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  1. I don’t think the third sword is fake. I think someone cleaned the nakago with a file to remove the rust and patina.
  2. This sword is so perfect to my eyes. I would think it's been submitted to Juyo and perhaps has not passed being in Japan. It's dimensions are ideal to me, wide, and beautiful texture, hamon, color and nakago. Curious what others think. https://www.toukenkomachi.com/index_en_tachi&katana_A060719.html
  3. Thanks. Bazza for the help and opinion. IT's an unusual mei not encountered often if at all from what I can find. If I'm lucky enough to be able to purchase I will let you know.
  4. Prewar70

    Old Sword Maybe

    Thanks Chris that’s very helpful. I took a closer look at the blade and I think the Hamon runs off in two spots. Good pic of activity in the Hamon
  5. Prewar70

    Old Sword Maybe

    Thanks Sas. Indeed it is all of those things and very thin. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more ware and coarse Hada considering the number of times it must have been polished. Still, seeing what I can I the Hamon my gut instinct is saying Kamakura....
  6. Prewar70

    Fuchi Kashira

    Thanks Ford appreciate the help
  7. Prewar70

    Fuchi Kashira

    Any idea if this is a specific school? Unsigned.
  8. I spoke with Roger, and he said, gimei gimei gimei!. I have Roger's book, and the only generation that I found that may have signed using only these characters was the 9th generation. THere is one rough picture of a mei and Roger's caption is "rare". I don't know, maybe someone else here has more information. To me, in hand, the mei seemed well cut and overall quality of the sword above average.
  9. Prewar70

    Old Sword Maybe

    Now that we have Tom Darling's generous sharing of knowledge and Guido's under-aged uchiko parties out of the way, any other comments about what is visible would be appreciated! And yes, very important to wear a mask and cover your eyes when doing this. Thanks.
  10. Prewar70

    Old Sword Maybe

    Uchiko lungs tonight and sore fingers. Nagasa is 24.24 in. Sugata is more Shinto but it’s has been greatly shortened This sword feels old to me. The Hamon style, the jigane and dark steel from what I can see so far. Might be an ole toothpick but any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Prewar70


    Anything decent or strictly utilitarian?
  12. Prewar70

    Tsuba Dragon

    Just wondering if there's anything interesting here. I am so confused on tsuba quality. Seems like there's always some I wouldn't give a second glance to but surprise me as to the skill involved in making. I like this one and it seems skillful and delicate in ways, but would appreciate others knowledge. Thanks.
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