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  1. Absolutely beautiful pour kettle or pot. Unfortunately, not Tsuchiya Yasuchika- as mentioned earlier in this thread. Yet pretty great work. Total pleasure to look at it.
  2. Hi Barry, Your question would probably be better answered in the -Military Swords of Japan- forum section of NMB. The hilt of yours looks very odd to me, but I rarely deal with anything post Meiji. The guys in the Military section can probably quickly tell you a lot more.
  3. It is more likely they are from the 1970s or early 1980s. They would be common in bookstores and gaming stores. My friends and I painted many of these when we were kids on into tween years. I built a similar "diorama". Eventually I scrapped it, but I kept a few of the figures as tokens of childhood.
  4. That is really a great pipe. The only thing I have collected longer than tosogu has been Dunhill and Peterson silver banded pipes. Richard's pipe is a great intersect of my main interests.
  5. Respect to Steve for all his help with translations.
  6. Sesko-sama, I eagerly look forward to them. Thank you for your Herculean efforts. Curran
  7. It looked very modern to me, but hats off to Christian S. for the solid evidence.
  8. Others better than me will help, but, to get the ball rolling, your sayagaki starts out "Echizen Kuni __?___ tsugu." Pretty likely a student of the Yasutsugu line? https://www.nihonto.com/the-yasutsugu-school-康継系/ This is where the fluent guys come in and fill in the kanji I don't know off the top of my head.
  9. Curran

    Peony and lion dog

    Oh, the "Ko-Mino" menuki again. Very pretty. Yeah, this is their third time on Aoi Arts this past decade. They keep coming back. Twice within the last year or so. This time, another price bump- but it has bids. Caveat Emptor.
  10. Curran

    Peony and lion dog

    ? I don't see them.
  11. Kake? https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&p=刀掛け&x=38&y=22 Not ein kuchen (cake), although those are nice too.
  12. Hi Steve, Yeah, it is supposedly a Torigoye hakogaki and indicated as mumei- so I don't think it is a specific name. I was trying to figure the best way to cycle through a lot of school names. I will probably make a best effort with Super Markus Sesko's books tonight. Torigoye-san much have been on his second bottle of sake when he wrote this one. Nice box with one of the more expensive raised pads for floating the tsuba, but the hakogaki is fluid to the point of being partially illegible to my western eyes. I keep my tsuba in heavy padded sleeves and just store the boxes separate until time to sell one or put it on display. I'm concerned I might have sold the tsuba without the box. I've twice sold tsuba forgetting to mention they had NBTHK papers, so forgetting the matching hakogaki box would be typical of me. I have another box with hakogaki for a Hazama tsuba I am pretty sure I sold to someone in Arizona or New Mexico last year.
  13. C'mon stalwart men and women of NMB! Give me a little help here. Even with my reading glasses on, I cannot figure out what school or attribution he was trying to give. Not Shoami, nor many of the other more common ones. Anybody able to give me a clue?
  14. Hi dear NMB members, I can read most of the standard stuff on a hakogaki, but I cannot read the handwriting on the attribution for this box. Mumei tsuba- but what is the school or attribution? The handwriting is beyond my eyesight to decipher. Thank you for any help. Curran
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