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  1. Availability update Yoshitsune fk and both suaka/shakudo kozuka sold
  2. Hello Ron, Here you are. Dai Fuchi Internal: 1.3x0.73x0.54 External: 1.5x0.95x0.60 NA: 1.02x0.29 Kashira Internal: 1.16x0.56 External: 1.31x0.77 Yes, with gold highlights is the larger one.
  3. I can split the set, no problem. Let me know which one you need sizes and pics, dai or sho. Sho is cleaner and dai comes with an NTK paper.
  4. You are very welcome, Dale!
  5. Guys, you can buy it, place it in tosogu discussions section and then theorize as long as you want) Until then please keep your unrelated comments out of this thread, respect the rules
  6. While Jean is googling centipedes’ number of legs, #32 is sold)
  7. Thanks, Jean, for the most valuable and helpful comment) How about centipedes? Did you count the legs? I can send you some pix. If the number is wrong at least I will know the items are fake)
  8. Some new items added Tosogu - Kozuka.pdf Pix will follow
  9. Prices went down, some new items added Tosogu - Menuki FK.pdf
  10. Prices went down, new #38 Soft Metal Tsuba.pdf
  11. Prices went down Iron Unsigned Tsuba P2.pdf
  12. Prices went down Iron Unsigned Tsuba P1.pdf
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