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  1. If you have Facebook, reach out to Raymond Yan. He has lots of Nihonto parts for sale, and occasionally complete swords. He is also an avid collector of ancient Chinese swords and parts. He may be able to help you in your Chinese sword interests. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007267728197
  2. GAKU MEI - 額銘 - original signature inlaid in a cut-off (o-suriage) tang
  3. Diagram of cuts, for those who may not have seen it before.
  4. 440 monme? Wow, that is like cannonball size, right?
  5. looks like a variation of this one http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/oshigata/kanenor2.jpg another example https://www.samuraimuseum.jp/shop/product/modern-Japanese-sword-shirasaya-katana-gendaitosigned-by-noshu-seki-jyu-kanenori/ 関 = Seki 住 = Ju 藤 = Fuji 原 = Wara 兼 = Kane 則 = Nori Is there additional stamping abouve the mekugi-ana (peg hole)? Possibly 濃州?
  6. Many thanks Jonathan and Steve! The link Steve posted is facinating. To my old friend, he feels that he has a treasure, with a name. Not sure where he got it or how, but whatever makes him happy. Thanks again guys!
  7. I was unable to get any translation returns on 贞道 or 源贞道. I even tried 贞 just by itself, but it comes back as a chinese character. Makes me think even more about possible Chinese origins of this blade.
  8. I would 110% agree you have the correct kanji. What is its translation? I have limited search abilities on my phone in a metal building with no wireless and VERY low signal strength.
  9. I'm setting-up for a gun show in Charleston, and a gun dealer brings me a slightly fuzzy picture of a mei to translate. From what little I can see in the pics, I am guessing a kimonjo. I already informed him that it does not appear to be old but I need to see it in hand for proper evaluation. The dealer says it is at home and he is going to keep it and not sell it. He's a very elderly gentlemen and I have a soft spot for helping the elderly. He deals in mainly early 1900's guns and always points people with swords my direction. I do the same for him with older guns passing by. I'll stop my yapping now. Thanks in advance! 源 = Minamoto 完 = Sada? 道 = Michi
  10. Barrel is 39" long (99cm) Bore is .480" (12.19mm)
  11. Had a few offers of trade, but nothing I was interested in. Open to trade or cash offers.
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