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    Similar on on Ebay without attibution: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174940020343?hash=item28bb3cde77%3Ag%3AmxcAAOSwHkZhMEBK&LH_Auction=1
  2. Hi, I have purchased a kozuka signed 直随 Naoyuki (right side) which is similar to one, present at The Metropolitan Museum (left side). Both are signed Naoyuki but signatures are someone different. Is mine gimei (right side signature)? Thank you for you views
  3. Same topic on one of my tsuba... Not as nice as your kozuka and menuki....
  4. Mark, Aizu Shoami school kantei points as @Curran explained : * Hitsu ana similar in shape both sides (Kogai @ kozuka) * flat rounded shape (maru) * accumulation of soft metals * design of arrows Size of the tsuba is 8,5 cm in diameter.
  5. Very nice set. I wish I own such a pristine set.
  6. Brian, 5 metals if you add the iron plate. But you are right, as far as the inlays are concerned, we have 4 different metals: - Suaka - Shakudo - Silver/ Shibuichi - Gold (golden leaf) I like this mix of colours very much.
  7. Thanks Grev. Aizu Shoami as expected. I still does not understand why those artists with such skills didn't sign their production...
  8. Kurikata


    Dale, I am 100% in line with Geraint. As far as I collect Tosogu, I never saw such fragile items mounted on swords. Purely aesthetic attempts therefore...
  9. Thank you Richard and Georges. Thank you Georges, especially , as in fact there are similarities between my tsuba Kakihan and Muto Masatoshi's one as found in "Shosenkenshu" book. Apparently Muto Masatoshi ( 正甫 )used this 正克 signature also, as stated in Haynes (H04601.0). I think I have found my guy!
  10. Dear Peter, thank you for your answer and yes, your tsuba shows similarities with mine. But my tsuba maker Masakatsu has to be linked with another school. Which one ?
  11. Dear all, refering to this tsuba I have no clue regarding the school... Refering to flat inlays , It might be Kaga school but the global pictures could bring to Shoami School. Your views please.
  12. Dear all, I have this tsuba in my collection since 1989. I know the signature being Masakatsu and always thought it was Ishiguro school. But when refering to Haynes Index, no artists with such kanji are listed in this school. What is your opinion ? Is it from Yanagawa ? Mito ? Iwamoto ? Kikuhoka? Kikuchi school? Thank you for your views
  13. If someone can give a meaning to marks in this mumei fuchi ... Thank you
  14. I'll not go further. Last prise is € 300 or $ 350 + shipping & Paypal Fees. If not sold I'll keep them.
  15. I'll not go further. Last prise is € 300 or $ 350 + shipping & Paypal Fees. If not sold I'll keep them.
  16. Item 101 signature is Tôhu or Tôu. It is the nyudo name of several Yasuchika.
  17. Just for your interest, a similar one with one dragon and Yuko Ito Gata shape....
  18. Nice story. Purchasing a tsuba is not only a simple business act. In my case, for each of them I remember the time, the circumstances, the way I made some savings to adquire them. By the way yours seem to be an Hizen School Tsuba.
  19. Hi, one horse bit tsuba will be sold in Switzerland by Galerie Moenius next September 25: https://www.drouotonline.com/l/15786407-tsuba-japon-fer-16e-s-9-x-85-c?actionParam=listLot&controllerParam=lot&fromId=117518
  20. € 335 ($ 400) + shipping & Paypal Fees
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