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  1. Pheasants are migrating to a warmer place, it’s too cold here. Who wants to catch the remaining birds? Cage provided, brand “Yasu Chika”)
  2. Kanzan (Hanshan) and Jittoku (Shide) menuki A rare catch. You don’t see those two come up for sale often. Classic interpretation of the famous Zen (Chan) Buddhist monks in miniature. Brilliant work. Mumei Kyo-Kanagushi NBTHK Hozon with translation Price: $1000 May bundle together with the Masaaki's Kanzan and Jittoku kozuka from here Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year! Cheers!
  3. Giving away two nice tsuba-fk “sets” 1.1. Rat, fans and willow tree tsuba Very nice example, fine inlay work, minute work always attract attention. Mumei, after Okamoto Sadamasa work. Price: $450 1.2. Rat, fan and komebukuro/chairebukuro fuchi-kashira Nice work of the Tsuchiya Yasuchika school. Very accurate inlay work. Signed “Yasuchika”, very strong mei typical to first gens. Price: $350 2.1. Plovers and waves tsuba Chidori/plovers are a migratory bird in Japan. They are usually depicted flying over waves. Since they have to overcome high waves and strong winds, they are a symbol of strength and perseverance. Outstanding piece from Mito, fine finish, the birds are very well executed, emotional intensity is conveyed masterfully and very clearly. Mumei Mito, tokukicho paper of a similar tsuba attached for reference. Price: $500 2.2. Plovers and waves fuchi-kashira Very nice fk in the same strong nami chidori motif. Details are very well underlined. Mumei Nara. Price: $300 Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year! Cheers!
  4. Releasing some plates from my collection 1. Shishi and peony tsuba Very strong and beautiful shishi botan zu tsuba. Carving technique of the highest level, look at the fur’s circular “curls” and compare those to the one recently unsold in Lempertz auction. God's gift and scrambled eggs) Another example of a comparable quality by “Somin” went on yahoo a couple of weeks ago for around $3000. Silver nawame-fukurin, nice addition. Signed “Soyo Kao”, there were four guys in the Yokoya family line who signed “Soyo” (H08951-H08954) Price: $1500 2. Kuruma-waterwheel tsuba Wonderful iron piece, smooth sukashi-cuts, perfect chocolate brown patina, pure pleasure. The waterwheel serves as a common symbol in Buddhist culture, representing rapid spiritual change and the cycle of rebirth. Mumei Bushu NBTHK Hozon with translation Price: $1200 3. Rising sun and waves tsuba Small but amazing tsuba. Perfect ishime-ji, beautiful waves carving, gold and shakudo spray inlay, sukashi elements. High level of workmanship. Signed “Tou”, several gens of Tsuchiya Yasuchika signed their works like this. Price: $550 Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year!) Cheers!
  5. Another month passed) $550 shipping included till end of the year. Then off sale, I better keep it. I really like it. It’s a top quality and it’s way below my cost.
  6. Another month passed) The legend sits quietly waiting for a true admirer. The remaining two fk may go together for $500 EMS shipping and PP included. And it’s an absolute madness on my part, “buy one, get the other for free” actually) I want to clear that one to put some others for sale. But I’m running out of cheap stuff...
  7. Another month passed) Pheasants go for $150. Birds and cage together with pheasants may go for $400, EMS shipping and PP fee included. Yasuchika piece is really nice, many small details. And $700 for that brilliant set in the Kono tradition. That’s the cheapest offer on the market, you won’t find any cheaper of such quality, and it’s already below my cost
  8. I’m really surprised this one is still with me. ”This. Quality doesn’t come on the market very often” (c) AM on FB My decision making process “buy/not buy” was lightning fast when I first saw it few years ago. The more I look at it the more I think of putting it off sale till better times...
  9. Similar Daruma fk went on yahoo for ¥88,000. I need to increase price for this one as well) https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g440963394?fbclid=IwAR3K5cBfpYyjdHJEdkt7gp3eFqZndpBfpILPlL6dnur5TCOvn0k_hKb6Vmw
  10. Monthly price drop) Kanzan and Jittoku kozuka is now $600. It’s a beautiful piece!
  11. Kosekiko and Choryo fk price increased to $450, and it’s still below my cost. Take those from me, someone, please!)
  12. Monthly price drop 1. $250 2. $200 3. $800 I need to clear shelves for new stuff. And it doesn’t hurt making an offer on #3)
  13. You are very welcome, Francois! Enjoy possession!) Cheers!
  14. Signed "Kenkōsai Kazutomo" (謙光斎一知), Hara Kazutomo, was active around 1830. Nice work, btw)
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