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  1. Thanks Jean for your kind and deep explanation. I did not consider the viscosity matter before, thanks
  2. fantastic Study and very interesting discussion. Compliments and thanks Derek!!!! No one uses Vaseline oil?? here in Italy an important and recognized togishi told me that vaseline is also a very good oil. It should be mineral one and very cheap and easy to get.
  3. Vagabond

    Tsuba meaning

    Thank you a lot !!
  4. Vagabond

    Tsuba meaning

    Hi there, I kindly ask if you can tell me the meaning of the design of this tsuba, if there is one. It should be an akasaka tsuba. thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm looking for nice carving dragon menuki, they could be in shakudo or gold. Thanks in advance
  6. I'm sorry if I reply late , but I would like to thank you for your comments and kind considerations about this. Still thinking about.
  7. Great and interesting topic!!! It would be interesting also a specific topic about how shoud be built a display case ( for dust and humidity preservation etc)
  8. I confirm is 5 mm thickness,
  9. yes about 5 mm and not cm :)))
  10. Thanks Faust. The thickness should be about 5 cm, but I can give this exact information in next weeks, as I have the tsuba in another house. I got it from a big private collector. I can say It was seen by an important anr renowed togishi who said is very nice, but no papers.
  11. If you need better pictures I can send on what'up , as here I have problems to load pictures. The carving is much better in the reality than on picture
  12. Price reduced to 500 euro plus paypal and shipping. I can send more pictures by email. Here the website does not let me load more pictures.
  13. I tried to load better pictures
  14. I ask sorry, I loaded pictures by the phone, and I do not know why pictures are not standing vertical but they were loaded horizontal and not third
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