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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone have any of the volumes of English Token Bijutsu from the NBTHK to part with? If so, please send an email with issue numbers, conditions, and price. Thanks, Grey gdoffin at gmail.com
  2. I think: Yamashiro Kuni Ju Minamoto Tsunahiro. Grey
  3. Grey Doffin


    Hi Matt, Here is a care and handling brochure that will tell you how to remove and replace the handle. Please read it through before you attempt anything. http://nbthk-ab.org/cleaning-maintenance.php Cheers, Grey
  4. Hi Jeff, Feel free to call with questions before you attempt any repair, or questions in general. Mean time, here is a care and handling brochure you should read: http://nbthk-ab.org/cleaning-maintenance.php Cheers, Grey 218-726-0395
  5. Hi Jeff, Could be Shinshinto; could be Muromachi. Hard to tell from just these pictures. Cheers, Grey, also in Minnesota
  6. Hi guys, My website: japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com, is misbehaving and I'd like to learn how bad the problem is. If you tried to contact me, enquire about an item, through the site and received no response from me, please send me an email. With luck I can get this put right. Thank you, Grey gdoffin at gmail.com
  7. The sword in the book pictured was made by a different Yoshikuni; yours was made by someone without traditional training as a swordsmith. The date is Showa Ju Hachi Nen Ju Ni Gatsu (Showa 18 year 12 month, December of 1943). Grey
  8. Bizen Kuninaga or it could be the top of Bizen no Kuni Osafune something, with the nakago cut just below Osa (also read Naga). Grey
  9. Hi Ryan, From top to bottom: Sukehisa Ju Ku in blue paint. the # 15 ? 1573 Yoshichika and the last 2 pix are Showa Ju Hachi Nen. Showa 18 or 1943 You need my Kanji Flashcards: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/kanji-flashcards Cheers, Grey
  10. Hi Marco, Usually fukure in the yakiba (hardened area of the blade) can't be repaired but even if the fukure is above the yakiba it is an expensive repair and is warranted only if the sword is very good quality or better. You don't mention what your sword is but unless it is special you should leave it be; don't go looking for a polisher. This isn't a fatal flaw but it is a large negative. A reputable dealer should have told you about this before you bought the sword. If a collector comes to me wanting to buy a sword, I tell him everything (the fukure would have been mentioned in my description; it is only fair. Not saying I'm a saint; this is how it should be. Grey
  11. 1st 2 characters are Sawada: Sawada Kanemitsu Saku. The stamp is from the Seki arsenal; it tells us that the sword was processed at that arsenal and that the blade is not traditionally made. Grey
  12. Hi Michael, I agree with Steve and can add that, while the tsuba doesn't appear to be cast it does appear to be late and mediocre. I don't think this is worth restoration; it is too far gone. Grey.
  13. The pocket is made by cutting/planing a flat on the side of the saya and then gluing on a piece of wood with a recess cut into it that forms the sides and outside of the pocket (the inside surface of the pocket is the flat on the saya). I think I have this right. Grey
  14. Grey Doffin

    Kantei of Tanto

    How about Shinshinto or later? There appears to be a mix of different steels showing on the omote (what I can see of the ura looks tired), something I wouldn't expect on an earlier blade. Grey
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