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  1. Thank you! yepp....good home i think...thank you Grev- those are very kind words!....and do hurry you for the Sadahiro before i will hurry myself again.... Steve is a good old Tsuba collectors friend...since many years....and i just do second Jean here in full heart! me
  2. Oktober ??? or in english October ??? a bit late so to call a warning - NOT ? bu well.... i personally noticed that ad.
  3. extremely strange! ( i do repeat me ) i had myself some change in Tsuba collection with Grev in past years! I never had any complaints! neither from custom, neither from providers and last but not least by customer..... as i say! i never personally had any such complaints yet.... UK or US.... Thank you for the warning!
  4. OK! Thank you Brian! i got a bit confused reading this.... as i do have 2 or three " Grev`es" here in the collectioners interest. OK! i do see! even worser!
  5. sorry, i do but not really understand this story here! i do confess! Those both Tsuba were dispatched via the US - comming from France... right? Again dispatched from the US to Great Britain....right ? so back to Europe again / hopefully in full contract! eitherway.... very strange! i never ever had any loss during my collectors career yet! always thought reading such is rather nomenclature to the average level..... as i say, this is very strange!
  6. this is all strange indeed. very strange indeed! ?????
  7. Hi Mark sorry for my delay in answering you! I just do see you wrote back.... ( it is a bit stressy here....) Thank you for those additional pictures! Yes! definitely! it seems me to be a very interesting Tsuba indeed! it looks very healthy, too.... You wrote it is not your´s own one ( yet ?)- so i just recomment you so to hurry about it! ( if it´s price is acceptable of course....????) I do like this design a very lot i just can confess you! do you know the exact measurements of this Tsuba ? it seemingly least "looks old" ( with old i do speak from Tsuba dating pre Edo ) indeed! it is very interesting! and certainly range out of this generally common to seen stuff.... heartly! Christian
  8. Dear Mark, despite struggeling into "iffs" , i think, it may be much more fruitful so to discuss your´s Tsuba itself! Not? i dare to see a somehow Nakago-Hitsu-ana from Nambokucho forged Nakago shape here ??? am i right? ( your´s picture is lavish and nobody can really see decent detail here! ) least not myself. may it cause you some more work and hesitation ? so to maybe post some more detail and close up pictures from various sights of a "viewing-ankle"; and eventually? some more close-ups from ( it´s Tsuba) wall surface ( maybee?) calling it a Owl is certainly "a Owl" - does but very certainly not help! least, i do think so..... Christian
  9. To give you a answer to your´s question- your´s Tsuba is neither of both! A Tosho Tsuba is a Tsuba dating early 12th Century till up to Nambokucho ( this is roughly about 400 to 450 Years ) A Katchushi Tsuba is is practically congruent; just to find real Katchushi works from Nambokucho is relatively scarce. All Tsuba in stilism to both above mentioned exemplaires can not be called Tosho, neither Katchushi. very simple. latter works sometimes are called " by name" to theirs specific shape and execution, do but have nothing to do with the real ones! your´s is a latter Edo times " revival of the good old days " -shape ....it is not a old Tsuba at all. It is just Edo. Christian
  10. nice blade! wish i could see it live! good luck! Christian
  11. it is custom Brian! least i think? (Resulting custom taxes...)....least for us here.... such custom taxes may pay the industry! but very certainly not a private person! Jepp....so far- do let us see... Christian
  12. Grey had this material posted a couple of months already- i do not know if he still can offer it?....do have a look... otherwise- do look on those JSSUS Issues posted around 2013-15 if i am right now?....there were some articles written on this school... otherwise do come back... Christian
  13. hmph....??? BIG LOL from me here! but yes! why not? Christian
  14. Yepp, i do agree.... those are coming the more and more scarce... do keep it! its Hizen...and Hizen did it always excellent! ( just see their´s formidable blades they did! ) very nice! Christian
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