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  1. Hi everyone, Apologies for not putting up a note sooner, with other projects I haven't been here as much as I would like. Yes, my site, Yakiba.com, is under new construction. As Brian mentioned I have scaled back a little, thought of shutting it down, but I still have a few friends who periodically ask me to help them sell some of their things. So, I guess I will be around a bit longer. Unsure of a new release date as I am not a tech guru and doing it in my spare time. FaceBook is just one of the networking platforms one must accept these days. I moderate on a few of the groups and recently took over the "Japanese Tsuba Collectors" group. At any rate, thanks for asking. Ed
  2. Andi, He is aware of the issue.
  3. Yes, he put a value of $200 on the item though I paid more. It is not the monetary value, it was very little. It is the principle.
  4. I purchased a Kozuka from Micheal Krone (Suketaka) in January 2020 during a sale he posted here on NMB. The kozuka has never been delivered, nor have any of my funds been returned. Micheal was first contacted about this in February 23, 2020, he replied wait. On Feb. 24 I received the following: DHL say: package arrived in your country USPS say: Status In-Transit January 15, 2020 at 3:50 am Processed Through Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) Tracking # is: CY524235865DE After 5 weeks I contacted Micheal again and received the following: Here in Germany i have to open a file at DHL. And these needs again 2 - 3 weeks. Let´s talk again around 6. March. If nothing happens i open the claim at DHL Finally, I was finally able to speak with someone at USPS. So you will know in the future, they informed me that after arriving to the ISC facility (customs) it can remain there for up to 45 business days. 45 business days from Jan, 15th would be approximately March 19th. Nothing to do but wait. After spending forever on the phone I was finally able to speak with someone at USPS. On March 19, I contacted Micheal again to inform him that all items in that container had been delivered.: Micheal, I still have not received my kozuka. Just got off the phone with USPS International tracking. Every item in that container has been delivered. When it say’s arrived in US, that only means the container. It doesn't show individual items. I need you to file a claim. However, as you chose to call it a tie clip and only insured it for $200, you will need to refund the total amount of $342.32. Ed On March 25, Micheal replied: sorry about the delay. Corona.... I will open a claim file by DHL in the next days. After no reply, I again inquired on April 11: Have you filed the claim for my kozuka yet?? I haven't received any correspondence from you in regards to it. It has been 15 days since you told me you would take care of this. You need to let me know something ASAP. On April 13 Micheal replied: i send the claim to DHL. The write it need minumum 3 weeks to get a answer. So please be patient. I´ll back soon as possible. June 5: Michael, I wrote to you a month ago requesting the refund of the payment sent to you in January. As of now you haven't bothered to reply, nor have you sent any updates regarding the claim. This lack of communication is very unsettling. It has been six months I am beginning to feel I am being taken advantage of. I have filed many claims over time and none have taken this long. Please do the right thing and take care of this by returning the money I paid you. Thank you, Ed June 5: Ed, please understand beside to mange my company i can not thing all the time what´s going on with you case. Unfort. the DHL don´t write me too. I have to call them. This i´ve done 5 min. before. The DHL woman tells me the file is still in progress. And she tell me to call again after the 15. June. This i will do and more i can not do at the moment. And i can not pay back any amout because the package was insured by DHL. And they are responsible for a payment in this case. July 22: Micheal, June 15th has past, any update on the claim? No reply. September 12, 2020: Contacted Micheal again. No reply. December 28, 2020: Contacted Micheal again. No reply. The last reply I received from Micheal was on June 5, 2020. Today is January 02, 2021 Never have I heard of any insurance claim taking so long and as my last reply from Micheal was June 5, 2020 I can only assume I will never receive my kozuka or a refund of my money from him. Micheals actions in our transaction have been very unprofessional and untrustworthy. I feel that my options have been exhausted, my trusting nature damaged. My money has been taken and I have only received excuses. Please take note and beware.
  5. Wow, I just drove through there a few weeks ago from Niagara Falls on my way to VT.
  6. Yep, I checked as well and while they are an option, they are not an inexpensive option. Each book must be labeled and the total weigh of the M-bag cannot exceed 66 lbs. Shipping the box of JSS/US Newsletters to Germany would cost $250 with no tracking or insurance via M-bag. Whereas Priority mail is $150.
  7. Cool, I will look into it tomorrow.
  8. Ed

    Sword Stands

    Stands #4 & #5 are sold.
  9. Brian, There is a media mail option within the US, which is downright cheap with what shipping costs these day. I guess they did away with the option you refer to or at least for something so heavy. I went to the counter and asked if there was any way to ship these books overseas any cheaper and was told yes and no. Yes, there was an option but it had a weight restriction of 4 lbs. So no, due to the weight. Even Priority International "Flat Rate" has a weight limit of 20 lbs. and is $100. I wish I could find a cheaper option.
  10. Now offered Worldwide. Recently there was an inquiry on this set of books from Europe and I was asked to provide a shipping quote. Price options were checked for the three major carriers USPS, Fedex, and UPS. USPS was by far the cheapest. Both online and counter options through USPS were explored, looking for the cheapest option. USPS offers a “first class mail” option but unfortunately it has a weight restriction of 4 lbs. The only option is USPS priority mail due to the weight (42 lbs/105 kgs). The quote for Priority mail insured to Germany was $150 ($149.70). I presume these newsletters could be shipped worldwide for approximately the same price. Therefore, I have decided to lift their sale being restricted to CONUS and will now offer them worldwide. I realize the shipping is not cheap however, if you consider what these newsletters cost with a membership to the JSS/US, they are still a bargain even with the added cost of shipping. When these were issued a membership in the JSS/US was $40 ($60 foreign), that included 6 issues of the newsletter. Therefore, at the time each issue cost $6.66. (foreign $10.00 each). These newsletters, including shipping costs, are being sold for approximately $2.14 each. Considering the amount of information contained within these 140 newsletters, $2.14 apiece is still a great bargain.
