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  1. Look through the dealers sites above, Aoi art, e-sword etc and get familiar with swords from each era and their differences. Look long enough and you will get to know what you like, wont take long, i expect. And as always, buy the starter books before you buy.
  2. You would be lucky to come across good quality fittings put together for a sword pre 1900, most you see have been messed with or cobbled together later. Tsuba swapped out, re-wrap, mismatched seppa etc. Also in UK, expect to see out of polish and bad polish. Not to say all polishers here do bad work. Dont expect to see many papered swords in the UK, especially from a dealer high up the google charts. Study blades and get to know what you like before you buy and work out a budget, then take it from there. Otherwise, buyers remorse maybe. Some good swords can be bought quite reasonably but expect to compromise on a lower budget.
  3. When you think you have seen enough, dont need any.
  4. The Fuchi seems interesting due to its shape but this may just be the angle. Be good to see clear images of it by itself. Reminds me of a pre-edo type that are hard to get a hold of..........possibly
  5. If you block someone then you dont see what they are rambling on about, although this could be a risk as you dont know what they might be saying ? (as in ruining sales) I was wondering if its possible to block someone in a way that stops them seeing your posts too. I say this because i see folk ruining sales and trolling, and it would be nice if they disappeared for good. (personal opinion) Kind of ruining being here.
  6. Thought you were keeping out of sales posts ?, AS MENTIONED BEFORE, THIS IS NOT SHINSA
  7. Alex A

    Kabuto opinions

    Thanks all for the replies, but Enough of my time and other folks time has been wasted over this helmet.🙄 Not heard from the guy so dont know WTH is going on, but can only guess. Sure we have all got better things to do, i know i have.
  8. Alex A

    Kabuto opinions

    Thanks Uwe, here is an image without the maedate, i dont yet have one without the liner.
  9. Alex A

    Kabuto opinions

    Thank you, appreciated
  10. Alex A

    Kabuto opinions

    Hi Uwe, thanks for the reply. Im just looking to verify that it is authentic and not a later copy. Cheers
  11. Alex A

    Kabuto opinions

    Hello, Ive had permission to list this Kabuto in the Katchu section for discussion as i have been offered it as part payment on the sale of one of my swords. To be honest, i dont know much about them. Its described as late Edo with more recent maedate and chord As pointed out, an unusual shape. Thanks for any help.
  12. Whoa, easy tiger, im not saying you re disrespecting metal You mentioned copper on copper, and i was wondering about steel on copper. Maybe a Samurai that liked a drink, or had the shakes lol
  13. Well, you said copper and copper, but the blade is made of steel.
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