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  1. Bruce, I got the info from a Chinese gunto forum in China (similar to NMN) where most of the gunto and nihonto enthusiasts import their swords from Japan. This sword was posted a few days ago and questions were raised by many collectors. As more collectors put in their opinions and someone brought up that the recent improvements of mei faking/engraving skills, done by the sword smiths working in Longquan, a city that is famous of making swords ( mostly replicas ) . The photos of the tang with alleged fake mei were posted by one of the collectors.
  2. Here is a type 94 in question, the fittings appeared to be genuine but the blade seems off.
  3. Greetings, hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this pandemic. A friend just informed me that the sword makers in Longquan China are engraving high quality fake mei on their “Japanese swords.” Photos attached.
  4. Just purchased this type 19 with surrender tag on it. Can’t believe it is still in mint condition after 90+ years.
  5. Just saw these photos on a gunto website in China, the quality of replicas is getting a lot better.
  6. Saw this on an online auction, the signature is not right and the quality of the fittings is questionable...but I could be wrong. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Japanese-Army-Officer-SHIN-GUNTO-Sword-Katana-Minamoto-Tetsuo-IJA-Samurai-/123945966724
  7. Thanks Bruce, I saw it still has the second / removable hanger that’s why I bought it, for $275 I think it’s a fair price. I think the hilt is buffalo horn and has all the wires.
  8. I just bought this type 8 (now I know it’s a type 19) parade sword two days ago from a gentleman whose uncle was a WW2 Vet. He said the sword had been stored in his basement for over 20 years after he inherited it from his uncle. The sword is in good condition all I did was cleaning the rust off the scabbard. The blade is sharp and looks different than a dress sword blade. Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge. Best regards, Alex
  9. This one is dated 1935 company grade gunto.
  10. Thanks Malcolm, I always have the two mixed up, tsuka and tsuba... haha, getting old.
  11. Greetings, I just purchased a type 19 from an online auction. The blade appeared to be a machine made blade but it’s razor sharp. The seller did not know the history of the sword so he cleaned the hilt, which made the patina disappeared. The tsuba is wrapped with a dark smooth material, not sure if it’s shark skin, and the scabbard has two hangers, the lower one is removable. I paid $750 including S&H, is it a good price? Thanks. Best regards, Alex
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