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  1. He has had two of the non Sahari ones from the Owari Blue Book sell before. Whatever his source, they cornered the market on the non Sahari Kunitomo.
  2. Hi Charles, Putting together a koshirae is often a fool's errand. I know because I've done it 1.5 times. I'm impressed by your results.
  3. Interesting explanations. --I always took them to be the two blocks used to hold scrolls open when reading or writing. See any Korean or Chinese historical drama whenever anyone is reading, writing, signing anything. Also good for knocking noggins.
  4. I can't. To add to the complexity of this art or hobby interest, the difficulty of passing Juyo has changed over the years. --There are some Juyo that I think would barely pass TH. Conversely, there are some tsuba that would barely make Tokubetsu Hozon these days that are Juyo. Omissions like why no Juyo Saotome? There are a few incredible ones, but I've been told "There are no Juyo ones, so the NTBHK won't make any Juyo" And so on. Incredible work by Jussi.
  5. Gwyn, Does it really matter? Here, now, this object has this value to my existence and identity. To borrow a very ancient quote, "You never step into the same river twice" As Jean says, " I have a suspicion that many TSUBA nowadays are sold very cheaply. Most of them could not be made today at their actual sales price" The level of craftmanship for the price, somewhat ridiculous. Then again, it was very different in the 1980s.
  6. Your reading has been impressive for a while. I doubt I could have ever figured out that 繁 (shige). Interesting tsuba, far away from the schools I know the most about. Decently executed, so Steve is probably right on his attribution to the Edo artist.
  7. I didn't realize the menuki were that large. I considered bidding on them myself, but am fighting with myself to save up money for another purchase later this year. Doc Kyle's writeup is spot-on. My first thought was Ezo, but the longer I look at them the more I agree with Edo revival. --Still, nice posts on the backside point towards older. Nice set.
  8. Curran

    Fumei Kanayama

    Seeing this thread, my though was "Gorinto". It seems you guys had the same thought.
  9. Most of the sets I remember at sword shows had higher prices than Aoi Arts. A NY Metro club member had a set for sale a few years ago. Surprisingly interesting to study, but make sure you have a few long tables.
  10. Both flipping impressive, and rare as unicorns. I and another NMB member were late to that Khorin. Congrats on getting it. You know me and love for Ko-Mino.
  11. Going from a good little show of Akasaka and turning into an interesting display of Namban. Nice to see collections not as concentrated in Higo and Owari as I have been these last few years. Happy New Year to All. May 2022 be -Strong like the Ox-
  12. Ford's imagined response, "I'm a doctor... not a necromancer!" (Ford in the voice of Dr. Bones)
  13. He's dead Jim. (-Star Trek, Dr. Bones)
  14. Most excellent tiger tsuba for 2022. Personally I love the rendering of the pine tree and rain above.
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