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  1. Hi George, yes signed but not dated. Tadayoshi- whats the saying- 11 out out of 10 are gimei? Purchased from USA 15 years ago so no idea on provenance. Thanks all very interesting experience! Cheers
  2. Hi, Im cleaning my drawers and have found this surrender tag and well -curiosity kills the cat- can any one translate please. Only one side seems fresh, the two character side seems messy- smudged characters so not sure if related to other side. Any info greatly appreciated. Katana is civilian mounted, no leather cover and a large edo tsuba. Saya is split and ranky but the koji is an iron dragon with touches of gold on 'whiskers'. I have been able to find a perfectly matching tsuba so am in process of developing a full koshirae. I've had tsuka retied with jinbara and dragon menuki. Sorry I digress! Translation please. Cheers
  3. Hi Adam, thanks for looking in. Full mei is in translation section. Under special order sword maybe? Take a look and give me your opinion. Cheers
  4. Thanks JP, I agree with you. I look forward to viewing as much as possible. Many thanks for commenting and Matt , thanks for your detailed information. Cheers Mike.
  5. Hi JP, Just that the nakago seems in such good condition for 320 years old? The mei also seems so fresh- could be possible that the family treasured and protected this blade but thats a big stretch really! Also no Minamoto in signature- Hawleys or Fujishiro dont show the format of mei as on this blade. But as I have said I purchased the blade not the mei- the polish is really pleasing and the forging appears flawless - just seems to young! If we ever get a shinsa in Australia I'll put it up regardless or take it to San Francisco just to confirm my suspicions but regardless I'm very happy with the workmanship. Matt, thank you for that - now I'll try and track down the meaning of this type of hamon but late edo fits. Thank you both, Mike.
  6. Hi JP, Many thanks for comment. Yes the blade is in very good condition and polish. Not that old as you say - Im really interested as to style/ name of hamon? Thanks once again.
  7. Hi , adding to pics as file size must be too high. Really keen to find out what hamon is called? Hada? Many thanks once again. Mike.
  8. Hi Folks, the mei is in translation section so please refer there. Im sure its gimei but I am happy- buy the blade not the name! Nagasa is 71.5mm Motohaba is 35mm Yasurime is Kiri Hada is ko- itame- I think? Boshi is ko- maru Personally I think it is shin- shinto but opinions please? Also would really like some iduea on hamon? Amazingly its totally controlled- 6 crab claw? 3 " hammer head shark" ?etc - also each side is the same - I find that unusual as all my other blades vary from omote to ura? - anyone seen that aswell? Really looking forward to your opinions but please remember not interested on mei- gimei! Many thanks for looking, Regards
  9. Hi Bazza, Id guess its the camera as its photographed in a black box to cut reflections. Did say I thought it was gimei! Will put some pics up later in week to hear everyones opinions but as I said - gimei. Hi Matt , sorry " +2 with no second 2" ? Cheers Michael.
  10. Hi Piers, Thank you so much. All making sense now. Will list blade in General Nihonto now for some learned discussion. My thanks for taking the time. Michael
  11. Hi Matt, Thank you so much great toknow what is there. But can I ask the kanji at the very top? Special order or order or? Many y thanks for your time and thanks for looking in. Cheers Michael
  12. Hi All, On phone so hope pics have loaded fully, fingers crossed. Firstly many thanks to Brian and all involved with this fabulous forum. I'm a regular visitor but rarely post- tech savy -Not! I have been able to purchase this blade and I must admit the old saying purchase the blade not the signature is so true. I'm guessing this is gimei but honestly- every time I draw this blade " I shiver with anticipation". I need the mei translated just so I know what is there! Pretty sure the omote is Bizen kuni ju kawachi no kami Sukesada but the ura-well thats a different story! I've got Fujiwara kuni and kore? Big ask I know but can I please have romanji and the translation as well as I cant find kanji like this anywhere in my small library? Hope thats not to much to ask- especially the kanji at the top- what is that? Now that I know I can list and send pics on phone I will forward some pics of this blades sugata and try to capture the hamon- in General Nihonto section for advice on type and maybe period? Especially like and aware of the tagane use on this mei- thoughts? Once again thank you to all members who spare their time to help fellow members and I assure you it is very much appreciated. Cheers Michael.
  13. Hello to you all. I would be really happy to buy hard copy- I have books just need a translation. What are my options please? Thanks in anticipation Mike
  14. Hi folks, looking for this Cd or a copy for Fujishiro koto and shinto. Many thanks, Mike.
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