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  1. Thanks, Ben. Tosogu are always better in hand All the very best,
  2. Files/availability updated, just follow the link above. I recommend paying close attention to 4, 5, 6, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, and everything in tosogu batch. Offers are welcome. Some I can do better. Guys, help me get rid of that stuff, please Cheers,
  3. Combo is now 750, shipped and paypal included, each goes super cheap
  4. Who knows, Edo, they do not come dated, kuruma looks older than karigane
  5. #17, 28, 43, and Nara fk are sold. And again, some more are closing. Some nice bits are still there waiting for offers
  6. Combo deal $800 for both, shipped
  7. #2, 13, 23, Yasuchika fk sold. Some more are closing. I will update the files shortly.
  8. Quite large piece, perfect maru-gata, 81.5 mm, n-a 28.5x9 mm, thickness 3.5 mm
  9. Waiting for offers Cheap stuff may drop just a little bit, items above 500 and with a paper are negotiable
  10. Kuruma-sukashi tsuba Cart wheel Mumei Shoami NBTHK Hozon Price: USD 450 Daki-myoga karigane sukashi tsuba Openwork design of gingers and wild geese Mumei Shoami NBTHK Hozon Price: USD 500
  11. Hi Gents, One fellow collector asked me to help finding new homes for some of his tsuba. You may call it “consignment sale” but since I’m collector myself I call it “helping a friend” Here is what I have - Iron Signed Tsuba batch, ##1-11 - Iron Unsigned Tsuba batch, ##12-35 - Soft Metal Tsuba batch, ##36-46 - Tosogu batch, menuki, f-k, kozuka You can see the items here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PbDoiwCuD8bKQt8txPhYSb0hLFqEoD0E?usp=sharing Priority will be given to wholesale buyers, 2+ items. Most of the items include s&h. Two last soft metal tsuba may go as a compliment to a wholesale buyer, good as paperweights Cheers,
  12. Hotei menuki Mumei Period: end of Edo - Meiji Material: 19K gold The set comes with a 9-page kantei certificate from a jewelry “shinsa”. I checked, this organization is still operational and such kind of certificate now cost ¥30k. Measurements: Height: 15.4mm / 15.3mm Width: 24.2mm / 23.7mm Thickness: 8.2mm / 7.9mm Price: $950, shipping (EMS/DHL) included Offers welcome Cheers,
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