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  1. 守邨厚隆 Morimura Atsutaka is lited in Haynes under reference H00162. He is mentionned as being a student of Goto Shinjo. Your tsuba is reaaly a marvel to be restored.
  2. Alex, Nakago size is 3 cm by 1 cm.
  3. Thank you Glen for such nice exemples. I tend to think my tsuba being from the very beginning of Edo. You braught information I could'nt find myself on the web. Thank you so much once again !
  4. And drink a meta glass of chardonnay? Not the same test hmo.
  5. Robert, the seller (Australian one) sold it to me in 2008 as a late muromachi / Momoyama one but I had my doubts. That's the reason why, after research , I was calling for more help on NMB
  6. Hi Piers, Tsuba dimension is: Thickness: 0,2 to 0,3 cm at mimi. Height is 7,7 cm Width is 7,5 cm Thank you for your interest.
  7. Thank you Steven for your kind help! I have no tsuba of that kind.
  8. Thank you Jean and Glen. Definitivly an edo tsuba for sure and probably a tribute to armourer Smith. Thank you for your interest.
  9. Thank you Robert for your kind comments. In fact this tsuba is quite thin but as for Katchushi attribution it does not look like a Tosho tsuba either.
  10. Hi, I have this square iron tsuba for a while. I purchased it as a "Katchushi school tsuba" but I have some doubt as many kantei points do not correspond (mimi / Kiku gata / Fan design /....). Just to point out that this tsuba is ubu. What are you views?
  11. Hi, I got this empty box in a recently lot purchase and I guess someone could tell me what kind of tsuba was in it! Thank you
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