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  1. https://www.choshuya.co.jp/senrigan/無文図鍔 無銘 刀匠/鍔/刀匠?lang=en Make them an offer?
  2. These are "transition" papers from 1980 (1980-1982 or 1983??). I think Danny Massey's site has a good article on them. They are more reliable than the old dark green Tokubetsu Kicho papers, but I don't know if they are considered Valid. Tosa Myochin would be late Edo. They copied and interpreted Higo and Akasaka designs in their own fashion and sometimes command good prices. This one I would say is a Higo copy or interpretation. This one just sold in Japan two or three weeks ago. I was contemplating a bid, but it went too high for my interest level.
  3. Ko-Mino and Rinpa are concurrent. Given the nature of the times, the Memento Mori <-> Mushashino explanation makes sense.
  4. Curran

    Looking for school

    Murakami school for starters. There were others that used it. This is not Murakami school workmanship.
  5. Ko-Mino and Mino f/k sets. Same question applies to deer. I associate the bell crickets more with late Momoyama Ko-mino on into Edo, but that may end up being entirely my own view. This set has little silver beads imbedded in all the flowers, though hard to see unless you expand my so-so photo. We can't all be at RKG's level.
  6. Many tachi tsuba would fit the request.
  7. Same age and same boat as you for now. This is one of a few 20th century smiths I'd wanted to pick up an example. I picked up a Shigemasa before Covid put 2 in the chest. Now sidelined for a while.
  8. Flipping kidding me? Over $100 with 4 hours to go? I have a much better one of these in my desk drawer here. Works great and looks much better than the one up for auction.
  9. Personal favorite: http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1956922_1956921_1956924,00.html Elbow worth $50M
  10. If this sword comes up again, I wouldn't mind buying the tsuba. I'm just a fittings collector- no interest in the sword.
  11. How about trading me for your avatar piece ?
  12. Another NBTHK vote for Kyo-sukashi. Thank you Azuma-san.
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