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  1. Lol wasn't asking for each....just https://www.ebay.com/str/bleedinggumsstore Love the 1962 price of $1.80 for a tsuba im bidding on. Lots of lots to sift through. Tks for link!
  2. A Daisho set. Looks like the dai ito was taken off and tried to put back. The ol Christmas look (stupid joke)... So the tanto is signed? Id guess Shinshinto era
  3. Dont find the seller.... link please of his items for sale.
  4. I'll play devil's advocate if your friend thought he was actually buying a soshin for that price...well lets say i may have a thing or two for sale. Even though a little bit overpriced for a wak it is actually not so bad of sword. Seen a lot worse sold for more.
  5. Was never a fan of cut out horimono....thats definitely opinion changer. Very nice.
  6. Dont feel bad Bruce, i cant remember last week let alone last year...lol 😂😢
  7. Jeez i have a hard time with your suke... let alone the first id give a yoshi or kane JSI oshigata look
  8. Reason: members may miss a good sword from a civilian stopping in to sell his sword. Probably won't be back with another.
  9. Wondering why one cant edit. I thought all Gold Members had that option. Mtcw we shouldn't require Gold....id go with sell more than one a month required to donate before selling again. Something along those lines.
  10. Did I say anything was wrong with the mon? Its been blacked not worn off. Done with no finesse.
  11. Agreed, sloppily done. I would hope it would clean off where its not meant.
  12. Im wondering if a previous owner had the shakes when he was blacking out the mon. They're black magic marker streaks from the top down to the Mon.
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