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  1. ..https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/search-tsuba#lot-268e4e13-35b5-4e35-8ad5-adb700e63f6f BEST
  2. BIG

    Sotheby`s results

    Curious, looks like an Italien property ? BEST
  3. BIG

    Sotheby`s results

    https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2021/the-samurai-Japanese-arms-and-armour BEST
  4. Or tin opener for your cats.. http://www.touken-matsumoto.jp/en/product/shousai/TAN-0200 BEST
  5. Rai Kunimtsu.. http://world.seiyudo.com/product/ta-120120/ BEST
  6. LOOKING GOOD.. http://www.touken-matsumoto.jp/eng/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/10769657-F5DB-4D17-AA25-8A91DA77642A.jpeg
  7. CONGRATS SIR, own a Naomasa Katana with TH papers and your name on it.. ALL THE BEST
  8. Hi James, other option is to find a Japanese smith and create first a display with all materials and secondly a display with the about ten forging step examples. Don`t know about time and money…may be one of our men in Japan can help. All the Best
  9. Hi James, there is a display box from Hanwei in the Netherlands… https://www.japanszwaard.nl/zs-box2.html BEST
  10. Hi Tom, think this is the shoshin blade.. BEST
  11. Hi Tom, could be gimei.. Bunka 4 is 1807, the earliest blade he dated with his Kao is a Tanto dated BUNKA GO-NEN CHUSHU JOJUN (Kataoka Ginsaku) early august Bunka 5 (1808) BEST
  12. All the best Ray, but a true Nihonto is lost, so… BEST again no red coups for the bearer..
  13. I am only the message bearer.. BEST
  14. https://www.yamatobudogu.com/products/antique-nakago-section-with-a-poem-carved
  15. Yep, pdf dońt work, you find the essays, sure.. BEST
  16. Like it.. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/lyon-and-turnbull/catalogue-id-srly10342/lot-2c9c9b7a-d448-4a57-acba-ad9f00d3c042 BEST
  17. Quick research..https://data.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/search/results?query=Japanese+swords+and+koshirae&operator=AND&sort=desc Bishu Osafune (No) Ju Sukesada Awataguchi Omi (No) Kami Tadatsuna BEST
  18. WOW. All the best. Please keep us informed about the whole process. Why Lynchburg, VA ? BEST
  19. Found this on a german shop. May be not a bad idea presenting a Masamune or a Naotane for your man cave or living room ? https://www.Japan-shop-yumeya.de/deko/wanddeko/fotos-bilder/katana-japanische-samurai-schwert BEST
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