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  1. I wish I'll have opportunities to purchase such a nice set in the future. Pristine !
  2. Happy new year to everyone
  3. It happens frequently in France with regional auction houses not requesting the support of experts offices. It's a trap for new collectors or just individuals wanting to have an exotic asian object. Very sad.
  4. Dear Piers and Steve. Thank you for your interest and your proposals. Another enigma (I like those) to be investigated.
  5. Milke, you did it well ! I like heianjo tsuba and I fully support Jean's opinion.
  6. Hi Tosogu friends I recently purchased this tsuba signed 水府住 重親 彫之 - Mito school Shigechika. I do not find any shigechika in mito school from Haynes but one living in "Fujiwara" and web sources are scarce. Does someone know if there is a Fujuwara place in Mito ? Thank you
  7. I got the two volumes of the NY Met tsuba and it is a great picture database to me. All initiative consisting in gathering pictures of tosogu is more than welcome (by the way I collect old auction catalogues which some time are not very clever in descriptions) . My dream would consist in having with an Artificial Intelligence system , picture comparison betwen my tsuba and a golden source (NBTHK?) ... Dale, you contribution is a key milestone. Thank you !
  8. Nice tsuba and the meaning probably related to Gama sennin...
  9. Kurikata

    Omori Hisanori?

    Hope to see the original one (or a least a similar one) found in the Hawkshaw collection in 1910 (#2163)..... In the description it is mentioned that this piece is signed by Iwamoto Konkwan but "probably fairly modern Tokyo work" . Already at this time !
  10. Pietro, Such origami have been discussed in this Thread on the forum :
  11. Tsuba on the paper looks similar to this one which is quite different from the original post one (First picture)... On another hand, it is not rare to see some "Kunihiro" tsuba with "Christian" topics added in modern times (second picture)
  12. Hi Faust, welcome to the board. Should you have a blade in shirasaya, I would suggest to let it in that way. Shirasaya is protecting the blade against all injuries and air attacks especially if you are in a salty atmosphere (close to a sea shore for instance). Regards Bruno
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