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  1. @BazzaLove the kozuka and the kogatana!
  2. All 3 katana and the 1 Naval Wakizashi are for sale. I have also have 3 tanto and 1 wakizashi available, just not listed yet. Message for more details.
  3. All 3 katana and the 1 Naval Wakizashi are for sale. I have also have 3 tanto and 1 wakizashi available, just not listed yet. Message for more details.
  4. Can't say I have ever seen that. Pics!
  5. WWII Type 3 RS (Rinji Sheniki) katana. 25 3/4" (65.4cm) nagasa. Width at habaki is 1 3/16" (30.1mm) width at yokote is 7/8" (22.2mm). The nakago is rare in that it is in rough forged condition and unsigned. There are still hammer marks visible on the nakago. There is a tight wari in the nakago above the mekugi-ana. The blade is in good polish with a suguha hamon. Nioi-guchi is visible all the way into the kissaki. Even though the nakago has signs of forging, I cannot say I see hada in the ji or the shinogi. The saya has some light scratches, but no dents at all. The tsuba is tight and the tsuka has no damage at all with the lacquer paint in great condition. Overall I would give this a 7 out of 10 for overall condition. $1350 shipped in the USA. Oversea shipping is available, for additional fees. Prefer payment via PayPal or Venmo, using friends and family.
  6. Wood handle NCO katana available. The handle does have a crack running from the side latch. Nice piece but does not fit my collection. One battle damage nick in the blade but no crack since there is no hamon. Bottom sword in the group picture. $750 or best reasonable offer, shipped in the USA. Oversea shipping is available for additional cost. .
  7. So now we have @paulatim with a mumei RS, @BANGBANGSAN that had an mumei RS. Now we can add mine to the short list. Plus, mine has the celluloid same' as well. This one is getting very strange.
  8. Smith is Fujiyasu Masahira. Still alive and still working. https://youtu.be/rPQn9DsDcWg
  9. The old gentleman I bought these from is holding on to his father's kai-gunto. It is signed 特殊鋼以井戸秀俊作 which is Tokushu-kō motte Ido Hidetoshi saku. The first part, Tokushu-kō Motte is "Special Steel Mix". Best I have researched, and what I see in person is that it is a mix of stainless and carbon steel. He has owned all these swords for 35 years, when his father gave them to him. His father got the kai-gunto while fighting in Guadal-Canal. The others he got while stationed in Tokyo from 1945-1946.
  10. So if this is unusual, that makes 3 out of 4 that are unusual. The fourth being the "last ditch" NCO.
  11. Don't think I'll be keeping the NCO. Doesn't really fit the rest of my collection.
  12. May be odd, maybe not. I have seen family wakizashi in Army and Navy mounts, but never seen a stainless anchor stamped version. Nagasa is 22" (55.8 cm). All numbers on small seppa, large ray seppa, tsuba, fuchi, and habaki match.
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