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  1. Hi Patrick, I recently had a wak repolished and had a new shirasaya made. I asked for the old shirasaya back as I know a collector who sent his shirasaya to Japan to be converted to koshirae- just a thought. I also display a katana in shirasaya with a koshirae that does not fit but looks like it does due to similar size and sugata. But as Barry said dont try to fit your blade into an old saya- that will ruin your polish completely! Regards Mike
  2. Hi Ian, As the gap is so large- assuming the the mekugi ana line up- my guess is the saya has a piece of horn on it and the tsuka has lost the piece originally fitted to it- taking up the space. I have seen shirasaya where there was only one piece of horn/ perspex- maybe the piece from the tsuka only is missing. Pic of the saya will confirm. Cheers
  3. Hi Darrel, well what a priveledge to work with Ford. Ive worked in metal for nearly 50 years- made my first billet of mokume gane in 1975 way before the internet and I was very disapointed - solder method. Wasnt until Steve Midgett's book came out ( bit over 20 years ago) I was able to make a kiln and fuse the billet. After that I used it in many pieces I sold thru my gallery / jewellery shop. Nearly retired now so looking forward to more mokume and inlays and learning more about my nihonto and tosogu- only been seriously collecting for around 30 years but still consider I know nothing,so much to learn and little time and resources. Yeah for the internet - to use one of Fords lines "stealing with your eyes" !Thats why I am on Fords Patreon. If I get out of Australia I maybe able to visit Ford! I too cant wait for his books. Cheers
  4. Cheers Barry, how I wish we can get more from him - but God willing we have time! Harden up Ford👍
  5. Only comparison mate!
  6. Really appreciate the position of the financial supporters in this issue. But lets look at it as you were supporting a charity. I gave money to bushfires last year and floods this year- no return no expectation! But this is a sad position for all. Lets remember that Ford is the only person able to shed light on the manufacture and repair of tosogu- the reason we're here! I am a patreon member and I am really pleased and in awe of this man. Had I been single and able I would have bolted to Japan in my 30's but 'such is life' not able to due to family- love em all! Like it or not you have supported a very slow yielding company! In 2009 I purchased 1mill shares in a gold mine for a high 5 figure sum, last year the company re financed/ adjusted the field of play, and now I have 10k shares worth around $1500. My gamble didnt pay off. But guess what- no humans involved- no health issues. In my opinion if you gave the money- you could afford it!!!!And as for a board member sueing for $40 HELLO - 10 cups of coffee- get real!!!!!.I have the greatest respect for Ford and I hope to learn more and more from him and I ask that you all give him the time needed to heal and restore- not only his body but his mental approach. By the way Dale- Stephen Hawkins had Amotropic lateral sclerosis for 55 years so 15 books( in 55 years) and more handicaps than Ford!!!- To me thats poor form mate- if your dis interested be quiet.If I win a lottery I will go to Ford in a blink to learn as much as I could in the time he and I have left. Sorry guys you gambled on the share market and like me it did not work out. Im holding my shares waiting to see what happens- I ask you to hold yours with Ford.God bless mate-feel for you!
  7. shakudo

    What are these?

    Hi all, found these while surfing and am interested on any ideas as to what they actually are or used for? I have an idea but want to here from more knowledgable members on this board. Also thanks to all for this forum- admin and users- my go to every morning! Congrats guys- onya Brian!
  8. Hi all and thanks for your responses. I am looking into tracking down the shinsa listings from previous years. Maybe with these we can generate enough interest to proceed but I have to say that at present assuming we had a 50/50 pass rate we have 20% of the required DEPOSIT. I must admit I am extremely surprised at the limited numbers of Aussie on the NMB. There maybe an alternative we can work on but lots of buts! Stay tuned! Sorry guys and gals this is going to be a wait and see. Many thanks once again to all who have responded. Regards
  9. Hi Thomas, I initially contacted Gordon from the NTHK but this time Im basically surveying if there is the interest to try again. Hi Brian, yes a kickstarter or similar would be away to go- but I still think there has to be a greater demand than say 40 submissions I know about already. Time will tell! Cheers
  10. Well who can /or will guarantee the money? Im not!!!!! Numbers or no go! They tell us what they want so thats the bottom line. Lets not think on what happened before! Numbers or no show!
  11. Hi Dave, very aware that numbers first wont work but chicken and the egg- NTHK require 300- if we cant get some form of commitment to get close then we just fold and travel overseas! Need numbers to progress- dates etc will happen if they know we have numbers- they 're not interested unless we have required numbers. No one wants to pay the excess if only 200 submit! Hi John, Im sure a mail in service could be arranged if you require. Hope you can be apart of it mate. Lets keep our fingers crossed!- not just for the shinsa but for camaraderie, buy and sell and of course Nihonto education - I need as much as I can get!!!Any more in Aus interested?
  12. Hello NZ, I rememver meeting a couple of collectors who had made the trip across the ditch! Would really be interested to hear from any NZ collectors who would be interested in coming to another Aus shinsa? Even a contact for some advertising if you have a collectors group/network? Time for another Southern hemisphere Shinsa! Cheers
  13. Hi Dave, yes was aware you were a big part of the other two shinsa. I 've communicated with Adrian regarding cost - profit and loss and he did offer to help at that time. Not sure if his circumstances have changed but I will be contacting him if this can get some legs! Also your notion that not many Aust on the board is concerning- why are they missing out on this great forum? It will need a lot of advertising thats why 2023. Also the 300 submissions - that does include fittings of course -do you know? I really do think it is a possibility- can always go to San Francisco I suppose but hope it doesnt come to that. Many thanks for your input and chat soon.
  14. Hi John, Excellent- thats what we need! Hard and fast numbers of submissions! Cheers mate and thanks for your support! Michael.
  15. Hi Dave, really appreciate your input and agree advertising and all that goes with that - regardless of where in Aus it is is impotant. Really just need to know numbers! We can bounce around all the pros and cons- Melb/ sydney/ perth etc etc. Numbers - please just liok at your collections and make a decision if you want them to go to shinsa! Its in your own country abd its done while you are there- no waiting for 3 months or relying on an agent - what is not to like! Numbers numbers numbers!
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