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  1. Agree with Leen &Brain, it's not a Japanese sword. It looks like from a southeast Asia country.
  2. I saw another early Nagoya that has Kissaki kind of like this one.
  3. Legit and nice copper 95,congrats!
  4. The kanji on the tang is Chinese "順“, not Indonesian。
  5. I thought your Yasunori came with a lightweight wood saya from 尚兵館株式會社(Shoheikan Kabushiki Kaisha), that's why I asked for the photo of the scabbard throat. 尚兵館(Shoheikan)has an excellent reputation for their wood saya. By the way, they are the exclusive distributor for the 23rd generation Kanefusa.
  6. Paul Could you post some photos of the says(Scabbard throat and other metal parts etc)?Thanks
  7. You can also post the photos to the translation section, the active members there will help you out as well.
  8. The mei looks like 靖德(Yasunori)
  9. Adam 松山 水交社 Matsuyama Suikosha, Matsuyama Navy Officer Club。 I replied to your post on FB around 2 weeks ago. The rest of Kanji could be numbers (一x七/1x7?), but I don't know for sure. You should post as many photos as possible so we can figure out what it was. This photo you posted on FB, looks like 二ノ部(the second part)?
  10. T is the abbreviation for Tomita (富田)。It should be the sword shop's name.
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