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  1. Looks like 一肥前国出羽守藤原 to me
  2. As other guys said, It's a manual of parachutes (Model 3) for domestic Chinese army use. You might find it interesting the factory that made this parachute. The 国营五二0厂(Official name 宏光机械厂 Hong Guang Machinery Plant),is State-run ,under the 航空工业部 Ministry of Aviation Industry,they borrowed the idea of Russian parachutes , use the metal parts from used American, German,Japanese's parachutes, design and made the very first parachutes(Type 110) for PLA in 1951 October. The factory now called 南京宏光空降装备厂 Nan Jing Hong guang Airborne Equipment factory. In 1950.9.17, PLA Airborne troops were established. After 11 days of training, on 9.29, the commander of the First Airborne battalion 崔汉卿 Cui Han Qin, was the first one to jump out of the plane.
  3. It's a WW2 Japanese army Type 98 officer sword Year of made:昭和十八年四月(1943.April) Smith: 兼宗 Kanemune, Civilian name 福本小市 Fukumoto Koichi.
  4. I will check it out,thanks!
  5. Unfortunately, it's not my sword. But I think there is a star stamp on top of the Mei.
  6. Bruce It should be 櫻井親房 from 長野. http://ohmura-study.net/025.html He is #36 in 鍛錬刀の部 入賞刀位列 list. Never say never to WW2 Gunto that's what I’ve learned.
  7. @Bruce Pennington I‘m not sure if you have this one on file.Tang marked #20. 親房 皇紀二千六百年三年二月日(1943.2)
  8. Thomas It is an interesting sword .I have some photos of one( 總長斉燮元獎)like the one posted on Warrelics,but not the same one. This is a reward(gift) from 汪精衛南京偽政府 Nan King Puppet government's 治安總署督辦(治安總長) Governor of law and order 斉燮元 Qi Xie Yuan. It should be gifted to one of his subordinates between 1940-1943, the blade marked 12, so I assume it was 12 of xx.
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