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  1. https://www.artfoxlive.com/product/2296214.html
  2. Glen, sets look similar. First set do not look good IMO, second set looks finer and paper seems good. So there are two sets.. BEST
  3. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/110071292_imperial-tanto-dagger-sword-from-hirohito-box-papers BEST
  4. JT, fantastic man cave ( all good things together ).. Please tell us more about your swords. BEST
  5. HAMANO.. https://web.artfoxlive.com/product/2575662.html
  6. Hi Brian, is your sword the same sword shown in your link, lost double Hi to many polishes? BEST
  7. Welcome back a true and honest member. Ron, all the best for your sales..
  8. YES and ask for the kakemono and the Tachi kake .. BEST
  9. Nice sword and Koshirae, tasteful presented… BEST
  10. Hi nickm, looks to me like a good handmade chinese sword. Why don`t you join a New York Token Kai meeting and or contact NMB dealer. You came on board 2018, why are you going the bitter ebay way to collect? Time I get some more red coups, but can`t resist.. BEST
  11. HI GEORGE, you joined the board since may 2018. DID YOU learn anything about NIHONTO ? BEST
  12. Hi Michael, this book may help you.. https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b732-zusetsu-bungo-yamada BEST
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