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    Practice iaido and kendo. Also am interested in japanese swords in general.

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  1. A big if indeed, although the person selling it is a military paraphernalia collector, and has no knowledge of Japanese swords whatsoever. In your opinion, Mr. Doffin, what era would you say this sword is most likely from?
  2. Wondering specifically what era it is from, and what school potentially made it.
  3. Hi, as the title implies, I would like some info on this sword, as well as if it would be worth buying for 750 dollars. The person selling it is in Poland.
  4. Cool! Thanks for the info! Does this design indicate a certain era or school?
  5. Thank you for the info! I noticed that too, adds some character to the piece
  6. Would like to know if there's any particular school it belongs to
  7. Any info on this mokko tsuba? Bought it off eBay to put on one of my swords.
  8. Ah yes I think you may be referring to simon lee. He changed hands to zsey and they still make wonderful blades
  9. Thanks again, but my question is are there any known smiths or forges in china and korea that are known to make these, or is it theory that it may just be something the so called "master smiths" make in their off time?
  10. I see what you mean. Also I shouldve mentioned that the whole blade was refitted by an sbg forum member, so that explains the habaki. Only the tsuba and kojiri are antique. Thank you for the lengthy explanation though. Also I didn't get it expecting that it was a legit nihonto
  11. Thank you for the input! Would you guys mind sharing pictures of suguha hamon that you wouldn't consider lifeless? Just so I can see the difference
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