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  1. Be good searching for a suitable tsuba
  2. Personally, sometimes struggle with these old blades. Made so long ago and seen so much wear over the years that it shadows the blade it once was. Changes along the hamon, weaker in some areas than others, distraction for me and would probably end up getting a little bored. (at that price) As always, horses for courses.
  3. I looked again too, and actually, for a katana with TH and decent antique koshirae/shirasaya thought the price was pretty fair indeed.
  4. Jon, id be happy to own it, a TH sword with nice koshirae. I can see why you went for it.
  5. We use the term "cobbled" a lot but again worth mentioning that folk have been cobbling koshirae together for hundreds of years. There are things to look for when buying swords with a koshirae. Fit.....is the saya and tsuka made to fit the sword?, does everything line up ok for kozuka/kogai Seppa, do they match the size of the fuchi correctly?, are there too many ? (not to say you wont find examples in the Tokyo museum with seppa that are undersized or stick out like a dogs hind leg) Ray skin............old or new Ito...........old or new Ito wrap, done well or amateurish Damage Quality of fittings Small things can be put right, loose tsuba, seppa, small damage, not the end of the world. Over the years, seen some very good deals on good swords with good antique koshirae. Nick and Ray sold some very nice examples if my memory serves me right.
  6. Hope it comes with some provenance regarding its history, im not seeing any. Tsuka ito dont look so old in the images.
  7. Rare and from an excellent smith, im interested and wishing i could!! Good deal.
  8. Not been on Ebay for a good while but remember one would appear occasionally if i was looking regularly.
  9. Jon Told you you would get some opinions! Another thought, be careful where you show potential purchases, seen one or two get snapped up on sight haha
  10. If we are heading into blade quality, perhaps better with a wak. For a lot less than that seen blades by Naokatsu, Tadakuni, Nobukuni, Sadayoshi come and go.............
  11. Alex A

    My first purchase

    Seen some polishes, looks to be an old blade and interesting. The very first pic, i thought Bizen. (not to say thats right)
  12. As Matt and John point out, that Tadayoshi is nice, from a long line of well known smiths. Konuka hada............
  13. Does not seem so many great deals about at the moment. The koshirae is nice on the Owari (1), The blade itself is nice too. Ive asked for clearer images in the past with this dealer but it does not seem to go down well. Welcome to the wonderful world of buying swords online
  14. Alex A

    A tanto

    Must admit, struggling to see a re-shaped kissaki or anything unusual about the boshi in these images.
  15. Hi Jon, Some variety in that bunch, see your sword must have koshirae. One of the dealers there, imagesi struggle with, blades always look to be in heavy hadori polish even when they might not be, difficult to tell, for me. One of the blades is kanbun shape with little sori, not the most sought after, consider re-sale. One looks tired. All personal opinions and likes, as is what you will find when you ask
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