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Current Donation Goals

Server Move, Upgrade and Maintenance

The Nihonto Message Board has been running under its current admin for over 15 years now.
It is considered the largest Japanese sword forum and resource online (in English) in the world. The goal is to encourage the preservation and study of all genuine Japanese swords, fittings, and related items. It has also fast become the largest resource on wartime military Japanese swords, where new info is being compiled daily thanks to the dedication of members.
Since the beginning, the NMB has always been, and will always be...free to participate in. Although there are voluntary member upgrades, the basic resource remains free. Eventually it was necessary to upgrade the hosting and the server to reduce downtime, increase reliability and provide for a better user experience. At the same time, the professional forum software was updated several versions. The new software allows for exciting added features, with many more to come. This was a major upgrade, but thanks to the generosity of members, we have covered those fees. But we still have bi-annual software fees and ongoing plugin and security software fees, and things like domain names and other hosting fees to consider.
We also host the Japaneseswordindex to prevent this valuable source of info from disappearing. So donations and assistance is always welcome.
So although the short term goal is reached, we always appreciate contributions and thank each and every one of you. The members here have always been incredible in their support, and I thank you sincerely for every contribution you make towards our future. We are not perfect. I know we have a long way to go to satisfy everyone, and to try and bring back valuable members. But I am committed to trying and with your help, we will strive to constantly improve. Thank you all.

Brian Robinson
- admin -

PS - The amount below is an annual one, and is reset 1st of Jan. It is only $100/month.

Raised $1,175 of $1,200 target

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