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  1. Filing ?, or just wear and tear from taking the kogai in and out. Later additions, lucky to find a pair which are an identical match, or if made, you would think after going to all that bother to match, they would be made to fit without having to file existing fittings.
  2. Bump, open to offers, not low offers.
  3. Cheers Brian, in hand and compared to most of the swords i have owned, you just know it was made by a very talented smith. Its on hold for a short while longer Thank you
  4. The potential buyer asked for more pictures but im not sure he has recieved them. I will add a few more here.
  5. Appreciate the offer Ken. Still for sale folks. Cheers
  6. Aye true, thanks , will let it run for a while Cheers
  7. Last call for a sale. Im certain this sword would have sold by now at a higher price than what i ask, without interference from a guy that can afford much more expensive Katana. This is something i have found very disappointing and stressful Anyways, im SURE that any buyer would be happy to own this sword, as i have. I looked into Uda with attributions some time ago, ive seen dozens of Muromachi Uda for sale over the years with hozen just to Uda.
  8. As always, open to pm reasonable offers. No time wasters or low ball offers. Cheers
  9. Ok Adam, lets agree to disagree and not get into a debate here, thank you
  10. One tiny but interesting little feature of the koshirae. Wear on the Kashira, only noticed this whilst looking at mega over sized images. Wear on one corner from handling where a samurai would have his thumb. Just like holster wear, i suppose, that you see on old guns. Subtle features that show they were used and not just kept in a drawer or whatever.
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