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  1. I would advise to join the Token Society of great britain and attend some of our meetings (zoom and a few physical meetings atm) https://to-ken.uk/aboutus/membership.html Best Ian
  2. Ian


    Kaneshige (Kotetsu’s teacher)?
  3. Great little video Piers. Love the overhead teppo technique
  4. Ian


    Not sure I would sell this now, but probably way out of your price range and you may not know what it is
  5. Maybe someone thinks the signature on the tsuba is right
  6. There seems to be a number of auctions in the UK that are still running that are getting some high prices considering that the items not seen in person. https://auctions.goldingyoung.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/615/lot/422067/A-fine-and-rare-ken-tanto-with-dragon-mounts?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F615
  7. Ok, the full story!(well the best I can recall) We had an extremely successful event in Utrect a while ago, where everyone seemed to have a good time. A person who we will call the man with many names who lives in Amsterdam was excluded from the event as members from the NBTHK Europe had concerns about this person. Sometime later the man with many names organised another event in Amsterdam and asked Nakahara san to attend. Someone who wishes to remain anonymous, who lives in the EU, was asked to take along an authentically papered sword that he had purchased at the show. The man with many names then discredited the sword, which was upheld by Nakahara san. The sword had been presented at two shinsa panels (hozon and Tokubetsu hozon) and designated Tokubetsu hozon, however, the man with many names and Nakahara san were only 80% convinced and thought the NBTHK could be wrong. Later on Facebook, Agata (a friend of the man with many names) uploaded a post about discovering fake swords and wanted to share their findings with the world. Understandably, people who read the post on Facebook began to ask for more information. However, the person who owned the sword objected to the misinformation being shared. At this point, I stepped in and attempted to play devils advocate and save the integrity of the event. I said that obviously papers are subjective, but I would trust more in NBTHK than people who may have a grudge against the NBTHK. As you can imagine, the subject became heated, so I called a Japanese dealer and asked his opinion. I was informed that one of these people had a grudge against the NBTHK because they sold a sword to someone as genuine, which was failed by the NBTHK. The buyer, who was obviously unhappy, apparently threatened a legal case unless he got his money back, which seemed to make perfect sense to me and so I relayed this on Facebook. At no time did I accuse Nakahara san of selling a fake or dubious sword; this was a fabrication of the man with many names. As you may recall, I did not name any individuals in my post. Subsequently, Paul and I received a series of abusive posts from the man with many names via Agata, although Paul had not even commented on the post, he had just liked it. Not really wanting to get involved with this ridiculous argument, I decided to leave the group. I spoke with the owner of the Facebook page and he immediately removed his own negative comments about the subject. After our discussion,the owner of the page suggested I speak with the man with many names and ask him to remove his hateful comments. To be honest, I just want an easy life and could do without this Facebook crap. When I saw this post today I was incredibly saddened. Paul has done nothing but good within our society; he will take beginners under his wing and give them nothing but positive reinforcement. He has take our society to a whole new level, bringing the society to as many people as possible (at his own expense may I add) I don't post very often on here, but I really feel strongly that an injustice has been done and Paul should be congratulated for doing a great job. I guess you are all wondering who the man with many names is, but I really don't know. All I know is, he organised a polishing service a while back (a search on this forum will help) and from what I understand, many people had their blades ruined. I guess I will probably be the next person to be attacked by the man with many names via Agata, but I really don't care. I simply don't want to see Paul dragged through the mud for trying to do the right thing. Sadly, Paul is not the only person to be attacked in this way, our very own intermediary in Japan who organises Shinsa and services was downplayed as being a security guard at the British Museum when he actually held a much higher position. I hope this clarifies the situation and puts an end to this debacle. Stay safe. Ian
  8. Ian

    Viral tsuba

    My saya also is showing something. I will put it next to some plan saya and see if it's contagious. https://youtu.be/hRP4xke_7mk
  9. Ian

    Date of saya

    Maybe this will help?
  10. Let me know of this is okay Ian
  11. Ian


    Never noticed it before now
  12. Ian

    Menuki advice

    Great gesture Guido. Works a lot better. Happy new year.
  13. Ian


    Well done Grev
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