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  1. Mounted on one of my katana. Quite similar!?
  2. Ian


    He called me to explain that he hadn't read his messages. Sorry
  3. Ian


    I had already put my name to it on Facebook. Sorry to disappoint
  4. There are a few factors to take into consideration now. If the item flys into Stansted airport (used by FedEx etc) then there always seems to be issues due to the lack of training by border force. They also now want a date of manufacture rather than “over 100 years” and this is for their form. Always put the correct amount and description as some people in the past have written car parts, golf clubs etc. This over time has made them extra cautious, at the end of the day, they just want the VAT. Letting them know in advance will greatly help and keeping your cool when something goes tits up in paramount, as they don’t respond well to anger. There are several Token society committee members here and asking advice before you ship is also a good idea as we send swords for shinsa etc. There are less frequent problems when receiving a sword from Japan than the USA, as they are unsure of edged weapons being sold there, especially from eBay. Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just stating what I have learned over many years of helping people bring swords in and none have had a problem so far. Ian
  5. Hi Ian

    Don't suppose you could email Richard to see if he replies; I get nothing back from him.



  6. The emblem of Brighton, they are everywhere!
  7. I would advise to join the Token Society of great britain and attend some of our meetings (zoom and a few physical meetings atm) https://to-ken.uk/aboutus/membership.html Best Ian
  8. Ian


    Kaneshige (Kotetsu’s teacher)?
  9. Great little video Piers. Love the overhead teppo technique
  10. Ian


    Not sure I would sell this now, but probably way out of your price range and you may not know what it is
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