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  1. Chris, several of them are really splendid. I would particularly enjoy to be the kozuka #2 owner (the one with a vine branch and the go den wave). Well done!
  2. A funny one of mines....
  3. Robert, I don't think my tsuba has been lacquered but it has been patinated the way to have a kind of "white & black contrast". Has far as the technic is concerned and as you can see, my tsuba mimi is plain when yours is finely engraved. Therefore I do not think that any hirado tsuba is exactly similar despite a similar design.
  4. Peter , several books (unfortunately in french) on my shelves are dealing with that topic. More or less it is about Japonism. Japanese artists, end of 19th century tempted to reinvent a market in adapting their skills to new buyers / markets. As an exemple Kobayashi Shunko has skills in metals , ceramics, cloisonné, enamels and mixed techniques to make Okimono for tourists. Seke Eisuke was mixing wood (bamboo) and metals to make flower vase. Those are some exemples of a multitude of artists trying to survive from old times to new ones.
  5. Amateurish comments : Why remove those panels from the silver Kiseru. It's a piece of Japanese history and it shows how tosogushi adapted their business to a "new" economy...
  6. My Katanakake arrived today, very well packed and better in hands than shown on Ed's site. A unique piece very well made !
  7. Adam, I'll let experts confirm or indicate that I am completely wrong but my guess is: N°1 - Tadamitsu N°2: Egawa Toshimasa
  8. Just for fun, I have this "Tanto" ? which has been made from a broken wakisashi and with the end (A kind of kissaki) being reshaped. For which purpose ?
  9. Steve , what to say ? The only words which are coming in my mind: どうもありがとうございます
 Doumo arigatou gozaimasu
  10. I would guess mino school. Very nice shakudo tsuba!
  11. Thank you so much Mauro ! I interpreted Naunton collection description as "Signed by Joi" when it was just mentioned "Joi school" and I didn't even try to think that it was the same tsuba.... So now I have a double reference for my tsuba and you brought more value to it... Thank you again !
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