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  1. This artist is referenced in Haynes.
  2. Fast shipment, great items .... What else ? Perfect NMB member with excellent communication.... Thank you Kyle
  3. Regarding N° 15 - Mumei Kyo Shoami school
  4. without being sure 100%, I would consider this signature being pronounced EIKO (Yamamoto Eiko, being a student of Okamoto Naofusa ?)
  5. Topic on squirrels and vines......
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Seal_of_Japan
  7. Thank you Grev & Dale . Makes sense !
  8. Another one....
  9. Hi, I was wandering what was this design? and any idea of a school would be a plus. Thank you
  10. Some explanation about this tsuba topic... https://varshavskycollection.com/collection/tsu-0356/
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