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  1. I appreciate that, I wasn't sure if that specific name was legally protected or anything so I abstained from using it.
  2. Was making a few for the local Iai school I attend as a request from my teacher. Pretty much everyone at my school has one for their blades. My understanding is they protect the koiguchi from impacts while a blade is being transported. Additionally to reduce pressure in the inner portion where the habaki fits if the sword is in long term storage. This keeps it from pre maturely wearing out as the wood expands and contracts with the seasons. Update on inventory: I now have 25 on hand
  3. Good Day All! I've been trying my hand at a bit of leatherworking and fashioned quite a few of these leather Koiguchi protectors. These are all handmade in the USA. Hand cut, beveled, sanded and burnished. Each are approximately 3.3mm thick, 2.75" in diameter. The interior portion that fits around the Habaki is approximately 1.4" in length, 0.6" at the widest portion (Mune side) and 0.2" (Ha side) at the narrowest portion (excluding the opening). Due to the process involved to make these, there may be some slight variation between each protector. Additionally there may be some slight creases or other small imperfections in the leather but nothing that will impact the performance of this simple accessory. If you have any question please let me know. If you are wanting to order a large amount, please send me a message and we can work something out as this listing will only be inventory on hand. Currently 14 on hand ready to ship with approximately 10 more in the works. I am asking $17.50 shipped CONUS Please let me know if you are interested! Here is the eBay listing if that is preferred: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114878549905
  4. Thanks again everyone for the replies. I'd say right around $3,000 will be the top end of my current budget. The link Dan provided is fantastic and I may be pursuing one of the Swords available there which falls well within that price point .
  5. Hello John, First, thank you for the prompt reply. I was sadly attempting to justify the pricepoint in my head with the issues seen. Based on what you have mentioned, I'll abstain from purchasing this blade and continue my research/saving up. I appreciate the assistance Have a few books on the way that should help me make better determinations as well! Also appreciate your input Lonely Panet! The search continues. Respectfully, George
  6. Looking at this as my potential first Nihonto purchase. Based on all my research it seems decent enough at the price point. The Kizu I can see in the pictures seem okay given the price point, the only real point of contention being the munegire as mentioned below. Things that I've noticed that are present: - Munegire (assuming this is the correct term) about 4-5" behind the kissaki - Muneware - Tateware - Fukure I'm having a hard time identifying the Nagako Tang end, it seems like it's a worn down Katayama-Kengyo style. Seller seems legit to an extent, but only has about 200 feedback or so with some recent negative. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333713770152 Any other input would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Greetings All! I am a new member on the forum. I recently plunged down the rabbit hole of learning about Nihonto and Koshirae after attending a recent seminar hosted by Mike Yamasaki. So far I have a few Tsuba that I had acquired recently, but otherwise look forward to continued research and acquisition of more items in the future. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here! Respectfully, George
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