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  1. once again a great thank you to you Morita San.
  2. Thank you Ray, I have focused the signature if any help....
  3. Hi, I am unable to decypher so many kanji and assistance is strongly needeed. Thank you for your help
  4. Mine on my profesionnal badge. By the way if someone can tell me if it is a Kendo one or not.?
  5. Kurowa Katsutoshi worked in Yashu, Shimotsuke Province and was well known for his sword fittings made in the Mito-school style combined with that of the Tamagawa school. Is it the same Kozuka ? : https://www.lotsearch.net/lot/attributed-to-kurowa-katsutoshi-late-18th-early-19th-century-inlaid-41209150?page=3&orderBy=lot-startPrice&order=ASC
  6. Kurikata


    Similar on on Ebay without attibution: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174940020343?hash=item28bb3cde77%3Ag%3AmxcAAOSwHkZhMEBK&LH_Auction=1
  7. Hi, I have purchased a kozuka signed 直随 Naoyuki (right side) which is similar to one, present at The Metropolitan Museum (left side). Both are signed Naoyuki but signatures are someone different. Is mine gimei (right side signature)? Thank you for you views
  8. Same topic on one of my tsuba... Not as nice as your kozuka and menuki....
  9. Mark, Aizu Shoami school kantei points as @Curran explained : * Hitsu ana similar in shape both sides (Kogai @ kozuka) * flat rounded shape (maru) * accumulation of soft metals * design of arrows Size of the tsuba is 8,5 cm in diameter.
  10. Very nice set. I wish I own such a pristine set.
  11. Brian, 5 metals if you add the iron plate. But you are right, as far as the inlays are concerned, we have 4 different metals: - Suaka - Shakudo - Silver/ Shibuichi - Gold (golden leaf) I like this mix of colours very much.
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