  11. A friend made a few Kake or sword stands and asked me to see if there was any interest in them. The are $200 each, except the Antler stand which is $250. You can see them here: http://yakiba.com/misc.htm If you are interested in one of them please contact me via my email address (not pm): Yakiba1@yahoo.com or yakiba.com@gmail.com Ed
  12. Offering a large group of JSS/US newsletters. This lot covers from 1980-2010. *NOTE, typo at the bottom of list should read 2020. There are a few issues missing, please see the following list for complete details. Japanese Sword Society of the United States Newsletters: Box size = 17” x 10” x 12” Weight 42 lbs. This group of books weighs 42 lbs., therefore I will restrict this lot to CONUS only as shipping outside CONUS would be cost prohibitive. Within CONUS shipping via "media mail" will cost approximately $30. $150 plus S/H *** No pm's please. If interested please contact me at: Yakiba.com@gmail.com Like Comment Share
  13. UPDATE: Please note, having issues with my web site and can't log in to update this list, so here is what is left; Listed a few books: http://yakiba.com/books.htm 1. Nihonto no Soe Kogatana by Suenaga Masao. 1975. Clothbound with original slipcase, The most comprehensive book on Kogatana, 7 ¼ x 10 ½”, 257 pages Japanese Text $250 2. Swords of Imperial Japan: 1868 - 1945 by Jim Dawson. 1996. Softbound, 1st edition. Much needed information for collectors of Japanese military edged weapons. 8 1/2 x 11", 160 pages. $25 HOLD 3. Swords of Imperial Japan 1868 – 1945: Cyclopedia Edition by Jim Dawson. 2007. Hardbound, the most comprehensive treatment of the subject Japanese military edged weapons to date. : Excellent photographs, illustrations, detailed descriptions, charts, & time-lines. 8 ¾ x 11 ¼”, 448 pages in English. SOLD 4. Nihonto Swords of Japan a Visual Glossary, Zusetsu Nihonto Yogo Jiten by Kajihara Kotoken. 1989. Clothbound in 2 volumes with slipcases, 10 ½ x 14” each, 600 and 250 pages respectively. This set thoroughly illustrates, identifies, & explains all facets of Nihonto. It boasts a 49 page table of contents. The larger volume has the illustrations and text in Japanese, with titles in English. The smaller volume is a complete English translation. Condition is Excellent. SOLD 5. Arms and Armor of the Samurai: The History of Weaponry in Ancient Japan by Bottomley & Hopson. 1988. Hardbound with dust jacket. A well rounded presentation of all things Samurai, with color and black & white photos and text. 192 pages in English. $30. 6. The Hartman Collection of Japanese Metalwork published by Christie’s, 1976. Cloth bound. With each listing a short description in Japanese is included. Almost all of the 676 lots are sword furniture. Photos are black & white for iron and mostly color for kinko. 9 ¼ x 12 ¼”, 163 pages $50 7. Samurai Warfare Turnbull, Stephen 1997. 158p., printed double-column with sidebars on coated paper stock, b&w and color period images, diagrams, maps, 9.5x7.5 inch glossy color wraps. Price: $25.00 8. Samurai Warriors Turnbull Stephen 1988 . Hardback in black, gilt to spine, with printed end-papers, in full color pictorial jacket. 9.5x7.5 inch. 160 pages i$ 25 9. Battles of the Samurai Turnbull Stephen 1987 . Hardback in black, gilt to spine, with printed end-papers, in full color pictorial jacket. 9.5x7.5 inch. 125 pages $ 25 10. The 'Kinuko' Manuscript, detailing the ancestors of Hizen Tadayoshi 1598-1871. Translated by Roger J. Robertshaw. Newsletter vol. 41 no. 4, August 2009. Special Edition [ of the Japanese Sword Society of the United States ]. NP [ USA ]: Japanese Sword Society of the United States, 2009. First Edition Thus. Soft-cover 58pp. Magazine format, stapled illustrated wrappers, b&w illustrations. signed by the translator at the end of the introduction. Special issue of the newsletter of the Japanese Sword Society of the United States devoted to the facsimile reproduction and translation of the Kinuko Mss. Facsimile of the Japanese mss. text opposite English translation. The condition is excellent with minimal shelf wear. $25 HOLD 11. The Code of the Samurai by Inazô Nitobé 2013, Hardcover 96 pages 7 5/8" x 10 1/2" Beautifully produced in traditional binding with cloth cover and string, and with a timeless design, this book includes the classic Inazo text with a new introduction. $25 HOLD 12. The Japanese Sword by Kanzan Sato. 1983. Hardbound with dust jacket. A great beginner’s book, 210 pages in English. $20 HOLD 13. The Book of the Sword Tom Buttweiler (Ten Monographs On Japanese Swords) 1979 Hardbound, 159 pages, Divided into 3 sections: Sword as History, Sword as Steel (practical aspects), and Sword as Art (including an article on tsuba by Dr. Homma). In a pocket inside the back cover are 3 foldouts, printed both sides, of “Oshigata of a few of the many fine swords found in western collections”. Edited by Randolph B. Caldwell. $20
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