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  1. Nvm I found the thread. So sad. Seeing a new sword listed in his site was almost like Christmas morning to me.
  2. I must have missed something but did Darcy pass?
  3. That nakago looks suspicious almost looks tempered like the sword is suriage.
  4. I’m intrigued as to the reaction of collectors in Japan that play at this level of swords. I would think they’d be stumbling over themselves to own it
  5. Go ahead and mark this one SOLD. Thanks for all comments and interest. I believe there is a sticky on how to make a donation to the board which I will do.
  6. Just to be clear, what's in the photos is the whole package. Nothing more nothing less.
  7. Correct, everything is in the photos, what you see is what you get. Thank you
  8. I've had this for about 5 years and was planning to restore. I went as far as sending it to Jimmy Hayashi for him to take on the project. He started some foundation work on it. At that point I halted the project due to funding. I think it would make a great piece in someone's collection. I am open to offers and will make a donation to the board if it sells. I listed it on ebay as well with a reserve and would love to end the auction early and sell it here. Thanks for looking. SOLD 大和守源廣信作 - Yamato no kami Minamoto Hironobu saku
  9. This topic is very interesting to me and something I've thought much about in my short tenure with Nihonto. I think Darcy and Rivkin both make good points and are both correct, but coming at it from different angles. I cannot articulate it like Darcy, but here's what I've concluded, and am curious if you agree. Nihonto is art, and therefore not a commodity and prices are what the market will bear. The top 5 highest prices paid for a Monet ranged from 50M USD to over 100M. Now they are all Monets, and without being too presumptive, all are very desirable. But even at those prices, there is a different pool or "class" of buyers for a 50M painting v. 100M. Is the Water Lilies in the so called "danger zone" because it sold for half of the most expensive? Diamonds, Rolexes, gold, silver, these are all commodities, with very set prices. Art is not a commodity. SO the danger zone in my opinion is overpaying for whatever level you buy at. Chances are with 8 billion people on this planet there will be people and a market for the Juyo sword that barely passed in a weak session, as long as you didn't overpay. Is it the tired Kaneuji worth less than a healthy one, of course. But if my budget only allows for the tired one and that is all I can afford, then I will buy the tired blade. I don't have unlimited funds to build a museum collection so I want to enjoy what I can afford. And if I didn't overpay I can sell it to the next person that is also in a similar situation. There's a big spectrum of swords and collectors that keeps the collecting of nihonto moving along.
  10. I’d love to see the nakago. Beautiful sword.
  11. I’m curious can you explain a bit more about being in the danger zone? I see plenty of juyo priced close to this in Aoi too. What are the different segments of pricing as you see it?
  12. Harim no kami Teruhiro saku. My head hurts. Thank you for nudging me along.
  13. The 2nd kanji is a mess but the first looks better except for the ana. I am truly guessing but keep coming back to Harima, Echizen or Bingo based on the first kanji.
  14. Is the last character 7 strokes, Saku? And are there 16 strokes in the next kanji up? Not sure if the 2nd from the bottom is 1 kanji or combo of 2. Ugh
  15. How many though are of this shape and a cutting test? I think 15mm yen is conservative no?
  16. Just thinking out loud, how many swords did Kiyomaro make approximately? How many of this type that we know about, and how many with cutting tests? Is this sword the rarest of the already rare? And if so, how did it end up outside of Japan and at a gov't auction? I am very much a novice but I do know how coveted his swords are and it just seems so crazy that this level nihonto ended up where it did. Given its presumed rarity, is it possible to research it's history?
  17. This story has been so amazing to follow. I know this is bad form, but, I can't imagine what you've been offered to sell this sword. I bet some serious collectors in Japan and elsewhere are foaming at the mouth. Unbelievable.
  18. Any idea what the kanji are on the other side of the nakago? Made for someone, it's not a date is it?
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