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  1. Out of Japan, from a dealer of low level stuff, big name, no NBTHK paper. Draw your own conclusions
  2. Kikuchi yari were straight, so this tanto wasn't one. Lovely blade, BTW.
  3. Dave, Yes, I am reasonably sure. It is ubu and has no kerakubi. I understand that your question is due to the atypical shape (one side being flat), but a modified yari would most likely look differently.
  4. Here is a curious blade. A 15.7cm ken, signed Hoki no kami Fujiwara Nobutaka, 3rd generation (Enpo era 1673-1681). The first photograph shows it next to a 19.4cm tanto. Ura has a flat surface, unlike in standard ken.The flat surface has a hitatsura hamon. I wonder what was the purpose of making such a diminutive blade... Enjoy
  5. I have had many purchases from David. Always prompt shipping, superb service and some real gems! I am happy to recommend David as an excellent seller
  6. May I remark that it seems just slightly suriage and machi okuri? Then again, hard to say without the sword in hand. An excellent offer, BTW.
  7. I And I can add that Grey is a real gentleman. I have bought many times from him, always great service, always very happy. Grey is an institution.
  8. Hi Jason, and welcome to the Board I think you would get better results if you outlined what it is that you would like to purchase. "Any" covers a $500 late Muromachi wakizashi and a $500,000 late Heian tachi masterpiece. You could also indicate your budget, otherwise you will waste people's time. Besides, we have a dealer section here. All dealers in this section are known to and valued by the community. There is also a sales section for private individuals. You had better start with those two. Good luck!
  9. @Jean apologies, haven’t seen your post and posted my comment unnecessarily.
  10. Glad you are not offended read this for starters: http://www.jssus.org/nkp/fake_japanese_swords.html
  11. Why would one bother reading a „signature” on a Chinese fake? To wrap up: nakago has neither a proper geometry, nor finish. The signature is scratched with a sharp tool, not applied with a chisel. Sorry to be brutally honest (I really don’t want to lecture you) but these things are obvious even to a beginner. Oh, and I will spare you any comment on this abomination of a mounting. My advice (which is being repeated ofthen here): buy some books, see some real swords. Learn. Same applies to your friend. If you fail to do so and go out to buy a sword, you will spend money on worthless trash, like this one here.
  12. This is not a proper nakago.
  13. No hope. Sorry. This is a cheap fake.
  14. Marius

    Water wheel tsuba

    This is a tricky one and those eBay pics do not tell everything and might be misleading. I see what seem to be casting bubbles in the sukashi walls. The iron looks brittle in the last picture. Must be seen in hand and scrutinised for traces of tools (chisels), evidence of folding or for tell-tale signs of casting.
  15. The motif brings the battle of Uji to mind. A lovely piece.
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