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  1. Really sad news Tom, was just getting ready to pack Norimitsu. Too bad for all involved.
  2. Really sad news Tom, was just getting ready to back Norimitsu. Too bad for all involved.
  3. What do you want from me Dave, i knew him 20+ years ago. Treated me with respect. Hes a fncky used sword dealer now have i bought off him no, so back the fnck off. Now go beat some more dead 🐎.
  4. I know Mark remember s him having a table...mine was three tables down, but tweny+ years later can wipe out many things. Like me remembering his name. He was pleasant bloke then turned(Showa) dealer, joke.
  5. Boy do i want to step into this heaping pile of HS? Ill i say is if you think he took time mod that bayonet .....well heavy sigh. Hes a used car... Er sword dealer. Sells other ppl crap. Ill just say i dont put all of them in same box. Monkey being the worse. Check past sell list of Komonjo san...i think you'll find juyo blades.
  6. Tks guys the consensus was with the added leather seppa there must been a repair. The screw wear marks are in line with the tsuka.
  7. For those who fb https://www.facebook.com/groups/1542406446018557/permalink/2901547213437800/
  8. Did they start at one ? Talking a bout one on FB, Its number is 1834 matching saya #. The kicker is it has a screw...evey thing else is spot on. So wondering if number start after 1800s then we can add another flag.
  9. JMPOV Kas, that and .50 will get you...ah i guess nothing now days.
  10. #1 post should have been removed from the gitgo. What a wast of space and time. All the mods must be in the retirement home n Boss not far off with his memory typing.
  11. Looks like it was defaced.
  12. Study the sword...it will tell you what it is. Yes i can be even more cryptic.
  13. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/naga.htm
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