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  1. You are very welcome, Francois! Enjoy possession!) Cheers!
  2. Signed "Kenkōsai Kazutomo" (謙光斎一知), Hara Kazutomo, was active around 1830. Nice work, btw)
  3. Horses herd ran away. Come on, Gents, don't hesitate Masaaki piece is excellent, outstanding quality. I love this shibuichi hue, Hamano school liked to produce those, smooth surface, comfortable in hand.
  4. Finally, take tora set found an admirer it deserved well. Come on, Gents, don't hesitate Kosekiko and Choryo set is very interesting, different fine techniques, minute work. Ask for a video, sharing on request.
  5. Yep, I also had a very similar set of menuki but mumei. This set bribed me with the fk, brilliant example, fine workmanship, who cares about signatures, quality/art prevails.
  6. No.1 sold. Come on, Gents, don't be shy All tsuba are really nice, affordable and even better in hands. Cheers, A
  7. Yes, Adam, I’m 100% sure it’s the same artist, Haynes index entry H 06706.0.
  8. Putting up for sale some nice and affordable items. 1. Kanzan (Hanshan) and Jittoku (Shide) kozuka Classic depiction of the famous Zen (Chan) Buddhist monks. Workmanship pleases the eye, many small details to enjoy and study. Signed “Yanagawa Masaaki”, don't bother looking him up in Haynes, this guy is not identified among the majors of the school (did the cross checking through various genealogies), could be related to Yanagawa Mitsuaki or members of the spin-off families, Yukimasa of the Kikuoka family, Tomomasa of the Tamabe family. Price: USD 650 2. Numerous horses kozuka Beautiful kozuka, one of my favorite, with horses I mean, 21 horses, a great herd, flawless kebori. Signed “Soyo Kao” There were 4 guys in the Yokoya family line who signed “Soyo”, this is not necessary a gimei, could be one of the late Soyo guys. Price: USD 450 Feel free to ask or buy) Cheers!
  9. Putting up for sale some nice and affordable items... these are actually not new to the board, previous post's been sabotaged, so I'm starting a new one) New stuff already went off FB. 1. Tigers in bamboo fuchi-kashira Craftsmanship in the essence. Look at the details, brilliant nanakoji, inlay work, carvings. Masterpiece grade item. Signed “Omori Teruhide Kao” Price: USD 750 2. Huang Shigong (Kosekiko) and Zhang Liang (Choryo) fuchi-kashira This is something really rare. Motif is quite popular but not so many items out there, especially f-k and this one is a true find. Fuchi is very nice, black shakudo dragon in golden waves, kashira is something special, miniature scene from the famous legend on finest nanakoji, you can see every detail, bridge surface is polished to mirror. A true masterpiece. Mumei Kyo-Kinko NTKK Kantei-sho (with English translation) Price: USD 400 3. Kirimon fuchi-kashira Very interesting f-k by the master of minute carvings Hosono Masamori. Signed “Hosono Sozaemon kore o horu, Hosono Masamori” Technique: suki-bori, kin-iroe Size: Fuchi: 3.7 x 1.9 x 0.8 cm Kashira: 3.3 x 1.7 x 0.6 cm Price: USD 250 4. Daruma and mokugyo/hossu (Zen Buddhism drum and brush) fuchi-kashira Famous design, nice work. Signed “Tou in-mei”, Tsuchiya Yasuchika Size: Fuchi: 34 x 17 mm Kashira: 31.6 x 12.5 mm Price: USD 250 Feel free to ask or buy) I paid more for all of these items so it's already a serious bargain. Don't miss your chance) Cheers!
  10. Putting up for sale some nice and affordable items, couple menuki and a beautiful futakoromono set of menuki and fuchi-kashira. 1. Koro – incense burner and box menuki Calm and peaceful motif, nice work, fine details. Kibata-mei “Yasuchika” Size: 29 x 14 mm Price: USD 300 2. Pheasants menuki Nice and affordable depiction of these magnificent birds Price: USD 250 3. Horses futakoromono set of menuki and fuchi-kashira Lovely set, I love horses. Horses are finely inlaid with silver “spots”, eyes in gold, fk has a fantastic leather like ishime-ji ground. Both items signed “Hogen Haruaki”, not Kono Haruaki, of course, but level of workmanship is really high, maybe a student's work, like the majority of items bearing his name) Menuki size: 33.6 mm, 33 mm Fk size: Fuchi: 33.9 x 14.9 mm Kashira: 31.7 x 11 mm Price: USD 850 Feel free to ask or buy) Cheers!
  11. Putting up for sale some nice and affordable items. 1. Monkey reaching for the reflection of the moon (Enko-hogetsu) tsuba Very nice composition. Chocolate brown plate with elements of the design inlaid in soft metals. Nawame-fukurin in gold, wearer was an important person) Signed “Tsuchiya Yagohachi Nyudo Tou Yasuchika, Shotoku 4 (1714) 56 years old” Size: 87.8 x 82.9 mm Price: USD 800 2. Horses under the willow tree tsuba Nice work, one of my first acquisitions, a good start if you plan your first item Signed “Naomichi in-mei”, and here is another tsuba with this design from the same guy published in TSUBA by Gunther Heckmann, 1995 Size: 72 x 68 mm Price: USD 450 3. Peony tsuba Very simple but beautiful botan-in-iron tsuba with details accentuated in gold Signed “Terutoshi” Size: 71 x 69 x 6 mm Price: USD 350 4. Shoki (Zhong Kui) tsuba Nice tsuba with Shoki, the famous Oni queller, depiction is very “informal”. Fine nanako on the rim. Signed “Tadayasu Kao” Size: 75 x 67 x 4 mm Price: USD 450 Feel free to ask or buy) Cheers!
  12. Last one here has sold. This thread is also cleared. Thank you.
  13. Same design kozuka in the V&A museum in London. Saw it myself in 2016
  14. One of the Mito schools. Very nice.
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