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  1. John This Zohei-To doesn't look like it has 94's higher grade fitting, it more like 98 with solid tsuba.
  2. The scabbard looks like was repainted.
  3. Brain Got it!I will not use the quote button as a reply button next time.
  4. It says 島津氏佩刀-Sword weared by Shimatsu,or Shimatsu's sword.
  5. Bruce I mean I only saw one Type 30 bayonet has Toyokawa mark, there are many Bayonet with Jinsen and Mukden arsenal mark out there.
  6. Sorry Bruce, this is the only one type 30 I ever saw has this mark.As far as I know, many subcontractor make Type 30 bayonet, they are all big company owned factory , no small shops make scabbard or bayonet blade.
  7. Here is Toyokawa Navy Arsenal stamp on Type 30 bayonet. 豊川海軍工廠Toyokawa-mark.pdf
  8. Neil Can you post a photo for that?Thanks!
  9. I mean Lida style Tsuba don't need larger cross Seppa, it's made into Tsuba already.
  10. Neil Very cool Lida latches. I heard the metal loop on the Tsuba is for tassel? Not sure how it works.Also, I noticed the bigger Seppa(cross-like)of is made on the Lida Tsuba, So, unlike most Tsuba, it only needs 2 or 3 smaller Seppa.
  11. There is one on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-WW2-Japanese-Sword-Gunto-Kai-Gunto-Locking-Mechanism-208/264755455944?hash=item3da4a7a7c8:g:~aAAAOSw7xZePtFH
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