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  1. What lovey tsuba you have Chuck! Sunagawa Masayoshi is referenced in Haynes with ID H4798. Your tsuba signature is: 松柏堂砂川正吉 - Shohakudo Sunagawa Masayoshi Kao - Made by Masayoshi from Sunagawa Please refer to this thread on NMB forum :
  2. From Joly's SHOSANKENSU, 3 Yasutaka are listed.. Your tsuba kakihan looks similar to Nukugawa Yasutaka as mentioned by Barrie. Anyway, lovely tsuba
  3. In any event, all's well that ends well.
  4. Haynes mentions such a name as reference H04832 being a student of Goto Tsunemasa and a retainer of the Kii branch of the Tokugawa Bakufu. Being active around 1825-1850.
  5. Marc, Haynes lists at least 12 to 15 tsubako having used the Shigeyoshi name. When we come to Kinko Meikan , a similar signature is mentionned at 158 b (埋忠七左衛門 橘重義作) Hope it helps!
  6. Winter sales: #1 --> €350 / $425 #2 --> €500 / $605 #3 --> €350 / $425
  7. Hi Carl, this statue is commonly seen in various auction houses in France and on the web: https://www.google.com/search?q=bronze+tiger+Japan&rlz=1C5CHFA_enFR917FR918&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-sdGUlMTuAhWl0eAKHZiWA4gQ_AUoAXoECBIQAw&biw=1920&bih=983
  8. Luca, Haynes mentions a Chosuke with ref. H04252 (masanaga) but I doubt it is the same artist...
  9. @Sebastien: That is a good idea and would be in the Japanese mind set (I like the idea of the Tsuba being the whole rebus for Ume.) @John A Stuart: That is probably the most close Kamon we could find and related to the Akeshi family (Bellflower) Thank you both of you for those very interesting proposals.
  10. Dear Tosogu friends, I let you comment this Umetada Shigeyoshi ( 埋忠橘重義 ) Tsuba. If someone has a clue on who is the artist having signed it (among the 12 to 15 artists having signed this way) it would be a plus. Other question: I guess the design is height Ginko leaves and represents a Family crest . What are you views? Thank you
  11. Jean , both tsuba are high quality and will come soon or later on the market. We'll have an eye on them.
  12. Catawiki experts are unknow experts.... Catawiki is the Ebay second league....
  13. I wish I'll have opportunities to purchase such a nice set in the future. Pristine !
  14. Happy new year to everyone
  15. It happens frequently in France with regional auction houses not requesting the support of experts offices. It's a trap for new collectors or just individuals wanting to have an exotic asian object. Very sad.
  16. Dear Piers and Steve. Thank you for your interest and your proposals. Another enigma (I like those) to be investigated.
  17. Milke, you did it well ! I like heianjo tsuba and I fully support Jean's opinion.
  18. Hi Tosogu friends I recently purchased this tsuba signed 水府住 重親 彫之 - Mito school Shigechika. I do not find any shigechika in mito school from Haynes but one living in "Fujiwara" and web sources are scarce. Does someone know if there is a Fujuwara place in Mito ? Thank you
  19. I got the two volumes of the NY Met tsuba and it is a great picture database to me. All initiative consisting in gathering pictures of tosogu is more than welcome (by the way I collect old auction catalogues which some time are not very clever in descriptions) . My dream would consist in having with an Artificial Intelligence system , picture comparison betwen my tsuba and a golden source (NBTHK?) ... Dale, you contribution is a key milestone. Thank you !
  20. Nice tsuba and the meaning probably related to Gama sennin...
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