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  1. IMHO uchikoing daily with top grade uchiko ball will do wonders for it. Bob Benson's are the best for the money.
  2. BQ Knows his stuff suprised he didn't say smith. If you have bright room hold at ceiling corner with a little bit of movement you should see the hamon pop out. The more i look at the blade an not the ground the more im liking it.
  3. Crop much.??..you wouldn't have such problems if you cropped out all the background trash.
  4. Thank you Mauro i knew i could count on your experience. Not that rair of theme see FB post
  5. Translation say frog looks like toad to me.
  6. My guess is type of shark skin https://images.app.goo.gl/omwo7hFy7FZrEnkK7
  7. Seen more than a few black painted tsuba. I just always fig it was field done to make sure sun did not cause a wink and give away position.
  8. I dont know Anthony name here hed be the go to guy in my book https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011421969176
  9. Stephen

    Tsuba motif

    Shop koi on ebay it will come to you. My latest pick up
  10. Stephen

    Tsuba motif

    Im sure plants are intended. Tks for the clove heads up. Koi swim in schools so same direction.
  11. Stephen

    Tsuba motif

    Im sure you all see two plants i was wondering if anyone sees a koi on each side?
  12. Daved it goes with out saying after a degreaser one would clean any residue. The curators at both gold star Museum and a local Historical Society we had no problem with using goof or oops. When using water use it as hot as you can stand. This will help with the drying.. Once dried oil well then wipe with just a light film of oil
  13. Find a cleaner called ooops or goop off It will remove the grease with ease.
  14. The bottom sword doesn't rest ther it was out to show the sori...it has its own stand
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