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  1. So true. Some times they just guess.
  2. Hi Grev, as a librarian, those index card cabinets trigger me extremely. Very nice collection and good luck trying to find out how many are enough ! regards,
  3. Maybe not worth much, but sooo kawaii 😁!
  4. Seal script? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seal_script
  5. Just a simple myochin piece, but with a certain feel to it.
  6. Just had to reset my password, works fine now! 😎
  7. Teimei

    Mokume tsuba

    My first myochin piece just arrived at my doorstep (lucky day! no taxes no custom fees ). dimensions: 8,2 x 8,0 x 0,4 cm regards,
  8. Also received a tsuba today via EMS, that was shipped on the 2nd of july. regards,
  9. Hi folks, title says it all. Most of the examples i saw for sale are in pretty bad condition, because of extensive use over a long period of time. Papers would be nice, but not necessary. Some examples: regards, P.S.: Bonus round! If you own the tsuba (or know the owner) of the tsuba that was sold by Grey Doffin AND you want to sell contact me anytime! https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/holbrook-tsuba/h181-teimei
  10. I own the same pair of scissors, ridiculously sharp. regards,
  11. Hi Roger, the theme of your tsuba is the Mon of the Honda family. I have a quite similar early owari piece. The condition of your tsuba is not the best, but i like the rendition of it!
  12. Teimei

    Mokume tsuba

    Thats a great collection Joe! I am also a big fan of mokume, especialy from Sado and Kishu (Sankei) Sado Toshisada 7,5 x 7,4 x 0,4cm Kishu Sankei 2 tanto sized and a big one regards,
  13. After 2 visits in person and a few angry phonecalls i could pick it up (after i paid the taxes of course). Took them 4 days. They told me it was checked by an "expert" of the ministry of culture, but the package was sealed and untouched . It probably never left the building. Long story short... stay calm and friendly and only talk directly with the chief of customs.
  14. Nearly the same happened to me quite some time ago with a little yari i bought from Grey Doffin. At first they wanted me to prove that the yari was NOT important! Bunch of clowns sometimes...
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