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  1. Thank you! Motohaba : 3,5 cm Sakihaba : 3,1 cm Best
  2. My personal opinion is that I don't let handle a traditional Japanese sword to anyone that isn't traditionally trained. If you really need it I recommend you send it to Japan. Best
  3. Sorry to hear that Ed. I don't understand why people act like that, at least he should answer. How hard it's to act correctly? I think he should have reimbursed you and then discussed with the transportation agency to collect the insurance. Hoping this ends good. Best
  4. Hello everyone, I wish you all are well and a happy new year. After much thought, I put my first Shinsakuto up for sale. It is a sword with the following characteristics; Nagasa: 73,1 cm Sori: 1,7cm Hamon: Ô-notare with ashi and kinsuji. Hada: Itame jinie. Mune: Iorimune. Mei: 肥後国住赤松太郎兼嗣作 (Higo no kuni jyu akamatsu taro kanetsugu saku) Mei omote: 義勇気仁礼誠名誉忠義 (Reference to Bushido virtues) 平成二十八年八月吉日 (Forged on an auspicious day of the 28th year of Heisei, August 2016) Sorry for my bad pictures, I've tried my best. I'm asking 7500€, shipping worldwide included. Europe no taxes. Comes with a quality bag. Best wishes for all. Emilio
  5. I'm agree with Marcos, I have seen this Tsuba before, as well as other parts intentionally modified to look like what they are not. These practices were denounced in this forum, maybe not this piece in question, but they are the same people that try to sell "museum quality" pieces, adding "rarity" in their descriptions and they are forgeries or very low quality Japanese parts. It is an issue that directly affects the small community that we have in Spain, since it stains the reputation of what we love and respect in addition to giving a bad image to the international community.
  6. Fortunately, Markus has responded and agreed to do the translation. He has confirmed that he effectively stops doing translations, so the post can be closed. Thank you all
  7. Hi Adam, thanks for your reply. That was what I read on facebook. Of course, in the email I sent to Mr. Sesko, it was assumed that it was a paid job, as stipulated in the rates on their website. Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can help me with the translation of two origami. I just learned that Sesko is no longer doing this job, so I'd like to find someone who can. Thank you
  9. Hi all! Looking for a complete set of Nihon to koza. Thanks
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