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    • Nr.2 and Nr.6 sold
    • I'm a little surprised which books are left So I'm updating the available books and I'll add some information for those who don't know them   2.  Kiyo maro seitan 200 nenkinen                   Sano Museum   2013              sold      200th anniversary of Kiyomaro's birth 4.  Japanese Art and Design Christie’s London        Christie´s 2004                50 €   6.  Masamune to sono deshi                              Sano Museum  2002             sold      Masamune and his disciples Masamune and his followers. What to add. Book published by the Sano Museum in 2002. A4 format. 170 pages of really good photos and oshigata. Index in English You can find some photos here https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042557?secret=hux37aHQB6yRK5cKiR8UxaR7k   7.  Kurihara Nobuhide no kenkyū                                   NBTHK  1976               90 €       Nobuhide Kurihara research Hardbound. 296 pages. Photos and oshigata one of famous Shinshinto Sai-jo Saku ranked swordsmith - pupil of Kiyomaro https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042689?secret=H5CTI9UjR4i17wyouIWnP4NJy 10. Tokugawa bijutsukan zō-hin 抄 3      Tokugawa Museum  1998             90 €        Tokugawa Art Museum Collection Extract 3 The Tokugawa collection is world famous. 21 x 27 cm, published 1998, Hardbound, 214 pages, Index in English. 100 sharp photos of blades, 140 photos of koshirae and Kodogu https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042635?secret=Fro0T8Xb32EOCLBv0nsBcDY6u 11. Nihonto Juyo Bijutsuhin Zenshu vol. 2                                                      140 € This is the second in a collection of 7 books. Because the whole set costs 1500-2500EUR (depending on how lucky you are when buying) I first bought this one. After looking up, I bought the whole set so this one is redundant Vol. 2 contains JuBi blades 152 to 267. It contains all blades that have had JuBi status from such masters as Kanenaga, Sadayoshi, Sadamune, Norinaga, Nobuyoshi, Kunitsuna, Sukezane, Kunimitsu, Yukimitsu, Masamune, Sadamune, Hiromitsu, Akihiro, Masahiro, Muramasa, Kaneuji, Shizu... format A4, Hardbound, 245 pages Below each photo a swordsmith in Latin https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042494?secret=YqMeGo9OyWT92V2U86X5udl18 12. Meito Zufu                                                       Junji Homma  1935            290 €       Famous sword This book will soon be 100 years old, yet its condition is very good. great opportunity to look to choose the best in nihonto Reason for sale - I managed to buy a complete set of Kokuho Nado Zufu published 1935, 27 x 37 x 3 cm, Hardbound, 230 pages Table of contents translated into English by Markus Sesko, kanteisho for each blade in Japanese https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042587?secret=Q49hGQ3uCWfg99DYpbjE012k9   All prices + PP fees + shipping Sent from Slovakia - no additional charges within the EU
    • Price reduced to 200€ plus shipping and Paypal 
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