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  1. Ietada Katana with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate. Mounted in excellent Koshirae.$15000. Including worldwide shipping and insurance.
  2. Nobuyoshi Naginata in Shirasaya NTHK NPO Certificate $6500.00 USD including Worldwide Shipping Heianjō-jū Fujiwara Nobuyoshi (平安城住藤原信吉) ‒ “Fujiwara Nobuyoshi, resident of Heianjō/Kyōto”
  3. Order made Sukekane Katana for the Yokoyama fans. https://nihonto.com.au/product/order-made-sukekane-katana-with-nbthk-hozon-certificate/ Katana, signed: Bizen Osafune-jū Yokoyama Sukekane saku, Tomonari gojūhachi-daison ‒ Genji ninen shōgatsu hi, Ogasawara Narinori no konomi ni yotte kore o kitau (備前⻑船住横⼭祐包作・友成五⼗⼋代孫・元治⼆年正⽉⽇・ ⼩笠原成憲依好鍛之) ‒ “Forged by Yokoyama Sukekane, resident of Osafune in Bizen province, descendant in 58th generation of Tomonari, on a day in the first month of Genji two (1865), according to the liking of Ogasawara Narinori” Nagasa - 68.5 cm $12000 USD Including Worldwide shipping Reduced to $10000
  4. Omi Daijo Tadahiro with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate mounted in excellent original Tachi koshirae. shirasaya with Tanobe Sensei Sayagaki. $25000 USD Worldwide shipping included https://nihonto.com.au/product/omi-daijo-tadahiro-with-nbthk-tokubetsu-hozon-certificate/
  5. Bizen Tobei Sukesada Tanto in Shirasaya with Koshirae, NBTHK Hozon Certificate $4850 ono worldwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/sukesada-tanto-in-koshirae-nbthk-hozon-certificate/
  6. Sold Kanekuni Koto Tanto including worldwide shipping https://nihonto.com.au/product/kanekuni-koto-tanto-with-nbthk-tokubetsu-hozon-certificate/
  7. Sold Naginata by Kashū Echigo no Kami Fujiwara Arihira With NTHK NPO Certificate Worldwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/arihira-naginata-with-nthk-certificate/
  8. $20350 USD Wordwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/daisho-edo-shinto-period-daisho/
  9. Sold Enju Late Kamakura Katana with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate Wordwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/kamakura-enju-katana-with-nbthk-tokubetsu-hozon/
  10. Sold Ko Mihara Late Kamakura Katana with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate https://nihonto.com.au/product/ko-mihara-katana-with-tokubetsu-hozon-certificate/
  11. Sold Den Ryumon Kamakura Tachi with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate Worldwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/ryumon-kamakura-tachi/
  12. Den Ryumon Kamakura Tachi with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate $20 000 USD Wordwide shipping included. https://nihonto.com.au/product/ryumon-kamakura-tachi/
  13. Hey Barry Thankyou. All the best to you for the new year. Yes we were neighbours a few times in San Francisco a decade or so ago Regards John
  14. Hi Grev, Thanks for your message. This is something I am often asked by people that are unfamiliar with us or our website. In addition to the website (Nihonto Australia) I also own and operate a Samurai Gallery/Museum (Samurai Gallery Australia) in Cairns, Queensland which currently exhibits many of our items. Some of the items listed on our website are also on display at Samurai Gallery Australia and therefore we do not provide a price. However, most of our items are available for purchase and I am more than happy to discuss prices with those who express an interest in any of our items. Feel free to contact me if you would like any further information about a particular item. In the near future I will be posting a number of items on this forum which will include a price. We hope this will be of assistance. I offer free worldwide shipping and will contribute a donation to the Nihonto Message Board for any sales made as a result of this forum. Kind regards John
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