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Current Donation Goals

Server Move, Upgrade and Maintenance

In August, the NMB moved to new and more reliable hosting after 14 years.
This was to increase reliability, reduce downtime and make for a better user experience. At the same time, the professional forum software was updated several versions. The new software allows for exciting added features, with many more to come.
There were several costs involved in the move. Professional assistance, new software, new themes, and server setup came to roughly $810 which was paid out of admin and backup funds.
We have finally, thanks to the generosity of members, covered those fees. But we still have 6 monthly software fees and ongoing plugin and security software fees, and things like domain names and other hosting fees to consider.
I also host the Japaneseswordindex to prevent this valuable source of info from disappearing. So donations and assistance is always welcome.
Future fundraising towards the roughly $120/month server fees will be done via upgraded membership tiers and donations done now will count towards that.
So although the short term goal is reached, we always appreciate contributions and thank each and every one of you.

- admin -

Raised $810.01

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