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  1. 正行 Masayuki Tag says 曹長 Staff Sergeant ,the owner should be carrying NCO sword instead.
  2. Steve I knew these PLA cavalry swords are mainly in the US, but also seen in Canada &UK. I assume there must be some get to Australia.
  3. Steve Do you saw any of the PLA versions of Type 32 in Australia?
  4. Please send me some photos,Thanks!
  5. It seems you got it from PCAY. This sword is not the Chinese version but the real Japanese Type 32 甲 . It could be captured by PLA and reissued to their cavalry troop before they start to make the replica. But not 100% sure, since this is the only Japanese Type 32 painted to PLA green I ever saw. Here is the Chinese version
  6. 特殊鋼以井戶秀俊作 Special Steel Made by Ido Hidetoshi
  7. More possible is the repair team smith uses a local blacksmith shop to make the sword if they can instead of made the sword on the field.
  8. In the movie "俺は君のためにこそ死にに行", there is a pilot when he going for last mission, he gives his Gunto(full-length )to his father before take off. It's at 0:50 in this clip.
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