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  1. Some interesting tsuba, been tempted but buying on hold for a while. The tosho revival also good price, for those that dont want to spend megabucks on a Koto, decent size. The nanako on the copper tsuba better than most you see.
  2. Some great deals Grev, surprised T316 & T288 have not sold yet at those prices!
  3. Thanks JP, no getting away from the fact that we do need polishers closer to home, especially in this day and age. No doubt those reading this in the same situation will stay away from unpolished blades in future. Good luck with the end result, nice to see you being kept up with progress.
  4. Everyones an expert on the internet Also see a lot of pots Kettle & Black syndrome too
  5. Give it some more time, will turn up eventually.
  6. You would assume a student working with a teacher for a long time would pick up all the skills necessary to replicate the teachers work.. Times change, quality of materials, demand, costs etc. Think the "respect your elders", goes a lot further in countries like Japan.
  7. Its a long time, is it a sword ? Ive not seen much difference between now and pre-covid with stuff from the US. Check the tracking and make some enquiries. If it is a sword, may have got held for one reason or another.
  8. Nice, reminds me of Tadakuni. Its all a myth, made up by those that can afford Shodai
  9. Obviously you would only deal with someone who is well known. Some guys have 30+ years experience.
  10. Some guys can do good work, but then you see bad work too, from the same guy. Commercial crappy polish that ruins blades (often required by dealers to keep costs down) Make it clear you dont want the latter.
  11. Hi JP, you been in this hobby a good while now and your wise enough to work out who is capable of doing what. As you say, we cant all send off swords to Japan for one reason or another, or even want to. Its always a risk shipping stuff overseas anyway, plenty here have had hassles Get a set time for the work, dont pay up front. Better in future just to get on with it, bringing it up here will always ruffle feathers.
  12. Look through the dealers sites above, Aoi art, e-sword etc and get familiar with swords from each era and their differences. Look long enough and you will get to know what you like, wont take long, i expect. And as always, buy the starter books before you buy.
  13. You would be lucky to come across good quality fittings put together for a sword pre 1900, most you see have been messed with or cobbled together later. Tsuba swapped out, re-wrap, mismatched seppa etc. Also in UK, expect to see out of polish and bad polish. Not to say all polishers here do bad work. Dont expect to see many papered swords in the UK, especially from a dealer high up the google charts. Study blades and get to know what you like before you buy and work out a budget, then take it from there. Otherwise, buyers remorse maybe. Some good swords can be bought quite reasonably but expect to compromise on a lower budget.
  14. When you think you have seen enough, dont need any.
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