I considered doing a Kyu-preWW2 one, but changed my mind as i know little about them. It would need some of the Kyu collectors to do one of their own, or help out. BTW- if anyone notices any errors, please PM me so i can fix them.
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