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  1. Saw this 吉 mark on a Navy dirk, any idea what sword shop might be? @Kiipu
  2. Chinese collectors buy Japanese and Chinese swords from all over the world. Many type 95 NCO swords, Mantetsu, and Yasukuni swords went to China, that's one of the reasons the price of those swords keep going up. They only buy and don't sell. Nowadays many Chinese(not all of course) don't like people from other countries, especially Americans, they think China and Russia are the greatest. Most collectors don't like to share their knowledge with others. There are only very few sword books written by Chinese, the collectors in China check Ohmura's website, and use Dawson&Fuller's book(Pirate Chinese version)also Japanese sword books for reference.
  3. Thomas Can you point out where this info came from? Do you have the full sheet? Thanks
  4. Talking about no habaki, Type 32 also have no habaki.
  5. Hey Tom Do you have more photos of your 2 repurposes 95s? Are they both have NO habaki and added the extra hole on the tang? Do both have the date?
  6. The sticker says the Mei of the blade is 肥後國同田貫宗廣作, can't see that on the tang of this blade. It also said the handle should have kamon. So, maybe this scabbard is not the original to this sword?
  7. Bruce I know it's probably not, but the mark under the numbers is kind of like a 菅 inspection mark on some of Kokura Arsenal-made Type 30 bayonets.
  8. Tokyo 1st Stamped M on a quite few Mantetsu , 武久,義治's Tang。Most of them also have 東 mark on Kabutogane.
  9. Michael Very nice one! Not many of these Gunsui swords around, I was looking for one for a while since I missed one last year also made by Akinobu. I'm lucky enough to get one a couple of months ago, but it only has Gunsui mei no smith name.
  10. Thanks Colin The condition of the blade now makes it hard to tell if there is hamon or not.
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