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  1. On the scabbard says 馬秀士 (Ma Xiu Shi )Name 門 (派)-Clan 中國(China)
  2. Ernie You're right ,that mark was used from 1918-1931, but at the time it's called 東三省兵工廠 Northeast China Arsenal owned by Chinese warlord Zhang Zuo Lin.1931 Northeast China Arsenal has captured by the Japanese First Change the name to 関東軍野戰兵器廠 Kwantung Army Field weapon factory and the later change the name to 奉天造兵所 Mukden ( Hōten) Arsenal 。 That mark was officially used by Northeast China Arsenal ,not used when the arsenal called Mukden ( Hōten) Arsenal, that is my understanding. Please look at the bottom of the photo I post, it says 東三省兵工廠制 Northeast China Arsenal made(That poster about the trade mark).
  3. Bruce The mark on that rifle is not Mukden arsenal ,but from Northeast China Arsenal.Here is the 3 Arsenal mark from China. 1.東三省兵工廠 Northeast China Arsenal 2.奉天造兵所 Mukden ( Hōten) Arsenal 3.兵工署第九十工廠 Ordnance Department No.90 Arsenal More info of the Mukden ----The Shenyang Dawn Arsenal, formerly known as the Mukden Arsenal or Hōten Arsenal in Japanese (奉天工廠 Hōten Kōshō), was an arms arsenal based in Shenyang, China that produced arms from 1897 to around 1969. Originally a small arms factory located in the area, the company was slowly expanded until it became a wide network of factories during the World Wars 。Link of the Mukden Arsenal https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Shenyang_Dawn_Arsenal
  4. It's very possible that 中 mark may indicate the Midsize for Tsuka, it looks has smaller space for the tang than the usual ones. ホ(Ho) is Army Arsenal Kokura First Factory inspection mark(小倉陸軍造兵廠第一製造所廠検査印).
  5. Early handle is like that, they changed to both side the same later.
  6. Seems that Screw called differently on Type 95 and Type 98? It called 鳩目On Type 98,目釘(猿手受兼用)on Type 95.Maybe because of 目釘 go through the tang 鳩目 doesn't? PS:The collectors in China call that screw 大目釘 or 尾部目釘(尾部螺絲)for Type 95.
  7. 中 Middle 陸 maybe abbreviation(陸軍 Army) ホ=Ho 四九=49
  8. Both swords are nice,but I personally like Showa To in Gunto fitting better.
  9. Must be a wrong typo, should be 臣 instead of 巨。Guy is right,Japanese 義臣 should be YOSHIOMI,I was making a mistake to YOSHIMASA.
  10. Bruce It look like 恆-Constant to me PS:鉢 means POT
  11. 1.藤原義臣 作 Fujiwara Yoshimasa Saku (Made) 2.福田兼丈 作 Fukuda Kanetake Saku (Made)
  12. That fixe of the end of the tang can be buff and make it look better than now
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