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Dealer Showcase

Rules for Sellers and Buyers

The Dealer Showcase is for dedicated dealers to have a place to showcase their products and services.
Unlike the general sales areas which are free and may be used by anyone, this section comes at a low annual subscription price, and a very small suggested (but not compulsory) donation per actual sale, calculated on % of profit, not on sale total.

The advantages for a dealer are that they have full control over their content. They can add pics and info, edit or delete anytime, list prices or not, link to external stores, update, hide or pin topics.
They control any replies, so can delete comments or questions or answer as needed. Their products remain "on top" and are not buried by new topics within their section. They basically have moderating powers over their "shop"


  • Suggested to have a pinned "Intro" where you introduce your shop, and give some background. Mention returns policies, payment methods, shipping etc etc. A place to let your customers know who you are and how you work
  • Subscription is $120 per year, accessed via the top of the forum. STORE --> SUBSCRIPTIONS and then DEALER STATUS.
    Your $120 also gets you all the benefits of Gold membership.
  • This section is intended for genuine dealers only, not private people who occasionally sell an item or 2. If you are unsure if you qualify as a dealer, please contact me HERE for advice. General guideline...if you have a website where you sell Nihonto ro related items, you probably qualify.
  • To clarify the recommended 5% of profit contribution. This is a suggested but voluntary donation and is not policed. It is really up to you, but will work on the honor system. If you are making low or no profit on items (clearance etc) then you don't pay. If you feel you did well on a sale, and can roughly estimate your profit, then 5% or so (of the profit, not the sale amount) would be appreciated. It works out to roughly 1% of a sale on average. Far better rates than any commercial selling site.
  • If any dealer feels they did not get any benefit out of their annual subscription, I will refund them pro-rata or in full on a case by case basis.
  • Dealer sections will still be moderated by the regular moderators and myself, and the usual conduct rules apply.
  • Dealers who have repeated complaints against them for unethical or underhanded dealings may be removed and blocked, with no refund given.


  • This is not a regular discussion section. Replies should be limited to questions about items or sale conditions. The seller has the right to delete your comments if they find them inappropriate. They can also edit your comments or hide them, and on request, people who are a nuisance may be banned from certain "Stores"
  • The NMB does not guarantee the honesty or ethics of any dealer or listing. Please treat this the same as any advert anywhere online and use your own discretion. Admin will try and intervene to sort out any unpleasant deals, but no guarantees are offered and the listing of a dealer here does not vouch for them in any way. Please do research and make up your own mind about a dealer.
  • If you are unhappy with an item or deal, please contact the dealer directly. If you do not get any resolution to your problem, the admin or mods may attempt to assist in mediation. However there is no guarantee of any outcome and buyers are expected to take all necessary precautions.
  • Buyers using Paypal are recommended to pay using Goods and Services, and not to leave any notes concerning swords or any weapons. Paypal has blocked and seized funds from people using Friends and Family, and have started to classify weapons as prohibited and have locked accounts. F&F is against their T&C's and also removes any payment protection. Rather use G&S and pay the seller the extra fees!
  • By using this section, you agree to all the above rules and suggestions.



    Mark Jones - Asian Art and Antiques LTD. Dealer of Japanese Swords Fittings and related items with over 20 years experience.


    Grey Doffin presents a large variety of Japanese sword related books, tsuba, swords and related items.


    Founder Nick Ricupero has a unique inventory of swords, armor and other Samurai-related antiques


    Specializing in Fine Samurai Antiques and Art


    David Stiles - Providing a wide range of Japanese fine art and antiques such as swords, fittings, armor, woodblock prints, paintings, scrolls, modern art etc.


    Offering High-Quality Antique & Traditionally-Made Japanese Swords

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