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  1. Dimensions: Yamagane tsuba: 6.1 x 5.8 x 0.4 cm katashirome tsuba: 6.0 x 5.8 x 0.25 cm
  2. Call them what you want (e.g. ko-kinko), but these are two sword guards made of soft metal (yamagane and katashirome, respectively) in the Muromachi period. Simple, utilitarian, they have a great charm and some remnants of black lacquer. I will post dimensions later. $80 each or $150 both. PayPal fees and shipping extra. If you want to pay in EUR I accept only bank transfer.
  3. A yamagane tsuba with remnants of gilding. Muromachi/Momoyama, such a guard would be typically attributed to tachi kanagushi. Whatever the attribution, this is a nice and old soft metal tsuba. The colour of the yamagane is brown and very nice. I will post the dimensions later, but this is a rather thick wakizashi-sized tsuba. The colour of If you want to see a similarly gilded tsuba, there is one (# 38) in "Gai Sô Shi - The Robert E. Haynes Study Collection of Japanese sword fittings" (excellent book, BTW). I post a picture here. $250 (EUR 240) incl. Global Express shipping (w. tracking). PayPal costs extra, for EUR a bank transfer is preferred.
  4. David, I got this: This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.
  5. Mason, Well done with the mei! It looks like a Kaga shinto, Kiyomitsu perhaps. It is machi okuri rather than suriage. It seems like a nice sword.
  6. You are welcome Barry I love this tsuba and it's motif's symbolics.
  7. Now, that is sweet and, to be honest, cheap as dirt! An entry level Higo, that could pave to way to the great stuff that most Jingo work is. Fantastic offer, Michael. I still remember a Jingo bought from you - one of my best guards! Guys, you won't find anything better at this price. Just buy it, it is an opportunity! A real tart, that is passing
  8. This beautiful octagonal iron sukashi tsuba has what is called "presence". It feels heavy and massive in hand, despite its rather average size. A superbly done shakudo fukurin adds to its allure. I admit that although I am not collecting Edo tsuba (unless it is early Edo), I simply could not resist this tsuba. The composition is excellent, the guard radiates strength and confidence. It is one of my favourite tsuba, but I need money for an acquisition. The motif is that of an axe and two mortar pestles. In my humble opinion it alludes to two legends. Firstly, to the legend of Wu Gang, a complacent and disrespectful gentleman who was condemned to eternally cut branches of a Cassia tree on the moon. Secondlu, the Cassia tree and its seeds were associated with immortality, and the Moon Rabbit, a companion of the Moon goddess Chang E was pounding the elixir of life in a mortar (on the moon of course). So, both the axe and the pestle in this motif here represent immortality, but - by associaton with Wu Gang - it is also a warning against arrogance (for which Wu Gang was punished with his Sysiphean task). I have attached a picture of a T'ang dynasty bronze mirror with the motif of Chang E, the Moon Rabbit and the Cassia tree as well as a picture of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's woodblock print "Cassia Tree Moon", showing Wu Gang (from the 100 Aspects of the Moon series). Of course these are not part of the sale I think that both it sturdiness as well as the symbolism of this tsuba made it fit to be worn by a sword master. In any case, it is a very nice guard, in every respect. The NBTHK has judged it to be Echizen. Fine by me, although I cannot quite see why. I think Myochin would be a better call. Well... Measurements: 6.6x6.8 cm Thickness at rim: 0.6cm, at seppa dai 0.5. This tsuba came in an ordinary box, which I can include if the buyer wishes it. but I think it deserves a custom box. Shipping w/o box This splendid guard is yours for: $720 or €640 This includes shipping to EU or US, wire transfer in USD or EUR prefered. Payment schedule possible.
  9. Thanks, Brian, it is indeed priced to sell I think that don’t need to mention, that a donation to the NMB will be made upon a successful sale?
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