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  1. Is it sold? https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-soji-chikuzen-daijo-taikai-naotane-kao/ Best
  2. BIG

    Tsuba article

    Brücke von seta.pdf
  3. BIG

    Tsuba article

    Once upon a time I sent this little article ... Please feel free for your opinions, do you people like it, I'm hungry for responses... Best
  4. Yes, the last pic on the left shiws a Hojoji Kunimasa Juyo.. https://www.juwelier-strebel.de/asienkunst/Japan/daisho-katana/seite-2 Best
  5. Sorry.. http://www.nihonto-club.de/seiten/berichte.html Best
  6. Hi Grev looks like 28 mm tabletop figures, looks like handpainted stuff.. Diorama IMO is not a burner, ...? Best
  7. Hi George, in Markus Lexikon der japanischen Schwertschmiede A-M page 257, there is a Kunihide, Showa, 1926-1989, Kyoto - "Kunihide", Familienname " Takashima " , rikugun-yumei-tosho Best
  8. BIG

    The Amulett sword

    Made 1933 and gave as a gift to the Imperial family when the later Akihito Tenno was born. A short sword with the "rest material" of the Amulett sword was offered to the Iwashimizu-Hachi Mangu shrine in 1960. https://sumikai.com/nachrichten-aus-Japan/kultur/zeremonielles-kurzschwert-der-kaiserfamilie-wird-ausgestellt-246978/ Best
  9. Daniel Bürgin from Switzerland wrote the book: Muteki - ohne Gegner ( German ) Geschichten von japanischen Schwertschmieden und Schwertern published june 2020 "Es ist die Absicht, von einer repräsentativen Auswahl japanischer Schwertschmiede mehr zu überliefern als nur den Namen und ein paar Lebensdaten." I have his book: " Auf der Suche nach Yamato", and it's great. Anyone recomment or not? Best
  10. ..https://www.agsa.sa.gov.au/whats-on/exhibitions/samurai/ Best
  11. http://www.japansword.co.jp Best
  12. Notes on Gunki and Military tales
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