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  1. nice blade! wish i could see it live! good luck! Christian
  2. it is custom Brian! least i think? (Resulting custom taxes...)....least for us here.... such custom taxes may pay the industry! but very certainly not a private person! Jepp....so far- do let us see... Christian
  3. Grey had this material posted a couple of months already- i do not know if he still can offer it?....do have a look... otherwise- do look on those JSSUS Issues posted around 2013-15 if i am right now?....there were some articles written on this school... otherwise do come back... Christian
  4. hmph....??? BIG LOL from me here! but yes! why not? Christian
  5. Yepp, i do agree.... those are coming the more and more scarce... do keep it! its Hizen...and Hizen did it always excellent! ( just see their´s formidable blades they did! ) very nice! Christian
  6. Dear Gentlemen, i may part with some of my old Tea Ceramics- do but not know if there is or may be interest for such here in the forum ? i do have 2 Chawan ( in my eyes late Edo/ early Showa) and a stoneware Tea-Leaf jar ( Bizen or Seto ) which do look for a serious collector / and-or/ a new home.... please do feel free to get in touch with me if interested. I do know it is actually a rather hard time for many of us collectors- do but keep on going! my email adress is: christian-malterre@web.de (Germany) please do not send me PM´s as hazardous i only seldom get them due obvious provider-errors.... Christian
  7. OK. seems this did not work so far.... you should have my email...otherwise do post me a message again please. i am interestet into the whole Lot...depending the shippimg costs to Germany... thank you very much for providing me onto the total.... ( your´s cost in Total! ) me
  8. i would ben interestet into the whole lot- depending.... i do send you a mail.... will see if it works.... me
  9. For a Tetsu-Nin / Jin--- such piece does eitherway cry for a "keep on hold" Richard. just Nice! ! one of the first piece i do see , done by him / group??- following this rather Edo style way of taste ..... as he and the group is rather known to work into the Mikawa tradition....least for me.... after the settlement of course, they did work more into this lavish Kyushu and Kaneie stilism... how are the exact measurements ? please do let me know! Excellent Tsuba! Very nice to see it! My very honest Congratulations! Chistian
  10. very strange! i have never ever seen this model ( in 8.- 9. - Flobert- and 3.0 Mauser-//// with such carving-/-/ filing marks ever! Also, i just do remark, for the original first 3 generations one, the Hammer is not authentic! ( latter ones are either not relevant...) somehow ( very!) strange to my eyes...but yes? who knows...? ( i won´t buy or own it for shure!...it does rather look cinematic for me ? ) maybe a "Star Wars" cinematic weapon....worn by a Mandalorian,or a Stormtrooper ! LOL! Christian
  11. i personally do like this Tsuba! i even would like this Tsuba had a attribution to the Tosa..... ( as such i would certainly had a quick jump onto it ! ) as but "Japan" does say "Akasaka"... this would not ben possible i do think ??? ( LOL!) so far.... ! happy bidding! Christian
  12. it is available online! do browse Universität Heidelberg. Christian
  13. Great! nice so to see you´re still here! ( least back...) i do confess, i meanwhile rarely do look- but here ! i will do! very nice to see and read about you! especially in such special times..... do keep on going well! Chris
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