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  1. Hi Dan, In 2018 I unsuccessfully tried to purchase a katana in full koshirae- dragons ( love 'em!) This had kogai and kozuka and was papered- NTHK. Unfortunately the blade was very poor quality and gimei- also NTHK- last Sydney shinsa. If not for the blade I would have paid the sellers price. They do exhist! Cheers Mike
  2. Hi Piers, Many thanks again.I will look more at the sugata when it comes back from Japan. I would post some pics but I foolishly did not take one of the whole blade so makes it a bit hard. It has reasonable fumbari( width at habaki?) But doesnt taper drastically like a bizen blade and has a medium boshi. Thanks again- more research!
  3. Hi Steve, Many thanks for your reply. At least as you say not many in early Edo and I am searching Fujishiro and with temper line I think I maybe fairly close. But as you say mumei and not much to go on! Thank you once again.
  4. Hi all, Just received NBTHK papers for the Kanewaka. Does the paper show a period/ date at all? School is great but period would really help. Many thanks as always
  5. Hi Piers, Many thanks for your efforts. Dont know if I can tighten the focus or not? Also not sure if NBTHK would give a generation- guessing just school as NTHK but you never know- wishful thinking I suppose. But pleased to hear from you and thanks again.
  6. Hi all, I recieved this pic of a worksheet for my sword that was offered for NBTHK shinsa in March. Am really interested to see what information is available from it? Sword is mumei and attributed to Kanewaka but thats all I have- sword and papers still in Japan. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Ciro, not sure on susudake translation but a bamboo chopstick works when refined. I have about 3 dozen bamboo mekuji pegs- 7mm to 2 mm and about 50mm long so can be adjusted as needed- if thats what your after just postage mate but I'm in Australia- chopstick easier and cheaper- if you cant, find a woodworker. Cheers mate.
  8. Hi Piers, agreed. Had no idea it would be over the 15cm but still mailed out? Hi Brian, hope your well and recovering. Yes I agree with all your comments- prbably a silly purchase but as I had a nice small koshirae I thought a blade would be better than a tsunagi and as it was less than 15cm no drama- would have fitted nicely but hey- is what it is. I was thinking shinshinto. Would love some direction on mei if anyone can direct me. Thank you both for you replies- great forum and great people. Cheers
  9. Hello all. Just received a Japanese purchase and was really surprised. I purchased a small tanto @14.9cm- please look at pics and think on what has happened! Its mei is eithe Ichiju or Ichitoshi- thoughts? Ana is punched and mei is on omote??? Thoughts? Also yasurime is horizontal one side and 30 degrees other. Nice dark colour on nakago and I can see ware in blade. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Finally a big thank you to all who reply and especially Admin ie Brian- cheers mate!
  10. Hi George, yes signed but not dated. Tadayoshi- whats the saying- 11 out out of 10 are gimei? Purchased from USA 15 years ago so no idea on provenance. Thanks all very interesting experience! Cheers
  11. Hi, Im cleaning my drawers and have found this surrender tag and well -curiosity kills the cat- can any one translate please. Only one side seems fresh, the two character side seems messy- smudged characters so not sure if related to other side. Any info greatly appreciated. Katana is civilian mounted, no leather cover and a large edo tsuba. Saya is split and ranky but the koji is an iron dragon with touches of gold on 'whiskers'. I have been able to find a perfectly matching tsuba so am in process of developing a full koshirae. I've had tsuka retied with jinbara and dragon menuki. Sorry I digress! Translation please. Cheers
  12. Hi Adam, thanks for looking in. Full mei is in translation section. Under special order sword maybe? Take a look and give me your opinion. Cheers
  13. Thanks JP, I agree with you. I look forward to viewing as much as possible. Many thanks for commenting and Matt , thanks for your detailed information. Cheers Mike.
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