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  1. Id say it's coming around. Might want to consider polish. If its worth to you.
  2. Thank you Morita san...i wasn't 100% on noshu i should have known being it was after Seki. Hai domo!
  3. What i was working with but wanted other opinions thanks Bugs
  4. Seki ju Noshu Kane...? Fellow had at gun show that i couldn't make.
  5. Love the display nice setup. Fire is great too.!!!
  6. Cheerio is right Malcolm. Mr Beato used the props to stage his photos not really knowing how samurai wore ther sword. There's one some where with a togi polishing swords.
  7. Those color tin type are staged...much like the old west that we have at amusement parks here in us.
  8. Last attempt to redeem n help It looks like dried yellow uchiko powder Did you Google the translation SM gave you.. ? You'll find more than a few examples of his mei. Hot water an old toothbrush will clean up the mei. Note the strokes are the chippy style.
  9. You and me too Klaus. Knowing Matt im sure one would have some wiggle room. Gendai are only going to increase in vaule as time goes on.
  10. If your buying via buyee just click DHL for shipping. My last two wins got to me as fast as EMS with better tracking!
  11. IMHO uchikoing daily with top grade uchiko ball will do wonders for it. Bob Benson's are the best for the money.
  12. BQ Knows his stuff suprised he didn't say smith. If you have bright room hold at ceiling corner with a little bit of movement you should see the hamon pop out. The more i look at the blade an not the ground the more im liking it.
  13. Sorry so blunt attitude not implied
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