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  1. Jeremy, how long ago, as this method may not currently be available. And as a matter of interest (a) what did you describe the item as, and (b) how long was the package. thanks Mal
  2. Ron An excellent couple of spits, most enjoyable, informative and I'm sure therapeutic. Also fascinating to see what you are selling. All the best with the sale. Mal
  3. Thanks Bryce & John, thats what I feared. It seems to have become near impossible over the last 12 months. Mal
  4. Help please. I am trying to get a sword sent from California to Australia, but any attempt via USPS is blocked as prohibited. There is only a dropbox of descriptions and most are banned. Most non PO couriers are very expensive. Any suggestions of best approach. There must be some way. Thank you.
  5. JT could you ID the motorbike, and a pic?? Thanks. Fantastic setup, a labour of love. Mal
  6. Stephen & Volker, there is a detailed summary of these tosho in Tokushima Swordsmiths article in NMB Downloads. Mal
  7. Yes it is Inaba, see Naval Swords NMB Downloads page 90 +
  8. Erwin, looks to be Kato Zennosuke, whose swordsmith name was Jumyo. Have a look at the Naval Swords article in NMB Downloads, p. 9 and 42, summary of him. From pics your sword looks early war. See the plain iron tsuba and sakura stamp on it, and green ito. Maybe the "16" is Showa (1941) but sword may be a bit earlier, so something else?? This Jumyo did do some heavily cut kiri yasurime like this blade. The word Jumyo meant "long life" so often popular as gifts. There were Jumyo smith in early Seki from Koto period, then in Shinto they moved to Owari.
  9. Something on his background. Ikeda Norihisa (Echigo, Niigata) (also known as Ikeda Hisashi, b.1932) from Nagaoka city in Niigata, Japan (formally known as the ancient province of Echigo). He was a direct student of Yamagami Akihisa (Yamagami Shigetsugu, b. 1910) which attended the Japanese sword forging school Nihon Tanren Denshusho founded by Kurihara Akihide. Norihisa's teacher won numerous prizes prior to WWII including Monbu Daijin Sho (Minister of Education Award), Kaigun Daijin Sho (Minister of the Navy Award), Rikugun Daijin Sho (Minister of the Army Award) in Shinsakuto (new sword) exhibitions. Yamagami also worked as Rikugun Jumei Toso for the Japanese army during WWII. In 1941 he was given Tokubetsu Meiyo Seki - Special Honor Seat in the Army Gunto exhibition. After the war, in 1954 he obtained a sword forging permit from the Japanese government and continued his career as a swordsmith. He won many awards such as Doryoku Sho and Nyusen in the annual Shinsaku Meito Exhibition while teaching numerous young swordsmith including his son Norihisa (則久) and Ikeda Norihisa (法久). Ikeda Norihisa's blades are quite rare.
  10. Ciro, looks to be Ikeda Norihisa of Echigo (Niigata), date is Heisei 11, 5th month (May 1999). There are a few on google. Its a nice looking blade by the way.
  11. George, Bruce, Geoff, there are pics and some discussion p. 30, of Inaba / Matsubara in Naval Swordsmiths #2 in NMB Downloads. As well as some comments on Kaigun Jumei Tosho.
  12. Thank you Koichi san. Is here some record for this correct pronunciation as "Osawa"?
  13. Eric, looks a nice clean blade. There is a summary of him in article on Japanese Swordsmith in Gifu 1937, in the NMB Downloads. Here had talent but died early. Can you post a pic of koshirae.
  14. Ken, this is Masanao and polishers. Have a look at the article on Japanese Naval Swords on NMB Downloads, pages 25+, lots of info and images.
  15. Kanenami looks correct. His mei has some variations though. See article on Japanese Naval Swords in NMB Downloads, page 33+.
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