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  1. @Kiipu Thomas Do you think the mark on the blade is the same mark as the 大 Mark?It says on Fullers Page 226, Dai(or Tai) stamp. Significance unknown.Has only been found on blades dated 1945. Very rare.
  2. @Bruce Pennington @Kiipu Here is a few more 1.昭和戊寅秋 1938 Autumn M61 2.昭和辛巳春 1941 Spring カ二三六 Ka 236 3.昭和壬午秋 1942 Autumn ヤ二0一 Ya 201 4.昭和癸未春 1943 Spring テ三0五 Te 305 That's all the photos I have.
  3. Bruce I watched that show, the handle of Baba Voss's word seems very long
  4. Those 2 wood saya RS, one is my friend's, one is from the internet. Both are not likely Gendai but arsenal blade. The one I use to have is in the metal saya cheaper version, not Gendai blade, but I forgot if there is any arsenal mark or numbers on the tang, it was a long time ago.
  5. My friend had a better fitting RS with a mumei blade, it seems arsenal made with the number. There is another one just like he's, and has a very close number.
  6. @Kiipu Thomas Here is my 小倉陸軍造兵廠 gunto, date 昭和十九年六月,no star.
  7. I used to have one of these Mumei RS when I started collecting Gunto years ago, but I didn't take any photos of the tang.
  8. This Kanji should be 國泰 instead of 國奏
  9. It reminds me of these filed-made casts handle ones...
  10. @Bruce Pennington Thanks Bruce,any photo of Tōkyō 1st Army Arsenal 東 final inspection mark on the kabuto-gane? I think this was @charlie1's Mantetsu
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